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Are there any gems on BSC still or is it completely dead? I remember the goodies from 2 years ago, but should I start looking off of BSC?

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I'm listening. Make it bag?

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PartyKarts my friend
Active community driven development
White based dev from Cali
Open source on GitHub
You can bet on your racer and win the pot
Epstein island map coming this week

Also the tg is pretty comfy
35k mcap
PartyKarts dot io

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launched a few days ago, still microcap max bag worth ~45$ so get at least a couple

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As the anon already said, PartyKarts is a good BSC project with a microcap coin. You can join the tg if you want to see for yourself if it's legit or not t/me dot partyk4rtsi0

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I'm gonna dump $100 into every promising BSC shitcoin - I'll join the TG ty

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I'll get banned for posting its name but it's still on bsc but will be migrating soon

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post the name or contract

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Sex with harpy girls

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10k just launched. 100k by tonight