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It is.

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Token not needed

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It is inevitable.

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Kek fuddies

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Kek cuckolds


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Seek help

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>cuckold cultists telling other people to seek help
lol lmao even

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>token not needed

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You know what, I don’t feel like giving you a (you)s, chainlink advocate

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seek help

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The token isn't actually needed

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It was needed for funding and I am not even mad having thrown 5 btc at him taking out only 7 if it could have been 50

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>posts chart
There is no fear.
There is no uncertainty.
There is no doubt.
All they're doing is holding a mirror up to you linkies and hoping you recognize yourselves and try to change.

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No. They are really just faggots enjoying to be sadistic assholes. That deserve deserve to them and their loved ones

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Dead. Fucking google autocorrect. An example why machine learning sucks.

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Wow fudcucks absolutely seething now
>buys 100 more chainlink tokens

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seek help

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kek redditors

We've had APIs for 40 years now.

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Reminder shillers job is to keep u bagholding for sergay to dump. There is currently an immense amount spot of selling, and if it’s not retailers it is sergay himself

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>Spot of selling
So china...makes sense

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Please express in 50 posts or more how upset you are over people not selling as per >>55071493

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i watched trader/bitcoin university youtube channel and he said chainlink has like 5 actual oracles or whatever that run the network. is this true?

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Interesting. Seems that china is going to buy up.
Lmfao you have to be an arrogant bug rice nigger to think anybody take youtuber serious

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what's coming seems to be a lower token price. i understand that he wants to remain cryptic, but if he never actually makes a statement on which he can be measured, he's not a leader, he's a coward. the ccip thing was a blunder, but never saying anything substantive again is not a solution

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>what's coming seems to be a lower token price
Good, I'll buy more.

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>the ccip thing was a blunder
So many projects have done so much worse, like ETH fucking up for YEARS on PoS, sharding, scaling, enterprise adoption etc.
But for some reason Sergey gets judged much more harshly than anything or anyone else in the crypto space.

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Maybe because his coin is useless, u need eth for casino

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The casino largely runs on Link tokens, haven't you heard?

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>keep buying and holding marines
>we'll be rich in just 2 more decades
totally not a cuckold cult

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>GMX only uses it as a backup oracle
nobody tell him

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Doesn’t seem to reflecting the price, maybe there isn’t a lot of demand and a lot selling

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>Doesn’t seem to reflecting the price
Bitcoin doesn't like it when Chainlink takes over the casino.

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Glad / sorry that happened to you
Not going to sell sorry

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>reeeee it's not fair reeeee stop judging my bags so harshly reeeeeee stop pointing out their shortcomings look at ETH look at ADA reeeeeeeeeeeee
kek, the absolute state of bagholders in 2023

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Yea maybe ur right, someone probably suppressing it. It is giving me the vechain vibe

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Damn. Sergey really believes there is a reality where cooperation with them can lead to freedom. Fool or plant. I can't decide, sergey lost it, ate himself into a traitor

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the only thing this cap proves is that BTC is a superior investment, so good job on that I guess KEK

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kek, the absolute state of fuddies in 2023

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Why would they sell?
To earn $ 5000 dollars from their $20000 investment?

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kek, it's truly hilarious, the definition of hardcore denial

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he's probably Zach or some CLL pajeet

I know cuckolds whiteknight Sergey, but denying he dumped 150 million tokens is just next level gaslighting

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seek help

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>denying he dumped 150 million tokens
Nobody's denying that, but many cryptos dumped a lot more than he did. Look at Solana, Fantom, Matic, ...
Even XRP dumped nearly twice as much as Sergey in USD amount, while they were under an active lawsuit from the SEC kek

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I'm absolutely positive that if you spam this low quality meme enough, sentiment will change drastically and people will abandon en masse ETH to gamble on the amazing value proposition your altcoin is offering
so better get on to it

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also please make sure you steer all the attention to other projects all the time instead of focusing on your own bags, that's extremely helpful and constructive and will definitely change the sentiment

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All those token are needed chainlink token does not, u cant not refute this

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It's at $6.30 now

It's over

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Not having a massive double standard is very helpful and constructive, yes.

