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This is the wallet used to create the contract Bitcoin

It made 15.9 ETH (29K dollars) from fees before changing to 0% tax

Transfer the 15.9 ETH to multiple wallets. A typical practice by scammers to lengthen the paper trail.

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Following the transfers, the ETH ends up in wallet pic rel and was transferred to the dev's coinbase account.

The ''0xc181e3605996bf7b2ec71b1058f618344dc0913b'' wallet also recently received 30.9 ETH by ''0xcf27cbf7c5a7802946d755a4a6e714320313abcb'' and was also transferred to coinbase

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Let's follow the ''0xcf27cbf7c5a7802946d755a4a6e714320313abcb'' wallet.
There are 3 wallets.

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Each wallet transferred to ''0xcf27cbf7c5a7802946d755a4a6e714320313abcb'' bought Bitcoin very early.

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Turned 36 bucks into 17K dollars

In total, the three wallets made 30.9 ETH or 56k dollars from selling their bags.

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It's a wonder how they get away with it... every single day in exactly the same manner.

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Doing God's lord anon
Bless you.
Damn it.. this board is full of scam token trash

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Lord's work *
Retarded phobefag, sorry

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Don't be such a fagphobe

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Who were the retards buying it? It was obviously astroturfed in here so bad. And they just carbon copied a meme token that already dropped. All the memes etc were just reused

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oho fud


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Note the 28.7 ETH at the bottom. It was another scam made by them literally 1 week before they created BITCOIN.
In fact, every ETH transfer to this wallet have been linked to a pump and dump made by the same people.
Some coins struggled and made only 1 ETH .
Some like BITCOIN made a staggering 46 ETH. And those are only the wallets that are directly linked to the dev wallet.

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Should have bought Krusty

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I thought the reason it hasnt completely dumped was because they didn't sell? Though I am completely willing to believe this was a scam all along. Being a white dev literally means nothing and they will scam just as much as a pajeet will.

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Op is clearly a Fa88

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This is the same team as the previous meme token (from BSC). They proved it.

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Wow i'm so surprised a shitcoin by this name being spammed on 4chan 24/7 is a scam.

Without your investigation I would never have been able to draw this conclusion myself.

I thought the people posting about this were all organic.

Wow bro you have opened my eyes!!


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> the cumulative volume in 10s of millions
> dev made 16 ETH on 0 tax token
> dev works 16hours a day in the TG
> surely a scam

Can't spell cumulative without cum

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>dev made 16 ETH on 0 tax token
Its 46 ETH minimum. That's how much the dev made ALONE. Its starts to accumulate when you realize each team member bought at least a 1% bag. Whales bags were like 20-50 bucks at launch.
Maybe the others sold maybe they didn't. But since the dev already did I would say they also likely sold.

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contract creator washed his money a week ago through another tokens liquidity pool
so what? It doesn't change the fundamentals.

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likely no, many top holders are either new or only accumulating/hold.

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it still made a new ATH after the 15.9 eth event
this fud is unsubstantial

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What fundamentals lol

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It's a front bro. They spam shit here so once the FBI cracks down on them they can say it was retards buying their shit coins. In reality they're money laundering.
This isn't a scam coin. It's literally money laundering.

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>likely no, many top holders are either new or only accumulating/hold.
Then that means they did sell lmao. They can't be new holders and they have no reason to accumulate because they bought max bags with chump change >>55070045

So you think the dev is gonna push BITCOIN despite no longer holding it? lmao

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Good work anon, thanks for doing the research and showing the evidence. Hopefully no one buys this shit anymore.

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You are claiming that the token is now abandoned by the devs. The community can take over and revive it, no?

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Why do ppl act like price only go up and ppl NEVER taking profits is the only acceptable outcome? Is this how the third world thinks? do they all instantly point point point lOoK a SeLleR at the site of red? Ngmi stress will turn you ugly

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Literally every scamming nigger says this after they dump the liquidity, and it has also never happened in history. Have you considered suicide

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People on this board are utterly retarded. You rarely see a take without some kind of narrow thinking or emotional bias. All shitcoins go 90% down in these market conditions, but these guys spent time looking at this 1 token because they're tilted for some reason.

OP is either seething he bought the top or some other emotional motive, or IS actually trying to get an entry on this shit which is even more hilarious to think about considering the amount of baggies still holding.

