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I made a thread maybe around 2018-9 I forget wen exactly but I explained the next big narrative was defi.

Now I’m going to tell you the narrative of this next cycle. And it’s the only narrative that matters honestly cause it’s genuine and actually isn’t some scam. Though many scams will build with it.

So the narrative is 100% Bitcoin scaling, Taproot, and defi and tokens etc built on Bitcoin as the base layer. There will be various big projects that will be L2 on Btc or will tackle Bitcoin scaling in other ways. I won’t even name some I know. I’ve already accumulated in a round 5 so far and will not shill any here cause I will be called a shill.

What ones do you have your eyes on?

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Bump. I wanna hear what projects u think are good.

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>i won't share my information but please share yours
this communicates you're either a shill who will sockpuppet under different ID's or you're a lazy scab trying to get free research. just shill your tokens retard, you're already invested which should theoretically mean you want your bags to pump.

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My dad works at Nintendo and he says that OP is sucking cocks for pennies.
That seems cheap, what a bargain deal.

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Rsk and mintlayer look interesting. Stacks is weird. Lightning working as intended. But it won't happen, nuclear war is a given now

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Ok faggot.


Now you gonna Call me a shill right? Anyway this is public knowledge if you aren’t a shitcoiner who only know meme projects. You’re welcome.

One more which is my b

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That’s just ETH afaik?

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No. It's cosmos meets evm, like evmos, run by kurds and turks

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Can I just hold my bags of btc from 2020? I see hard money assets pumping. Gold, silver and btc, including derivatives like mining.

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Checked you can

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Whats the best layer 2 scaling solution for BTC? We need to find the Matic of BTC.

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>I wanna hear what projects u think are good.
>I won't tell you what I've been accumulating though
Yeah awesome

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Checked and samefagged

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Depends what you want to do. Mint nfts for whatever reason, mintlayer. Want to play evm shitcoinery rsk and stacks and zenon. Want to pay for food and vegies, lightning

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Search words

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you forgot your vpn

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Defi is the calling the shots, web3 payment is growing too but the next big narrative is PRIVACY. If the CBDC move goes through, my RAIL bag is going astronomical.

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How did defi change (y)our life?

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Digital healthcare is growing and its going to be the biggest application of blockchain tech with based data to optimize the future of healthcare system.

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Thing with ICP it’s a VP clusteruck. I mean after all this dumping it’s still a mid to large cap. Where is the wrong to make it with this shit? You want 10x buy btc.

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Honestly I already know. And it’s far more important that Matic. It’s gone become clear as it rolls out more features over the coming months but Zenon IS NOT the scam this board try to make it is.Its been carefully accumulated and fudded cause many know what this does.

Its entire purpose since it started 5 years ago was to scale BTC. I know you won’t be believe me but Joseph Poon is in the tg under an anon name. It’s now a dual ledger that is feeless. Its entire design is to connect to btc natively and move it around on its network freely. In a nutshell it Lightning network 2.0. This will be fudded but if you dyor you will find it’s an incredible project. Also it’s non VC and is about as big an opportunity in crypto as you can find.

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Limited, okay. Limited nuclear war. That's the thing now. They might just do a couple briefcase nukes in a pasture in Eastern Europe just to scare the shit out of everyone. Not let anyone go there for a while, shoot reporters. Maybe the whole thing is just AI generated.
Planetwide Carrington / EMP event? Sure, very likely. Bullish for physical metals and any data center with sufficient shielding and power independence to operate through such an event. We're due for one, no point fucking around. What we need are technological GECK's scattered around to start over. I would imagine such things are already in place to some extent

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I almost wanted to believe you but your picks are garbage
Zenon and ICP? Lol
Stacks is a good pick though I agree

However I believe the real big narrative in the next 2 years is RWA tokenization
There are a lot of projects looking into but I'm looking at small caps with decent connections. I'm always looking for new picks here, but right now I'm stacking rio, factr and polymath

Regarding your scaling thing it won't happen, btc will always be clogged and whales like it that way. Btc isn't for Jose and samir.

Nexa is the big brain answer to PoW scaling
100k TPS without centralisation trade-offs

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I'm fully on board with the RWA narrative too, and MNI Corp is the key player I'm putting my money on. They're out there, securing those real-world businesses left and right, boosting liquidity, and paving the way for long-term sustainability. I'm not snoozing on this opportunity.

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I looked them up and it's ESL bootstrap jeet trash website.
Do you have any real news or sources becuase it looks like a copy paste 2017 ico shitcoin

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>and will not shill any here cause I will be called a shill.
I'm innocent i tell ya!
>What ones do you have your eyes on?
I'm not loading ze samefag!

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I have no idea what any of you are talking about but crypto is fake and gay
Sodom and gomorrah was the real deal
They will use bitcoin and the others will try to enhance it. They will all piddle out trying to make bitcoin better
Men are stupid and can't see the big picture in life. You wouldn't know if you were dead anyway

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He only dropped 1 nugget and 3 fries, free refills
No big deal
Also the Jews that ear christian blood process bodies there so really he shouldn't eat that anyway
And what's up with the price of fast food, $7 for a bread sandwich?
Cooking is ez

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Based. Privacy and DiD tokens are the future of crypto.

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Same reason I focus on sylo. With its focus on security and privacy, it offers a valuable solution for individuals who appreciate the benefits of decentralized communication.

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lol, what a shill! right guys?

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How do you privacy bois feel about ROSE?

