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What are the financial implications of taking 1k and spreading it out over 10 BSC projects biz?

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Probably better if you focus on just 1 or 2 new tokens. picrel

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is bsc coming back? serious question

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It really got jeeted due to the low tx fees. I'd be 1000x happier to pay less fees, but you really have to make sure the liquidity is locked and that the devs aren't holding a huge supply. Otherwise, it's better than Uniswap.

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Your $1k will be worth $0 by the end of the day or your money back

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what are these "projects"? can you call pnd a project?

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There’s probably 10 projects that are all rugs that get launched every 5 minutes alone. Bsc is extremely dead right now. arbitranny is dead, zksync is mega dead, maybe the first few days pulse was out that would have been a good idea. You’re better off coming up with a good name or meme and deploying your own shitcoin with that 1k, and rugging people.

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Eh, that's a midwit take. Just find something that's locked & well distributed. It's the same rules that apply to ERC20 stuff.

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You’re a midwit you fucking retarded nigger redditspeak using faggot.

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shhh he doesn't know (also checked and mami-pilled)

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I did this with top 100 coins and I'm down like 50% kek

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Buy some of this before we migrate to ETH

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? wut

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possible glory