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BTC ain't showing any pump signs, bro. Wouldn't be surprised if peeps start flocking to altcoins or even memecoins, 'cause this bullrun is dragging its ass. I'm so damn tired of waiting for things to pick up.

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Meme szon is over

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Buy pepe and x20 coming. Thanks me later.

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Memecoins are still here. Easy money but easy go

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Like it or not memecoins are gonna set off the next bullrun. I hated it in 2021 but I’ve resigned to it this time around. Not getting fucked over again.

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So you are in for memes?

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>Wouldn't be surprised if peeps start flocking to altcoins or even memecoins
already happened, it's over

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Still in meme season.

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Nope. Show me something hitting a new ATH rn that wasn’t just released.

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Come on, patience patience patience

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I'll just fuck off, do a 360 and keep playing around with doge and rebase to make some money until this uncertainty blows over. Good thing is if we truly make it down to 25/24k, the pump will be fucking massive.

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Is that your suggestion?

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What do you want?

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You have 331 days to get 1 whole Bitcoin for cheap.

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Anon, that is an actual man

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Meme rally is over anon. It's alts time now. Pay attention to narratives that are relevant and important.

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Retards have learned nothing. Take profits and move on. Find AI and RWA tokens. Thank yourself later.

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I'd bring it down to 90 days. Market won't stay in the shits forever. Now is time to accumulate.

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Buy ADA.

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I have 10k ADA. Will I make it? ADA always does well in a bull and expect it to pump hard in sats. Its my back up plan for wholecoiner status.

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When even PEPE starts dumping, you know the trend for memes has ended. Is time to buy more of altcoins with products knowing the quest for those moon-worthy gains altcoins never ends.

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The world of narratives come and go like memes where promises soar to the moon one moment and crash back to reality. I wonder why you rely on such.

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It will die

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>I have 10k ADA. Will I make it?
Ngmi. Ada is a stable shitcoin. Would rather throw that into NFE and earn passive income rewards, alongside security and insurance. Kek

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Based. Plebs never learn. patiently waiting for their exit liquidity cry.

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Cardano will reach $10 - $15 next bull market.

That 10k ADA will likely be $100,000 at the peak

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Memes have no real value. The pump comes and goes. You need someone to explain real fundamentals to you? When you don't understand the difference, you keep getting rekt.

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Wake up! AI and RWA ain't going anywhere, maybe just the hype will die down. But mark my words, this narrative is here to stay. Don't go spouting nonsense without doing your own research, you moron. Get your facts straight before opening your fuckin mouth.

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It is just a little show

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I don't know what you're on about. Investors can't overlook the sweet benefits, especially when it comes to liquidity and security. DYOR again young man.

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I have 1M ADA. I can dump you boy

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You got no point schizo fag fundamentals have been dumping. I've made more bucks in recent time with memes than the so call fundamentals. But If you abou Metaverse, RWA welcome to the club

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Fags will be here and still deny the progress even as traditional finance is moving to defi. Ngmi

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sleepy anon! You seems don't even know that you can become a fractional owner also. Wake up.

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I can't be the only one slurping the benefits on MNICorp, but retards like to be poor so I won't be surprised.

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This like paving the way for a more equitable financial system that benefits everyone.

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If they stay on course, their creative strategy might open up new possibilities and encourage the mainstream adoption of DeFi and Web3 innovations.

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Quick bucks and then what? I hate talking to you all desu niggas

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If you're broke and stuck in a poverty mindset, you're doomed to stay broke. But if you're open-minded and ready to embrace the crypto wave, things can turn around for the better. The crypto space is full of opportunities, so let's make smart moves and level up.

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More wins for defi and web3 users. Private equity is about to save the day.

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I think you ment XRP when you wrote that. ADA is one of the few tokens that performed well in to bull runs and I expect good performance from it in the next run.
Thats enough to be life changing for me. It's only about 10% of my total holdings.

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I always lose the game

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Don't forget that this is a two-sided coin. The space also has its own risks that have to be managed efficiently. I hate when retards see the crypto space as a bailout from poverty. There are other faucets to focus attention on as well. That's where diversification comes in, pleb.

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When will people wake the fuck up and see the real value in this? It's like they're blind to the opportunities staring them right in the face.
If the current strategy ain't cutting it, it's time to switch things up. We gotta keep it simple and straightforward, no unnecessary complications. Focus on what works, ditch what doesn't. Adapt and evolve, that's the key to success.

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The big question is, "How sustainable is this? Even commercial businesses are failing due to the high level of economic crisis and the rise in inflation.

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And then buy some altcoins and their promising products—what more could an anon ask for?

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Collaterals to the rescue, my friend! and in the case of a default, the collaterals kick in. Know this and have peace.
Plus to mprove market liquidity and, of course, the platform's sustainability Wagmi

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Projects will introduce a product and ended up vaporware

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How true is this collateral? Lol

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Jews aren't allowing the bullrun to happen yet until we get another catalyst. Maybe when the u.s. goes bankrupt we'll see yet another planned "black swan" and then they'll have btc do a bullrun march 2020 style.

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If you guys are clueless about crypto, it's time to put in some damn effort and educate yourselves. This space is massive, and there's a world of possibilities out there waiting for you. We all want that juicy financial freedom, but it won't come easy. Get off your lazy asses, read, and start exploring.

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Shut the hell up. Crypto is about gambling. Let's not pretend 99% of buyers are "in it for the tech". Buy in bear markets (now), sell after a year. That simple

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Hahaha what is this?