>u cant not refute this

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the double standard is created when holders are demanding from the rest of the community to treat their bags as "the golden ticket to the 4ir", just admit it's a shitcoin and you want the market participants to treat it like a shitcoin with full on speculative PnDs, funny maymays etc
just make up your mind bro

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Fuck off. Mev fags killed their golden goose

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yeah, meanwhile LINK is down 42% against the "golden goose" since staking launch, so instead of autistically screeching about muh MEVtrannies and METHeads, you should perhaps focus on your own shit

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>stop talking about the charlatans who pivoted from actually building things to full time scamming retail
no i think i'll keep talking about them and drawing attention to them, thanks

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What makes you criminal sadists think linkies are behind exposing you and fucking with your grift? Because we write in link threads?
Oya oya oya oya paranoia

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by all means keep talking about them all you want, but at the same time you should allow others to talk about CCIP/staking fiasco, Linkpool rugging, and Jony being part of the CL team

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The time is ticking. Genetic lineages are going to get annihilated by god himself

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cool story bro, but God is spelled with a capital G

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Cultist detected
You know what made Jesus special
He knew that there wasn't a god but hadn't the heart to tell his followers
Why he never said god, but father. A father has faults, a god doesn't

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fuck yeah everyone should talk about LPL that shit was funny as fuck. LPL holders were the most intolerable faggots.

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great example how fucking lost devs in this space are - and then this happened > >>55072135

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Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
agreed, and everyone should also constantly point out that Jonny Huxtable became officially part of the team right after rugging everyone on the eve of staking

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he was a team member for ages before that. years, even.

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even worse then :)

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The most tragic fate of Jesus wasn't dying on the cross to prove a point, but being used by a bunch of predatory jews after his dead as an icon to scam what the son of men loved the most, humanity

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Chalcedonian Christianity single-handedly saved civilization at the time, and if you think otherwise you're welcome to move in to some Shariah law theocratic state

>> No.55072963

enjoy your circumcision btw ;)
disclaimer: Roman Catholics are not Christians, they're pedophiles
simple as

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Sergey tries so hard to become known as some great philosopher. Too bad for him the internet is so saturated with tons of losers doing the same, he'll never be remembered, except for when he's arrested for scamming retail out of billions.

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What an odd thing to say
>Saved civilization
Whose civilization

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European civilization, the only one that matters, dumbnut

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You are a cultist, a sucker that makes assumptions on an anonymous imageboard

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yep! The new Link bull case is:

>mommmmmmy life isn't fair because my coin didn't moon like the others!!!!

reality is fud though (check the chart)

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you're a spineless, faithless goyim, still missing your phantom foreskin
get out of my sight

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Idiot, in the most classic sense of the word

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ok sandeep

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Forget idiot, retard

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>check the chart

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aww did I struck a nerve with the foreskin thing, streetshitter?

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I could post my uncut dick. Buz what would that do. You already identified yourself as a sucker and a cultist

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repent and Jesus will forgive you, lost soul

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>Worship this human who had some basic good ideas and stayed principled
>Or you will burn in imagined Boogeyman realm you arr supposed to be afraid of
That's exactly what a jew, cultist, sucker, collectivist, weak predator would say

>> No.55073101

faithless and circumcised, your existence must be pure pain

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And it can't stop. I am not a Jesus, given the chance I slit your throat, maybe for the same reason Jesus had to die on the cross

>> No.55073128

>faithless subhuman animal resorts to violence
yes, Jesus will forgive even you

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Because he was a hippy, I am an Anarchist that goes boom if treated on

>> No.55073154

this is what happens when you stop believing to God and you replace him with satanic, saturn worship, numerology cults
LINK is the mark of the beast alright, but that does not mean what you think
>I am an Anarchist
you are a retarded child, you're not even past 22
true Anarchy requires super humans, not goyim sheeple
when you grow up you'll realize this

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You like to use that word a lot yid

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>the double standard is created when holders are demanding from the rest of the community to treat their bags as "the golden ticket
lmao you mean like every holder of every coin ever?

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Trustless > Trust

Simple as

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It’s inevitable if they start releasing the shit they’ve been hyping up for 2 years.
Right now there’s ZERO reason for the price to go up, and if it did, that would be 100% due to manipulation.