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This bitch said bitcoin... scaling? This is why all your non bitcoin friends or even finance people laugh behind your back because even if bitcoin moons, you guys believing the world will run on this shit is like a lable of useless fuck to society that would go to jail for money laundering if they tried to cash their bitcoin in with any bank.

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The next big thing is institutional grade assets with utility. Bitfuck is not institutional grade, it’s 2008 garbage. Within the next 1-3 years various financial institutions including blackrock will announce they’re using a handful of blockchains, they will not be using bitfuck L2s because they have 0 vested interest in it. You are delusional.

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I'm focused on AI and DiD for now. It's the trending narrative.

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I don't listen to shitholes... I'm going after alts with some good life benefits.

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I feel you need some exciting automobile metaverse experience while earning up to 27 ride in yield is a game changer from the yield.

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I think you should get your ass spank, as web3payments services makes it easier to earn, through passive income from staking, 25% APY is some decent ROI if you ask me

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very organic kek.
>>55091809 Anyways, thanks for the thread OP.

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What about zksync projects?

Don't tell me im stacking this shitcoin for nothing..

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why use ledgers that don't get close to the immutability and security, computational power and energy invested in than btc has?

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the next narrative will emerge when people are desperate enough to make it a reality. economics is about incentives.

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Yeah your thinking is based on VC marketing. Attacking Zenon means you don’t know the tech. You haven’t gone through the code and definetly you have no idea what they are building. Do yourself a favor and go find what Joseph Poon was developing on ETH before he disappeared. Basically a 2 layer blockchain where one would be settlement and others could create massive scaling keeping the main chain free. That’s Zenon. And it’s designed from the ground up to scale ALL of crypto, on chain, with build in Oracles. Sorry if you fell for the fud…

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How do you even buy this shit?

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Oh shut up faggot.
I don't really care about whatever someone poonani guy is building, zenon is ancient in crypto terms. It's not gonna run like new shit does.

Some idiot has been shilling them here for years and it's been a consistently terrible play all the way through.

How can you be around since 2020 and not even be on a decent cex? You are a cultist like bsv niggers. Don't schizo your way out of it don't try and convince me. You are underwater and refuse to cut the loss

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Anybody who mentions any one of this 3;

chain LINK

Should not be taken seriously, and is most likely just a retard or a bag holding shill.

(And if all 3 together, than he is just pure trolling)

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Nigger opinion. Dismissed.

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Nice argument faggot, absolutely and utterly btfo

Remember when you check the price of Nexa and Zenon together in 2 years make sure you buy the right length of rope for a speedy death

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So I should buy a bag of rsk and zenon. Anything else? Are there any shitcoins on these chains?

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Taking a look at these projects, these all launched last cycle and had pretty big pumps. Are you sure this is the next narrative?

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Anon, the oldfag is holding BTC and some L2 tokens which in doing the same and also adding low-cap RIDE and EFI to them.

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How are there so many posts going along with it when he samefagged his original post

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Zenon has never had any liquidity. It’s never had any price discovery. And dumb faggots like u also fell for the its scam fud which you need to have nigger iq to believe considering it’s already a dual chain that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Stupid nigger.

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Surely you know what bumping a thread is faggot. That’s not samefagging you stupid brown newfag.

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>Bump. I wanna hear what projects u think are good.
You were literally talking to yourself fuck off

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>What ones do you have your eyes on?
Brace yourself, bros, 'cause fiat is losing its mojo, and the crypto payment scene is about to take center stage. Get ready for the upcoming months, 'cause it's gonna be all about that sweet crypto life. Some sick projects, like xMoney, are already one step ahead, carving their path in this new narrative.

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This will probably be one of the reasons why channers will miss out on QANX because they think the quantum threat is not real yet. They shit at their pants soon. QVM is the next narrative.

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>The channers

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The next big play Ofcourse, is the one you’re excluded from. The next big play is Government created coins- from the eu’s digital money to the digital yuan- these will actuallly see adoption.
Btc scaling for plebs will be done with icp

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Kys cuck.

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ICP supposedly is pretty inferior to the way Zenon is scaling Btc. (Feelessly)

And no I don’t know the technical side but if you go to the tg/discord and ask they will explain why. ICP is already mooned anyway. No one is making any money there but a 10x tops may as well buy ETH or btc. VC drained everyone on that shit.

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Oh, nvm. You’re the boards fucking zenon shill. Go fucking yourself dude. You’re retarded TG shilling isn’t going to work fucking faggot- tell the rest of the zenon tg trannies to go fuck themselves as well you miserable little wretch.

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Jew. New liberal fascistic government dick sucking jew
It's amazing they took FDR and Hitlers left wing collectivism and gave it a spin, replace Aryans with jews. And now they are so arrogant they don't see that their centralized goverance entities meant to enslave sovereign right wing individuals are so corrupt and dysfunctional that every slave just fades them
Next is the realization that they got enslaved and as history teaches, former slaves kill their former masters

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Worst thing is to ask strangers for advice whereas I'm feeling comfy with TM, its powerful tool combines multiple technical analysis indicators to provide Long/Short signals for all crypto assets in the market.

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I hope your advice will make me rich.

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Those are just one and same. The next big narrative will come from a space which utilizes a lot of data like Healthcare, we have seen how blockchain helps the finance industry. I cant wait to see its impact in the digital healthcare industry.

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because it's trash. also nobody's buying your heavy bags nigger

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The time of narratives is over
The time of the exodus is here
not everyone wants to be free and that is okay but its enough throw over the figurines