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Everybody shills bags, whether you want to admit it or not. What's the investments throughout your crypto journey that you actually would have listened to?

>2017 may
I was buying ripple and eth and BTC like every other faggot with 60 bucks and a good internet connection in college
I probably would have bought ripple only but I've been around for longer than I'll ever admit.

2020 may
I had learned some of my lesson and tried to consolidate into major cryptos at this point. I think I would have been into fucking monero if I cared enough but I tried the slow death by alcohol instead

Nothing, cryptos dead and never coming back but I'm a gambler so BTC.

Not a personal data mine but you're here already faggots

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Feel free to add yours now frens

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>canada bux

I got my first job out of college. Had around 25-30k saved in my bank after maybe 6 months. Invested around $300 in some shit coins (IOTA, XRP, etc) at a friend's recommendation and they all tanked. I had initially wanted to invest in ETH at that time - ETH was $250 and I had intended to hold it long term. My negative experience with crypto due to my friend's retarded picks and my own lack of judgement caused me to not put 20k into ETH as I had planned. Instead I just put my remaining $200ish into ETH and didn't look at crypto until the boom when I sold my ETH at 5k+.

Had I not been friends with that guy, I would have been up nearly 400k

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That's all i would've listened to.
If i tried to convince myself DOGE would pump or mETH would fucking matter i would have 360 and walked away.

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Keep em coming frens, healthy discussion before wagmi but for real this time :). Remember when you type, this is a blessed thread from this post on
Ohh let's not play that game again fren, we know how it goes... I know I asked for a lot of things that I did not understand

2017 me was hyped on LTC for sure, almost forgot about my silver:) I think we're going mega cycle round 1 repeat style so it should be just fine coming up soon. 2020 no shot, 2021 yeah probably could have shilled ltc on myself pretty good as I got back into the idea of it but never invested myself... Classic