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What are low paying jobs that have great benefits outside of the pay?

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Fortune telling?

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No wagie job rocks lmao. Even if you're around cute girls you're just a simp who isn't getting laid

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>drink as much as you like
>can connect to people if you like
>bang drunk roasties in the backoffice

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this man gets

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Bartending is great in your 20s. As the decades pass and people get stuck there it gets more pathetic. Imagine your career being pouring alcohol for drunks and then bitching when they only gave you $1 instead of two. Also imagine having no retirement because literally everyone who works in those jobs are horrible with money. Also they never offer health insurance

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who did you connect with or choose not to connect with?
damn you're right, rich stupid girls who have the money to waste on gems and such love fortune telling. I should setup a larp tarot card reading
t. actually studied it a bit

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I want to be a boob-drawer so bad

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This or night security. I liked bartending weddings the most, don't have to worry about tabs and people are generally in a good mood. Your schedule completely changes and you can't hang out with your non industry friends though, I'd get off at 1 am and wouldn't go to bed until 4 and would wake at noon. Also you have to work weekends.

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unironically delivering pizzas, at least the local shop that I worked at 10 years ago.
>work 5 or 6 hours a night starting at 4pm
>consisted of driving around listening to music
>got cash tips
>customers got charged delivery fees outside of a certain distance which also went to me
>$50 cash/night from the bossman
>he would also sometimes give me an extra 20 or 40 bucks if it was a particularly good night
>would sometimes get to drink a beer with bossman in the back
>would go out with friends and get drunk with tip cash after work
>would sometimes show up to parties with a pie that no one picked up, or leftover slices and walk in like a celebrity
>occasionally sleep with the rotating roster of chicks who worked the cash
>sleep in until 1 the next day
>do it all again
Unironically very fun in my teens/early 20s.

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Trade Unions, Factories that are Unionized or factories that offer ESOP. There's an automotive parts plant near me that offers ESOP. Everyone retiring from there so far has banked well over a million from the ESOP after retiring.

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dont pizza delivery guys get robbed by niggers?

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I worked two years as a lab tech in a private school for 2 years while I sorted my shit out and shit was so unbelievably cash it's unreal.
>Term-time only working (16 weeks holiday).
>3 weeks off easter, 3 christmas and 7 summer + half term
>Barely any work around exam time
>Start 8:30, finish 4pm
>No extra work outside of those hours at all
>Free lunch at the canteen
>Don't have to really interact with the students
>Had my own lab, organise how I wanted it and nobody else disturbed it
>Completely self directed work, just teachers coming in asking to prepare shit for lessons every now and then
>Work was actually fun, dicking around with chemicals all day
>Could prepare the week worth of work on the Friday and then chill out first half of the week

Only issue was that pay was ass, but I've never been fitter and happier. Had to leave to try and pursue a business, but that's the best job I'm ever going to have.

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Listen man working any job is pathetic after your 20s. If you don't own your own business by 30, or aren't even at the very least self employed, then you did something wrong.

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tittyfucking whores

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Never happened to me. I lived in a small town in central ontario though. Occasionally delivered to jeets, but worse thing they did was smell bad. I did deliver to an alleged hells angels spot once, iirc the owner knew the guy I was delivering to.

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ESOPs sound based.

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>worked in library during college
>did almost nothing except browse 4chan, do homework, and play games on my laptop

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government jobs
>shit pay
>great bennies
>tons of days off
>tons of leave
>low work expectations
>nearly impossible to get fired

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Audit this one, Gary.

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Absolutely retarded take, well done.

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I used to have a data entry type job like a decade ago.

It was piss easy and basically stress free. It would have been an ideal job if it paid a living wage.

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Yes. And honestly if you’re not a complete ducking idiot the pay isn’t even that bad. Get to middle manager level and you’ll be making 100k or so along with all the other benefits you listed. Stick to local government. Fed jobs are hell.

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I tended bar in my 20s. It was a good time. Got a lot of girls and met some cool people. I didn’t drink on the job often. I got fucked up after. I did a few lines though here and there.

