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Normies are going to love investing into "AI" coins over the next few years. List some new/fresh AI coins that you think normies will love

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The AI dAPP that changes everything

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Came here to post Waifu AI, easiest 100x of my life.

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>Normies are going to love investing into "AI" coins over the next few years.
No they won't. Why would you think this?

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was made by chatGPT
huge marketing is coming soon
gt it now on pulsechain

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can do 6000x
It's an AI network of logical premises that ultimately the whole world can run on.

It exists since 2015 and has a 7 million market cap. The team/employees consist of OG PhD tier devs and mathematicians.

They first focused on software development but their specialized tech can also be used for discussion scaling where you can have a thread with millions of people and still know what's going on. With regard to voting it can help you vote millions off times per day according to your worldview.
The Blockchain is also self-amending and it's able to change dynamically block by block by user specification.

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NoiseGPT, they already have a working product, a niche, and are building hard.

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Damn, impressive.

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>It exists since 2015
You can verify this on Coinmarketcap and their long Bitcointalk thread.
Most stuff casual discussion is on telegram.

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P*pecoin (the OG one). It's pretty promising in my opinion and I think people might actually use that whole network to train their AI models

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You are actually the normie here, you just don't realise it.

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Oh wow, this could actually be interesting. Especially with the new "AI GF Hype" thats coming up with these onlyfan roasties making bank off of their custom AI bots.

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Crypto people have dogshit for brains. They think people wantca new coin for every internet trend they come across.

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Octavia coming in June. It will make it easier for people who are too busy and smooth brains to be a head of the market.

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No, I'm a 'crypto person'. These people are subhumans; possibly bots. I posted that rhetorical because I was within the first couple of posts and hope to save some lemming anons from a bad investment. The jannies don't do their jobs, and I'm stuck here forever; might's well do something about it.

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Pathetic attempt at memetics

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never seen this before. the guy in the video sounds like a dork but i guess thats good? the app looks cool!

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I believe you

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More Autism = More gains
Always has been

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the thread is about what normies would like which would be most popular. normies talk to real women and don't indulge in lootbox pedo fantasy coins

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>normies talk to real women and don't indulge in lootbox pedo fantasy coins
Ever heard of twitch? Vtubers have millions of simps that shower them with attention. Either be ahead of the curve or get left behind old man.

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LILAI on Arb. They've just partnered with Parsiq and Mcap is < $1m.

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Get in before the heavy shilling starts

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Gib ca

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additionally, most people in crypto currently are dweebs anyways.

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ngl, that is actually pretty cool. Gonna check it out.

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The best one is Akash, they have infra and hosting included with all the models, next one to do a 100 fold

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for sure. I dug a bit and the project seems pretty cool and has some app or something. more than most meme projects at least.

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Ngmi, not when I've been buying sylo since its NFT collection, seekers, was released because I've been anticipating the beginning of the NFT season for sometime now.

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AI + Web3gaming via AIFA Agents + NFTs which are the Gen II ASM brains.

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More interested in the latter, an Ethereum-based automated asset allocation platform built for Web3 investors and with its trading indices provides winning strategies for me to bank on.

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9 out of 10 top female streamers on Twitch in 2022 were vtubers anon…

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picking up a moonbag, lets see ca is 0xe60b7EF3F92FcB187E0B7AeeBfbDb563973df251

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If normies use Binance Smart Chain they will love BITCOINAI. Bitcoin, AI, BitcoinAI. You'd have to be a complete retard not to buy it 0x7593bdb19ec788c2cded8383947ecd53b84a273a

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These type of threads are the best thing about biz.

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This is most likely how our reality works and what we really are.


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IMGNAI will destroy midjourney and go to 1billion MC checkem

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checked but amy is my waifu of choice

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Not AI specifically but once people start realizing just how damaging AI can be (internally) if misused or hacked, people will start to see just how necessary cloudless servers will be for the future, hence I'd buy some Marlin Protocol alongside a shit ton of AI coins.

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Can’t believe no one has mentioned Roko. They are moving ahead full steam. I could see it 20xing atleast.

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Who cares about AI when privacy is the next big thing.

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best upcoming crypto project is for AI trading tools with rumoured nintendo partnership

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Based Octavia fag

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