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why would a scammer care about the coin after he already drained the liquidity? your argument does not make sense.
in fact this thread is linked in the telegram and people are still buying more

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Not many wallets appear to be out of the money. I would guess it is someone trying for a better entry because this is a lot of dedication.

The “drain” was a rando that came in and added liquidity at a low price. It could happen again if someone was greedy and bought huge too early. but as price goes up it is less likely to affect the value since the person would need more funds for the same effect.

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holy shit this cope. These shillers are truly subhuman.

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No cope bud, I bought and sold this for a 20x kek

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Of course and moderator and janitors of this website were compliant and involved. It's about time to go for the kill, and have Gary close eth casino

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the dev who made it goes by the name of benschoo in the tg he was the wallet that dumped his tokens on the BSC version back in feb

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It took me less than two minute to go from the dev wallet to the final wallet. Maybe its just me. Im used to checking shitcoins on etherscan to find any scammy behaviour or previous scam projects. If I do find any then I sell.
>I would guess it is someone trying for a better entry because this is a lot of dedication
Yeah big dedication on the dev's part. I asked the dev to sell his entire bag so that I can buy low. I also told him to send the 46 ETH he made to coinbase so he can withdraw his ETH into cash.

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Over 55 million posts have been made on this board and yours is by far the most retarded of all time. If you’re wondering why half the board is watching this shit it’s because you faggots were spamming 30 threads at a time for a week straight and nobody likes you. Everybody wants your pile of shit scamtoken to die and you guys to finally fuck off

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If you think those people are not heavily under observation you are underestimating our incompetent glow nigger frens. The user remain scammed but the scammers have digged their own graves

>> No.55070923

I don't doubt that it took you minutes to find this, but to make the effort to post etc. must hold some kind of emotion towards it, maybe same as anon below

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lol, another subpar response from a subhuman.

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>Being a white dev literally means nothing and they will scam just as much as a pajeet will
This is one of the most difficult lessons I've ever had to learn in crypto
I was in denial about this for years

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So funny to think that I saw this the very first day it was shilled here at 0.0001 and thought about buying it because it was funny. I decided to sleep on it and it did around a 40x I think. It may have been a scam but damn it still could of made me a bunch of money, and it was pretty funny and meme worthy. It's not like the dev sold all the coins to himself, the meme was really spreading.

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How east would it be to get AI to write code for a shitcoin, make some funny memes and start shilling it? asking for a friend

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No chance. The shitcoiners are a weak cabal

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I'm absolutely shaken to my core! How could this have happened?

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people are so stupid buying these jeet scams. manipulated price movements. that's why I just stack pondering orb. a true fair launch. best memes.

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And yet if they have any form of agency they will end all the same, as btc maximalists

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if you were scammed by this submit a report to the fbi at https://complaint.ic3.gov
if no one reports then nothing will happen. He has surely doxed himself through CEX so catching him won't be hard.

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well, this shit is dead. Very disappointed that devs fucked up such a good meme. It could be huge. But for some reason, there are almost always poor greedy jeets behind anything that has potential

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What is with the people defending this shitcoin? It's the self proclaimed king of shitcoins, right? It has every right to be fudded and it's literally never going up again. Dev already ruined all good will.

>> No.55071429

damn this had so much potential! this should serve as a lesson for newfags

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fa88 was the nemesis wallet of the BSC
>what's a nemesis wallet?
That one wallet that keeps selling every pump

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holders deserve to know this

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>Very disappointed that devs fucked up such a good meme. It could be huge.
It really could have gotten higher than 10m. Everything was there but the dev just had to sperg out and pull out way too fucking early.

>> No.55071664

Ego. Hard to snap out cultists
Just check xrp thread. Don't fall for chainlink threads, those are something completely different

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fucking cheapies...

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Ah yes the old “dev took initial profits so project is dead” thesis that ignores the fact entire team is in TG 18 hours a day, launched merch stire, is now hosting spaces, and is active and video chatting with the community. Meanwhile Chainlink team literally is selling a billion tokens and /biz loves them. Be careful OP there are morons on here who actually expect a team to never cash out and for price to go straight up, who won’t take the time to check the TG and talk to the team.

It’s funny AF. If you bought the top AND sold bottom over this stupid 9 day old nocoiner FUD then RIP

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yeah, and he did that on bsc too. That shit died. Now he created the same token on eth, and did that again. just fuck off... He still has a lot of tokens to dump

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Whale who sold just bought back at a higher price. Problably to induce fomo. I advise everyone still holding to sell on this fake pump.