The team has pilfered billions of dollars already, so they’re in no hurry to release CCIP.
Sergey is perfectly content to bloviate on Twitter about his usual talking points for the foreseeable future

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>Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
That doesn't mean don't slight god. It means don't use god's name for your own motives.

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When do we get neet nodes?

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This scam is going to 300 bucks next bull run.

>> No.55074377

never, because Sergey understands likely very well, that POS is bullshit and would instantly make the network unsecure and corruptable

>> No.55074394

should the self proclaimed "god protocol" not be held to a higher standard then some joke meme coins?????

>> No.55074414

Yes, but that means a higher value standard as well.

>> No.55074426

>God protocol
That is how collectivists trick suckers, with icons to distract them. There is no god, just humans

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lots of seething in this thread. I'll add to it:
I own LINK.

>> No.55075134

Kek fuddies.
Pay me.

>> No.55075188

I just shat in your mouth, enjoy your payment

>> No.55075221

checked and i'm making about 3000 Link in staking rewards this year from doing nothing but laugh at you kek
Go on, get your calculator out and begin bashing the keys in a fit of seethe kek

>> No.55075266

>using a profile picture from when he weighed 100 lbs less
Disingenuous as fuck. What else is this man lying about?

>> No.55075332

nastyslob is nothing more than a tinder slut ripping off simps and paypigs, using an outdated photo makes sense

>> No.55075355

at least his vice is just gluttony instead of the disgusting shit vitalik and his ilk are into

>> No.55075389

gluttony and don't forget sloth
nasty is extremely lazy

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It's an unregistered security

>> No.55075409

But the token isn't needed...

>> No.55075429

LINK is now 6.30$, should I buy now or will it go down More?

>> No.55075443

that is wrong, it is needed to pay for services offered by the network; but MEV slaves are not very competent and jus5t follow a retard script that assumes everyone that follows this game must by a linky and that everyone on this board that isnt them must be a linky

your chain is dead, deal with it, like as anon said above a park full of nigger muggers, only crack addicts and dealers to be found

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these posts show is what being a loser looks like - screeching 24/7 over an apparently irrelevant token and they cant make anyone sell


>> No.55076302

lets give a thread with interesting thoughts a bump

>> No.55076373

Never had an interesting experience like what holoride is bringing to the table, the motion-synchronized VR experiences in Audi and BMW cars, adapting to driving movements in real-time is what retards are longing to have.

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It’ll go down to $5 or lower if Bitcoin keeps tumbling. I would wait.

>> No.55077713

I dont know why people are involved in this space when they can't wrap their head around why its important

>> No.55078542

the love of central bank ious and being suckered in by jpmasons into the fail safe against btc that is eth

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It is inevitable

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You have 77k staked? Super jealous

>> No.55079079

sirgij niziriv

>> No.55079722

sigil noseoff

>> No.55079745

Yep, next support is like two dollars

>> No.55080470

possible. MEV and jpmason really have it out for Linkies

>> No.55080492

kys deluded baggie

>> No.55080650

Yes, Sergey dumps into any positive news. He will never stop doing this.

>> No.55080798

>the enormity of what is coming will change the world
kek master grifter just like orangeman

>> No.55081657

Blockchain is still a sleeper,there are lots of application still coming up. Blockchain for healthcare is the next biggest field to start focusing on.

>> No.55081706

Sergey's the one dumping Bitcoin?

>> No.55081715

and link is just a meme, heard all this FUD before

>> No.55081730

why do they think chainlink is the backup oracle lol. redstone oracles tried putting a proposal on the chainlink announcement in the gmx governance forum just to be the backup oracle and gmx basically said we've been working with Chainlink LMAOOOOOO

>> No.55081781

This post is so retarded it hurts. Also API vulnerabilities are up 320%+ this year.

>> No.55081794

I'd rather earn some based token submitting health data anonymously than throwing a drop pf my BTC on that shit.

>> No.55081807

>He thinks the bible and/or scriptures are accurate and not a catered piece of literature abused by millenia of powerful influences as a control mechanism.
hahahahahahahahahah sad

>> No.55082063

It will go lower, just find other means to earn while you wait. Providing health data to earn crypto is based but biz jeets are not ready.

>> No.55082580

>self proclaimed
You mean anon proclaimed