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wtf are they retarded?


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Is this the end for Chainlink (Ticker: LINK)

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why are they seething instead of building then?

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>Decentralised Oracle Networks are a single point of failure

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it's afraid

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>sophisticated users who decide to rely on prices from another protocol like Pyth

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>no you can't have a monopoly, slow down and let us catch up so we can make inferior solutions to problems you already solved
beg harder

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Ain't clicking that shit.

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>why are they seething instead of building
they're that type of dude who wants to build something simple, then they start facing oracle issues and instead of paying up, they go seething because they were link haters before
getting humbled and paying a CL node would be humiliating for their large egos

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this should clear things up

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Well, that does clear things up.

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>But they’ll also be able to seamlessly operate in the same market as sophisticated users who decide to rely on prices from another protocol like Pyth

Yes goys. Let us control the price. We won't take advantage of you. Be a good goy.

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these people are real retarded pieces of shit lol

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Boy people really don't like Chainlink huh

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All of these VC's missed investing in LINK when we did. They are STILL seething 6 years later, and tried hard as they can, they'll never buy LINK at $0.15

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Where are the fudsters and 50pbtids? Seems like this thread would be right up their alley.

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even the usual fudders are putting their act down for this kek. also checked

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well, it is a json parser, linkies cant refute that

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great, this piece of shit is never going to moon is it

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is that the real thomas? is this his redemption arc?

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Jason Parser is dead bro, Tom Lee is in charge now

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There’s no reception. When link finally moons and people like Thomas are saying “ha ha I kept the newfags out” there’s no winding back the fact they were stupid, annoying, obsessive fucking retards for literal years and we had to put up with them.

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ahhhh... i see

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this is the next tier fud they need to make - from vc twitter accounts. There's literally no new buyer left on 4chan with most activity on twitter now.

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didn't click your link OP seeth
m-makes sense checked

true but there are no newfags. not for years now. wake up. everyone conscious enough to question the absolute state of the world has already done so. the rest are NPCs and they will never make a conscious choice.

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fuck off cuckold tranny

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>Oracle-free summer!
>Actually not oracle-free, it's use your own oracle, aka use our own exploitable one like Pyth here!
>DeFi bad because it relies on Chainlink and there has been a lot of exploits!
>Sure, none of those exploits has anything to do with Chainlink but still!
What a retarded thread.

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these fucking MEVving kikes of the 'beautiful dance' (holy shit I want to curb stomp their skulls into a bloody mesh) are feeling the stinky Big Mac odor of Sergey's breathing down their necks. they know their days are numbered and will fight like a rattlesnake.

im betting my left nut that the usual suspects of the MEV mafia (Paradigm, Jump Trading, etc.) are the culprits of this forced narrative of "oracle free summer"

god i want assassination smart contracts SO bad. Ari WTF you doing nigga?

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yeah its pathetic the lows they will stoop to. I wonder how long the whole we can print new tokens buy em faggots phase will last?

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I think that angler fish anon had the right idea about these guys

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here is the twatter thread
fav big brain moments
>Oracles introduce external data & w it all dependencies required to deliver that data.
feature or bug?
>Yes, lending does require oracles… but, as with DEXes, they can be moved outside the protocol.
so like chainshit?
>Real financial institutions will never (and should never) put billions of dollars into a protocol whose safety is *wholly* dependent on @chainlink for security.
>(Stand down, LINK Marines. Keep reading.)

>There are a LOT of complexities in bringing offchain data reliably onchain, especially w a requirement of operating in a decentralized, censorship-resistant manner.
>@chainlink addresses these constraints, but has become a potential single point of failure across all of DeFi
>Many users of oracle-free protocols will still rely on @chainlink to help manage their lending/borrowing positions. But they’ll also be able to transact w users who rely on prices from @PythNetwork, zk-based oracles, Bloomberg APIs, or even their own internal price calculations.
translation we need space to scam you as usual and we cant do that with FUCKING CHAINSHIT REEEE
>oracles in this piece are really the way to frame up a broader discussion around dependencies and robustness-via-diversity
its just "framing" bro lol

and also note that uniswap released some twap oracle but its unneeded lol according to the dude above

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AI will replace oracles in the near future. Any oracle token will be worthless

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there's not one perspective here but your own that could look at your posts in this thread and not see just how retarded they are

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The best part is they go on these massive anti chainlink rants and as soon as you call them out on it they instantly buckle and say “No I’m really just trying to open up a conversation about dependencies in general”. God they’re so fucking transparent.

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>link -8%

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VC fucking shits

Their time is coming

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they always tell you what they are doing
checked for truth. years later they feel the need to engage out of spite kek

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Well, I guess the ideal case is the one with maximum resistance where the resistance turns out to be entirely futile.

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one of my main lessons i've learnt in this fucked up, mercenary space is that some people are simply willing to do things you would never even consider

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Maybe the trough is getting a bit empty after all.

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kek I remember when one of those vc scumbags said something like we need to separate out serious crypto from web3 scams but it looks like AI tokens that do nothing are the new scam they want to roll with because they must protect their financial masters

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This is insane kek
How is it possible that Chainlink makes all these people seethe so much?

Yup, that explains it.

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ETHfags thought they were at the top of the food chain. They were only looking at other L1s as competition, and didn’t see a threat. So the MEV feasting looked like it would go on forever.
Then Chainlink took them to town on sequencing, and also demonstrated that a full interchain solution was the real value layer that would operate under and between all settlement environments.
Imagine you’ve just set up your perfect little money maker and then you get blindsided by people you hasn’t even paid attention to

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I too can't stand "decentralized" blockchains that use centralized nodes under the hood.

How fucking dumb are these people kek

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Nah, the real Thomas was @geoxadem lol
That's how he got doxxed.

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I always wonder how they live with the fact that the only thing they achieve by keeping newfags out is concentrating the supply into the hands of big players like banks etc. Perhaps that was the plan though.

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Thats still the same guy though he just changed the @

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My favorite part is that these guys think they are so fly and above the mean but then get btfo in every instance.

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gas fees and multiple layer 1s killed defi

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I broke your mom's throat when she gave me oracle

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wait really?

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Rentseeking kikes kvetching because their gravy train is about to run off a cliff

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