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this fag?

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bullish and weak FUD

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its amazing to think some people will read this and actually be swayed by your argument

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Well, at least these devs deserved my money. They made a good meme. That's my cope and I'm sticking to it.

>> No.55073688

pretty sure they did it on purpose to shake out the twitter faggots and whales
I mean it's not hard to keep your private wallets separate from the contract creator address lmao

>> No.55074287

read it and weep
the price is higher than when OP created this gay ass thread kek

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they raided 4chan with shitty threads of course it was a scam lmao

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The fud always ramps up when liquidity is needed for entries. This is the most fud I've seen on the board for this coin so far. Ta clearly shows a bottom shaping up. Don't get shaken out

>> No.55075262

look at the chart now holy shit
OP is a massive fag and a homosexual (gay)

>> No.55075311

Since I wrote this, this coin is up 100 percent
As always

>> No.55075367

I made money off the BSC version. Honestly when I first saw it posted I knew it would be big especially when they made the ticket BITCOIN. I miss the BSC casino. It was so much fun despite leaving me penniless and in debt. For a second generational wealth was right there in front of me

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Now that biz is making a run of the mill scamcoin into a moral issue 50m+ is virtually guaranteed. By the way the Jewish people are simply cognitively and culturally superior to the goyim. Cope all you want

>> No.55075593

another manipulation to take money from morons. It's dumped already. Glad I made 5x on this shit and took profits. There's no reason to buy it anymore. The momentum is lost. CEx wont list it with that ticker. Only hopium left

>> No.55075650

My goodness you whales are greedy

>> No.55075674

Only the Freemasons understand the true value behind this coin. By the way I’m a level 33 Freemason and I know the future. You might catch on in 10 years when this becomes the global currency. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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don't bump this thread

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a COIN dev scamming? Noooooo never....

where they start? argentina? Didn't they also have a currency problem?

Muh problems.
>Muh Solutions!

Is this how that country's currency became worthless?

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>jannies delete positive threads about BITCOIN
>they leave up shit like this

>> No.55075981

bullish pattern resuming

>> No.55076085

FUD is bullish

>> No.55076107

It just dumped AGAIN lmao how could you possibly bag hold this shit?

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Bullish SONIC

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It really is BULLISH though. Do you mock in a sarcastic tone?

>> No.55077422

hated pump incoming. people have wanted this to fail since they missed buying early, and they miss again now out of their bitterness. The Jewish master race wins again

>> No.55077472

Do they?

>> No.55077586

Yes most people in crypto do not have a bag and emit NPC sparks when told about it. The higher they end up buying in, the higher the price will go. That's why it's going to 1B

>> No.55078473

I am unironically financially ruined

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sounds like you bought at the wrong time dumbass. I bought in the other day and am already seeing gainz thanks to this coins magic BITCOIN properties.

>> No.55078514
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hmmmmm interesting
HODL friend

>> No.55079151

It’s not a good meme though. Other shitcoins that also have shitty memes have been doing WAY more volume and bigger pumps. Your meme is just that bad. The only people that think it’s any good are like 20 telegram subhumans that shill here 24/7

>> No.55079157

Massive dump incoming, btw

>> No.55079214 [DELETED] 

I wouldnt say its a bad meme its just not an easy accessible meme. Any retard can understand haha funnay internet dog Xd. HPOS kind of requires you to activate 0.5% of your brain to comprehend the joke, not get it, then wind around back to seeing the humor of it all and then appreciating all the weird art surrounding it, which requires more effort than most people are capable of.

>> No.55079262

I wouldnt say its a bad meme its just not an easy accessible meme. Any retard can understand haha funnay internet dog Xd. HPOS kind of requires you to activate 0.5% of your brain to comprehend the joke, not get it, then wind around back to seeing the humor of it all and then appreciating all the weird art surrounding it, which requires more effort than most people are capable of. You have to like 90s culture, early internet culture, and see the stupidity of crypto in general.

>> No.55079409

It's a good meme for simple men

>> No.55079613

what is there even to get. its just funny theres no meme

>> No.55079641

Exactly. Smooth brains either overthink it or dont get it at all.

>> No.55080211

That’s the thing though. It’s not funny

>> No.55080234

Oh wow, the random shitcoin with the paint tier logo was a scam? No way!