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Concierge in party hostel
>fuck tourist girls
>meet cool backpackers
>meet celebrities and movie stars sometimes (most vapid people in the world lmao)
>fuck more tourist girls
>sell coke and weed under the table for extra cash

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nothing like a hotel job to make you stop caring for celebs

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Having a bbc
>endless supply of the finest white girls

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If money were never an issue, I'd consider taking up "River Guide".
> pretty chill most of the time, just taking tourists down the river, usually only 1-2 "big" things to do per day like guiding through rapids or walking around a waterfall
> multi-day trips are semi-expensive so the folks coming along are usually well-off and well-behaved, in most cases it's good vibes
> get to be out in nature
> camp out nearly every day under the stars, cooking out, telling stories and hearing stories from people you'll never see again
> if you do it year-round to get to travel a decent amount, Idaho to Colorado to New Zealand to Alaska, etc.
> it's cool to do at any age

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> Pay no rent and have no financial consequences for 2 years.
> Learn how to study well and learn the bible backwards and forward.
> Become fluent in a foreign language
> Be trained in sales from executives at top companies around the world
> master public speaking and dealing with tough situations
> Secure at least some place in heaven for the eternities
> after you are finished, excellent dating opportunities with young Virgins prepared to be your wife

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Knew a guy who delivered pizzas for about $20 hr in 2004 as a teenager. Joined marines and came back in his early 20s. Delivered pizzas another 4 years.

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>bang drunk roasties in the backoffice
>get done for rape 1yr later

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is this bra shape the reason torpedotits were so prevalent back then?

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This. I would pick retail or fast food hookups over this. Bars have a reddit liberal vibe that pretends to be sexually open, but has draconian conventions that turn any activity to assault on a dime

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Ski resort shit, whether being an instructor or driving the giant slope groomers
Really anything outdoorsy

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I was thinking of getting a low paid job to do for a few hours in the evenings. Got any good suggestions?

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JAV femdom movie bottom

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try your luck on bitcoinrota.com

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When I worked as a waitstaff at a catering hall I was pulling other waitresses and kitchen staff almost every month. The bonuses:
>You get out late at night so you can fuck her right in the parking lot and chances are no one will notice.
>High turnover so fresh meat all the time
>Most of them are stupid = More likely to fellate you
>girl chefs are also major sluts 100% of the time
>if it gets weird because people realize you nailed half the restaurant just leave and do it all over again at another place e.z.p.z.

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how tho?
I couldn't act out my fetish because half weren't even interested.
The only one I could've banged was 48 and looked like Nicholas Cage in drag

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I mean it helps if you're white and have blonde hair and blue eyes. My seed is like caviar to a minimum wage mutt. I was just very unlucky for a time and couldn't find better work.

If you offer to drive some of them home that kinda opens a door for you to talk outside of work. Show interest in the things they do and talk about. The bar is incredibly low for these women. They'd suck off an oyster if it grinned and gave them a compliment.

But you can't be a customer. Customers are all gross. Context is key.

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lol ancient boomer pre-dating-app advice. jfc

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anything where your coworkers will be attractive young women, since just being around them is like 90% of the way to getting them in bed. or anything that allows you to pursue a hobby, so maybe personal trainer if you’re /fit/ or like joining a local nonprofit theater troupe if you’re an actor, or park ranger/wilderness guide if you like hiking, whitewater rafting, etc. you get the idea.

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>a shit ton of free time to lift and trading
>jobs forced you to have a good physique
>loved and respected from everybody
>women loves you and will let you bang them
>can presume and be proud of you job
>can get cool tattoos that impress everybody(optional)
>in a emergency everybody look at you like a hero and a authority figure
>your dad is a manager in walmart? mine is a firefighter
>"every day is a new day" vibes
>can use interesting equipment
>can have access to a firetruck
>your workplace is like brotherhood
>if your a christian and die in a your job counts like sacrifice and get instant access to heaven

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>be minimanlet
>no firefighting for me
I think one of your guys tried to recruit me once even though i'm tiny. Took me on a tour of the firestation when no-one was there.
Either that or he was trying to fuck me.

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And trips. Impressive.

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*delivering pizzas in a not diverse city