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Entering your 30’s and not even having a single million dollars is depressing af

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Guess you should just give up entirely on life then anon.

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When I was your age I already had a house and $2 million in the bank from working two shifts at mcdonalds.

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the worst part is when you realise it's 2023 and a million dollars is basically worthless these days

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I'm closer to 40 and I don't have 6 figures yet

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99% of the planet doesn't have a million bucks, just life.

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how the fuck do you faggots not have 1milli yet jfc, what the fuck have you been doing? playing WoW and being fat? holy fuck i can't believe i share /biz/ with you retards.

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I earn 1700 a month

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if you didn't make it in 2021, time to consult your local euthanasia advocate, because it's not gonna happen now

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Not really. About to turn 31 and just got into medical school after not giving a shit about myself for most of my 20s. Just focus harder.

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are you literally me shouldve we showed our butthole online with a face filter

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Next couple years are gonna be a massive bull run

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>next couple years are gonna be a
fucking nigger, stop rapping all over the threads. time and a place faggot. tim and a place.

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Shuddup faggot

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sure whatever you say carlos matos

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I've stepped over 33 today and I only have 5k saved.

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I am 29 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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Don't tell the goys about it

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I entered my 30s a literal slave with escalating mental health issues do to burnout and work stress (also massive JUSTIFIED paranoia).

Now I'm early retired, mostly recovered mentally, and living my best life. I'm still in 6 figure hell but in a year or two I should blast into 7 figure heaven, and this time I WILL take profits.

Don't give up, just keep waging and stacking.

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I think my last job gave me PTSD. Took me a while to get over it.

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if it helps having less than 2 million is just as depressing

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I just got over the half way mark, but I feel ya. been hermit mode the last few years just trying to stack

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>500k NW
>3 body count
it's over

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>I've stepped over 33 today and I only have 5k saved.
TOPKEK what a fucking loser

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I'm pretty sure burnout, PTSD, and "long covid" are all basically the same thing. It's all a reaction to prolonged stress. It took me almost a year to get back to somewhat normal, but I still have dreams and some intrusive thoughts about work. It's pretty annoying but still getting better. Shit, quitting booze was easier.

Damn, you got 3 kills already? Impressive.

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I am 29. with 40k mostly in bitcoin I have no job right now and low education. Oh well, I live in eastern Europe, so I can live on it for a while, plus I also have an small online business that earns me pocket money. But to be honest, I am not sure how well I do compared to others.

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I don't have 1 million dollars yet but I'm getting closer and closer

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Exactly. A million dollars is about the same amount of purchasing power as 215k was back in 2006. I'm in Canada and we are easily going to see condos selling for 5+ million in another 20 years.

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>Demoralization thread
Yup! Time to buy PartyKartsToken

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Yeah, it is so depressing, but try to measure your risk. Don't be clouded by the cause; you might lose your sense of reason to invest based on your risk appetite.

I made mine at 21, lost it back to the crypto market, and now I'm back at it. I'm trying to play it safe by investing in major alts as a hedge, including non-fungible equity on Polygon since revenue is generated from commercial businesses. WAGMI in the bull market. Nexr target 10mil

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Meme candle won't librate anon, but rather it will rekt him. A low-profile, low-risk investment is the ideal way to go now.

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That's the exact reason I'm going to off myself if I don't get to see my pond stack going up by 2025 at least

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Why do you have to wait? Do it now

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I'm not 99% of people. Most people are absolute shit and total scum. Most people are fat. Most people have tattoos. Most people drink. Most people put no effort into their lives. Most people smoke weed. Most people masturbate habitually or are in a relationship that revolves around sex. I don't do any of this. They deserve to suffer. I don't. We are not the same.

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Fuck off frogposter piece of nigger assfucked tranny shit

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Absolutely based, record everything and make someone post it online

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Kek, imagine being this weak

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>$40k 401k
>$95k personal savings and investments
>still a rentcuck
i finally got a tolerably paid wfh job that allows me to put $12k/year into my 401k and save/invest an additional $28k/year. and next summer i'll be moving back to my flyover hometown which will boost my savings to $32k/year. that's my cope for wasting my 20s and i'm sticking to it.

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>I’m not most people
Do you have a million dollars or not?

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I'm 34 and my net worth is -$70k

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You’re doing fine anon, keep it up. I know some of these posts are just trolls but what’s with grown men these days giving up and throwing in the towel so easily? Always move forward, even if life isn’t what you wanted it to be.

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Based. You will achieve that, anon

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Life is never going to be what you want it to be. I wish more people would shut the fuck up and either accept it or kill themselves. I haven't contributed to my retirement accounts past the max qualified withdrawal for a house purchase because whats the point I'm going to kms when I can't pull young sluts anymore.

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What's more depressing is not having any asset to your name, the bear market fucked me up big time last year, but this year I have invested wisely and I have made up my mind to secure a good house in Cyprus maybe from kensington, it is one of the best over here and it even accepts crypto as payment

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It's almost as bad as not entering your 20s with at least a million net worth, before you even have to start working.

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>not immediately a millionaire
All I can do now is post demoralization threads with frog images. It's......over

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>i don't deserve to suffer
Most humans do, but you especially deserve it

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Crypto payment has the best cashback, I see why you are focused on it, although one need to be carful of the volatility, stablecoins can easily solve that

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Where can I find a Samira but in this style?

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You are not the main character. Nobody is, some people just got lucky and they got rich.

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Damn I earn more than 2x that per week.

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Godspeed anon. Wagmi for sure.

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Extremely based Gene Wolfe poster

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You could move to mexico and become a Mexican Pesos millionaire with just $60,000 in your bank account.

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Validating nodes with phone or raspberry pi will make many millionaires and Qan is pioneering this fucking jewfag

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Do you?

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Why buy what's not quantum resistant? It will still get hacked faggot

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>2600 to be deposited in two months
>Inheritance of 260k
>Going to save 3.2k/yr
Will I make it?

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>saving money

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try entering your 40's and having zero dollars. It's only money though

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Was also thinking of starting up a vending machine business to net an extra 6.5k/year, either that or I move back in with my mom....

Now that type that out, my options don't sound so good...

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Hit 30 with <100k, almost entirely on paper, and now creeping on 700k at 33, still almost entirely on paper.

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Im 26 my parents have 9 million dollars 3 million cash 6 million stock.

Mother never worked. Dad used family connections to finally land him a job in his 30's.

Im using whatever money i get to buy large bags of LINK and GRT. I've stopped caring about money at this point.

Feels good. DESU

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I hold a lot of GRT, but please don't fuck around with that much money. Remain diversified and consider a well-vetted financial advisor or two.

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Would. Fucking would.

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I can't relate with this because QANx got me afloat

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im gunna have over a million by the time i reach 30

takes $ to make $ for most cases

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I'm comfy holding my AVAX bags

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OP is a loser

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In this economy I'm thankful I'm not starving, have internet connection and clothes to wear. Besides, if you made a good decision to invest and already have bags packed and waiting, just wait for the bull, anon.

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The bull run isn't far. Better to invest and scoop up potential moonshots now. I am bagging more of UTK, EGLD, METIS and ZIL.

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>Entering your 30’s is depressing af
fixed that for you

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I’ve got several thousands in PoolTogether. It’s inevitably a 1 billion cap token. It’s currently at 2 million. I’ll be alright.