>> No.55080256

>It doesn't change the fundamentals.
Tell me about those fundamentals anon. Sell me the ticker.

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Hey guys go in on this dime a dozen shit tier fag token while the entire market, crypto and stocks dump because we were being gas lit about the current recession and incoming depression. The whole market is about to tank and niggers are arguing over imaginary internet money.

Also wouldn't if be funny if Sega and Warner bros and Obama were directly tweeted at about this coin. Thus prompting a cease and disses order that killed that grumpy cat coin due to IP Rights....it would be a funny

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You're just fudding

>> No.55080479

yes i'm sure it wont dump again in the next couple of hours

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>> No.55080671

I find it more aesthetically pleasing than funny, personally

>> No.55080681

the market is never "about to" anything, midwit

>> No.55080826

I am and will continue, this coin will die, better take profits frens

Learn how to use 4chan you poo shill

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you’re a fag, btw

>> No.55082357

an hour ago

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Here’s your problem — these tx are from 14 DAYS AGO.

Right when the coin launched.

The coin hit $10M just 7-8 days ago.

So to imply the dev taking a tiny bag of $50k profit to cover the initial expenses etc., somehow affected momentum in any way shape or form, is UTTERLY TRANSPARENT FUD.

Can you imagine wasting all this time just to depress a coin you hate for literally no reason?

“iTs nOt FuNnY” - mouthbreathing brainlets who don’t think ANYTHING is funny. It’s like the kid who eats his boogers and thinks he’s smarter than the teacher — those are the kinds of people who hate this coin.

Name a coin that IS funny than assholes. You can’t, because you have no sense of humor.

Whales from insanely successful projects are all loading more and more of this coin. People who never made it and never will just SEETHE on here about HarryP because they’re not a part of it.

This will go to $200M market cap exceedingly quickly once FOMO kicks in.

Really the second it hits Gate or OKX everybody fudding on here will slink back into the shadows where they belong.

>> No.55083586

i don't care if it's a scam or not. never had this much fun shitposting.

>> No.55083742

Thank you anon, I haven’t seen cope like this in a coon’s age

>> No.55083762

OP didn’t retain

It’s understandable

The seethe will be real in time (or is it already?)

>> No.55084010


>> No.55084739

>“iTs nOt FuNnY” - mouthbreathing brainlets who don’t think ANYTHING is funny
Lots of things are funny. This isn’t one of them

>> No.55085150

Go back zoomer

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>no longer needing to find a coin
>meme meta
>infinite supply of meme content
>simpler is better
>able to sleep at night
>Imagine the news reports
>Imagine telling your coworkers
>Imagine telling your family
>unironically will last forever
it sells itself

>> No.55087351

my balls are so full right now this chart is going to pump harder than i pump my cock when i cum

>> No.55088339


>> No.55089065

Go get some NFEs you midwit, the returns might actually bust your balls

>> No.55089071
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Would you let him?

>> No.55090542

This thread could use a bump

>> No.55090790

devs are very much present on tg. all day every day. we aren't going anywhere.

>> No.55091279

It's actually good that the coin's consolidating

>> No.55092140

The coin who lived

>> No.55092291

Your logic is sound about the 50k profit before the gigapump
It's not that they're trying to depress the coin that they hate. They're just trying to get better entries. I'll let them fud who cares honestly, the sooner they fill their bags the sooner we blast off since they're so committed at being absolute niggers about it

>> No.55092321

>> dev works 16hours a day in the TG
How is this work nigga
Where the fuck do you people come from lmao

>> No.55092997

Lmao this is pure pump and dump.
I am just bagging more of UTK which is really gonna moon soon as it as evolved as xMoney.
It will melt faces.

>> No.55093337

No it's not.

>> No.55093406

ngmi ser. shoulda just bought bitcoin

>> No.55093414

>it’s actually good that we’re down 80% and the dev and his friends dumped all over us and every time we go up 5% they dump all over us again and they have two hundred million tokens still left to dump
You’re only pretending to be retarded, right?

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>> No.55095175

i figured out it was a scam day 1. so i sold at 50k mcap

sometimes being smart isnt good for making money

>> No.55095318

>1+ year old ancient postirony shitcoin was a scam
I'm fucking shocked

>> No.55095340

You’re legitimately mentally regarded.

Show the tx you think are “dev and friends” dumping, and show the “dev and friends” addresses you think still have 200M.

