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Please, reccomend me a crypto with less than -3m market cap

I need to lose my virginty

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Please guys

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PartyKarts my friend
Active community driven development
White based dev from Cali
Open source on GitHub
You can bet on your racer and win the pot
Epstein island map coming this week

Also the tg is pretty comfy
35k mcap
PartyKarts dot io

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hey chud check out Octavia comin June. AI based coin. octavia(dot)one. you will probably miss out as always and stay a virgin. good luck
Kart makes you shart

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Hoge coin. Stack a bag for the next viral ride.

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Mcap of a shitcoin, fundamentals that are rock solid

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So how is that not just a Chat-GPT API?

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One of the devs on discord is and Indian name Kumar
I have no more questions

>Verification not required.

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Pooltogether (POOL)
Lossless, savings protocol tied to prizes. Someone just won 5000$ on a 76$ stake. People aka normies stake money in their savings, the pool protocol gathers interest from various yield generating protocols using the staked monies and then distributed prizes.

Soon to launch version 5 that will distribute prizes in POOL instead of stable coins. Which means everytime prizes are awarded the protocol will market buy pool for distribution. V5 also allows anyone to make a savings vault on PoolTogether for any currency or chain that yields interest. With the pool token directly linked to total value locked the sky is the limit in terms of market value. US lotteries generate like 100 billion in revenue yearly. Consider that the entire world has access to PoolTogether and that stakers don’t have to worry about losing their deposit.

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Listen up! There's a bunch of low cap altcoins out there, but you gotta DYOR before jumping in with your cash. Personally, I recently hopped on the RWA sector train, and one gem I found is MNI. It's all about that real estate backing. So, if you're itching for a solid investment, do some research on that. Still NFA.

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Check out CHUD you nigga. pulsechain small cap. potential there

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Have a good ride with AVAX, ORE and ENS.

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HBAR, MATIC and SYLO are a good deal. But you'd be more comfy participating in the "burn to ape" program right now on GOB, fags can buy a minimum of $50 worth of the token and have the same amount burned.

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Thread theme: https://youtu.be/CNDI4WlJ8eo

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Hushdoge on arbitrum man. Community is insane. High quality shit.

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everyone saying "hey Chud, buy this, buy that." not enough people saying BUY CHUD

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I guess it won't be a bad idea to earn daily in the ride Gen-2 staking with QoWattEcosystem whole still pushing for some privacy tokens.

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ZK-Snark privacy cryptos with low caps are a perfect match.

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RAILGUN is a good ZKP niche investment option

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I got some GOB, along with some really cool cryptos that shield my transactions from public view

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Yep, just sharted

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ORE token is a good low cap with good investment opportunities

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Crypto that connects web2 IDs with web3 is a really good place to look

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Incredible, as cool as cryptos that are built for decentralized identities, rights, and assets

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IMM crypto is worth a good research and a nice option

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That is really good, crypto is evolving, especially in the world of logistics and healthcare

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Cryptos that enable patients to control of their healthcare data and provide it to whoever they want are a good choice

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Anon, being able to buy Coca-cola with Crypto is amazing and Sylo is making that possible with their collaboration with Centrapay. It just keeps getting better.

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That look nice anon, but crypto payments is making anon get so horny and web3 got some nice juicy gains as I get cashback of over 15-35% staking it,

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LILAI on Arb, Sub 1m mcap, gaining good momentum recently. Got shilled here before in arb gem threads

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0xDead is around 400k right now and growing every day. Huge potential with this one, only .5% of supply remains in Uniswap, so expect a supply shock in the coming days. 4/4 taxes with dev burning daily. Get in here and make it with us

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Invest in a coin that has utility like Blackswan. Its a ChatGPT trading bot on ETH. Try it out for free.

website: B L A C K S W A N . B I Z

telegram:t me/BlackSwan4IPortal

replace 4 with a

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OP I'm sorry reddit and imgur purged you from your favourite funko pops site but be strong you only disappointed your dad for 33 year's straight, try to disappoint him just a little less this year.
You can do it champ