If anything the previous fud about the deployment wallet cashing out a few dollars on day 3 way before any pump shows that’s ALL the dev sold, since that wallet hasn’t sold anything else.

You can either lie and FUD or provide proof otherwise it’s confirmed nonsense.

>> No.55095364

Literally the least scam coin in ETH everybody knows dev and nobody has rugged they’ve seen dev wallet and it keeps buying, all the posts here were just community members actually some of whom have really made it in DeFi

Yet they’re grinding for the coin bc it’s such a solid fun breath of fresh air in the ETH space

200M coin easy according to the whales who keep consolidating

>> No.55095376

It’S SkEm bC I saY So

>> No.55095430

only scammers use hidden taxes and anon dev wallets.

real devs leave their coins in the deployer wallet and are transparent about their movements. and they dont advertise 0 tax while having hidden taxes.

ive seen countless projects rug using the above methods, thats why i sold. just because 1 scam out of 100 pumps anyway means nothing, it was still planned a scam from inception

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File: 139 KB, 555x840, photo_2023-05-15_17-57-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with the person you responded to and I think you're the one who's retarded, and I'm not alone

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Everyone is excited for the people's BITCOIN
These fellars here get it. Why so many crabs in the bucket freaks on here? BITCOIN to the MOON!

>> No.55096988

hardest working "scammers" in the game then, freshest content around

>> No.55097135

They seem to be high on crack, which may be a source of some of their "enthusiasm".

>> No.55098137

This coin bought a Nigerian a house

>> No.55098200

Who knew?

>> No.55098205

>recycled 2 year old scam memes that were never funny
>freshest content around

>this token bought a Nigerian prince a house!
Whoa!!! Super BULLISH

>> No.55099152



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Just buy the ticker anon

>> No.55100339

It easy to conquer the world with BITCOIN

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>> No.55102166
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ta is a meme

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>> No.55103988

>better take profits frens
I have already used some of my profits to purchase some BOD NFTs o arbitrum. Their floor prices are cheap and will moon hard. I will hodl the rest of the bag and see how far it can go.

>> No.55104008
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And just how many Xs are you planning to stack with that, huh? It's all about those low caps, my dude. Right now, they're the solid play that'll have you swimming in cash. Since this one's all about crypto payments, it's exactly where the smart money's flowing.

>> No.55104022


>> No.55104050
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I’m not interested in something dull that will not last. Bitcoin only.

>> No.55104076

Nobody wants to reminder of that shitbag homo Obama and his husband big Mike. Get this garbage scam off my board

>> No.55104147

Not a scam it’s exactly like SHIB

Insane community who will push it to 1bn by spamming whether you like it or not

Buy a bag and stfu

>> No.55104179
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We know you missed your opportunity to buy and now salty as fuck
also sage

>> No.55104182

LOL cope harder tranny
Of all the projects this is probably the LEAST scammy

People on here just have an agenda to wreck this coin because they’re humorless 3rd world subhumans, they don’t understand irony.

Midwits hate this coin, extremely high IQ people are very amused by it.

The devs are decidedly not scammers regardless of them selling a few grand worth to recoup expenses very transparently from the deployment wallet.

How is that even a problem let alone a reportable offense LOL

>> No.55104242

>We know you missed your opportunity to buy
This shit has no signs of ending its crabbing. Theres plenty of time to buy into this scam.

>> No.55104292
File: 29 KB, 399x385, 06B97851-5765-434C-BBAA-DEA61B74CB60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cope harder tranny
>proceeds to post a cope novel

>> No.55104329 [DELETED] 
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I feel pity for normies because an't gonna fall for this dog shit again. With Tokenmetrics, I gat an AI-driven signals on when and what to buy or sell for maximum gains.

>> No.55104425

I'm happy for normies because they ain't gonna fall for this dog shit again. With Tokenmetrics, they've got an AI-driven signals on when and what to buy or sell for maximum gains.

>> No.55104889

>Not a scam it’s exactly like SHIB
I’d still rather invest in that new shib token that’s currently being shilled all over this board instead but the devs are currently dumping the fuck out of it too so even that’s probably a scam. I fucking hate that nigger Obama. Sonic is cool tho

>> No.55105811

I noticed in this and another thread that the fudders have started saying "endless crabbing" instead of dead

>> No.55106746
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Nigerian Mother's home secured.