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It's not true

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The top trend lately has been around real-world assets and I think it'll keep rising as more projects are focusing on it.

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More projects? Tell me

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Besides Realio and Mnicorp, there's also Blocksquare, and it seems BlackRock is also looking favorably into it.

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>Collaterals to the rescue, my friend! and in the case of a default, the collaterals kick in. Know this and have peace.

What if there is no jurisdictional regulation backing it, and if this is set in place, how on earth do they maintain it? I doubt this will maintain a decentralized outlook as proposed. I hate centralize sh*t.

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I ain't gonna hold you back. But if you wanna avoid getting rekt and losing mad stacks, you gotta flex that big brain of yours. Get woke and stay woke, noob. Being smart and knowing your shit is the way to staying ahead of the game kek.

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Kek dyor, theyre the things that will actually boom the cycle after the next cycle
Based list anon is working as expected as they channels their investments into diverse sectors,

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I just dumbed down "the game" for you, "noob" (who the fuck talks like this? Lol)

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Regulation is the problem

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When is the real bull?

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You nailed it anon its decentralized model means every individual has a direct interest, benefit, and ownership within the ecosystem

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Alright man. GL

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William Tree is also a good centralize system that harnesses this approach. But I don't trust those centralized systems, even though they leverage blockchain technology.

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It is always a problem, and probably the US will be isolated once it's decentralized. That's an infringement of rights and privacy. I hate this administration.

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I hate centralisation

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soon. We might get one more stupid dump first though, like if there is some "random" black swan bullshit (that stuff is orchestrated),but if no bs fud occurs, then we'll probably start the real run this year and all of next year will be green

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Makes much sense. I believe this model utilized by DeFi will result in a significant unification of DeFi and the global economy. But to think of it, why is no one paying attention to the cons?

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am tired of waiting

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Only pleb will buy into what the banks offer as stocks. The bank just proved to us how meme their stock can be. Everything is still centered on security. I keep wondering why the SEC seems to pay deaf ears to this. Fk Gensler

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Decentralization is the real deal, unlike those crummy centralized banks. No way I'm putting my funds there. Web3 all the way, where the community calls the shots and gets in on the action.
Chill, anon. Patience is key. Just take it easy and let things unfold.

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Anon, you fucken got to learn to play the long-term game here. I'm seeing a good sign on TM Investor Grade for the BTC long-term holders.

Crypto is not a quick fixed scheme retard.

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What does that even mean?

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You expect something from the SEC? Ngmi

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The DAO model needs a fkin' makeover, bro. It's gotta be all about equal participation, no shady shit. Let's keep it fair with a mint and burn system, no fkin' around. Time to shake things up and make it right. We're in this for the long haul, so let's make it happen.

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Tsk tsk.

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Well said. Patience

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Any idea why btc trader grade rating went up so high?
did all the 10k people die and we're bullish again?
looks like time for me to go long with a 50x leverage

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The metaverse anon, that's the one narrative you should be paying so much attention to right now
Apple is launching their own AR/VR headset while Meta is partnering with BMW to bring VR to cars

Imagine fading all these

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Just be careful, or you could end up becoming homeless again if you've been.

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China going officially back into the mining game should shake things up

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>The DAO model needs a fkin' makeover, bro. It's gotta be all about equal participation

This is theoretical, but in practice all are bonds to be manipulated by whales.

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Only one soulbound nft per individual would make daos a viable governance model. For now they are worse than an American election system and easier to game

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I think at $26k it only makes sense that most traders will switch from short to long and hope to catch a decent run back above $28k regions

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Meta wouldn't be the first company to do this, holoride already partnered with Audi to make this happen and they have a product in the market.

Mark Zuckerberg is a scumbag who likes to steal ideas from other companies and brands

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With the increasing push for regulations, for how long do you think we can remain completely decentralized?

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That's why most forward-thinking dao models implement kyc. It's not a happy development, but what choice does anyone have?

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Nah.. he can't have that too many bad trades if he uses tokenmetrics..
unless he's serious about using 50x leverage then he's getting rekt for sure

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Heard he's building a text based platform like twitter for Instagram.
Dude literally just copy and paste ideas.
and vr in cars? that could be next level shit

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It's become the trending shit but I can't stop catching cruise with my Retrofit package. It's not a new thing Anon.

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If y'all retards fail to accumulate crypto payment project like COTI, CYMi, Zpay trust me you NGMI. Fucking pajeet!

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Using it is one thing
Knowing how to effectively take advantage of all it's features is another

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It's already happening, with around 700 bucks you could literally turn your car to a moving theme park

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Non. And daos are just repeating the same mistakes already done over and over again.

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No way you can expect to prevent whale manipulation without having some checks in place to make sure it does not happen.

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I'm not familiar with that. but I'm all for every project that actually pushes to merge defi and traditional finance.

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What a faggot you are. Do you want governance as in one sovereign vote per individual or some retarded stake holder manipulatable shit like the US election system

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Woah! Don't come at me, coomer. Dao results are manipulated all the time by whales with the resources to pull it off. if you have a problem, take it up with the whales.

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AI is a passing fad in the crypto space. AI stocks will rise in Wall Street, but don't expect it to rise in the crypto space.

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Whales are predators, like actual whales that rely on plankton. If they lose the plankton they die

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Anon, peeps are already adding more alts to their bags. Sylo and Mina has been on my radar as privacy assets are most likely to do multiple x than BTC when the bulls return.

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somebody tries to slide this thread

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spam died
time for bump

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>Only one soulbound nft per individual would make daos a viable governance model

This can be effective through KYC. But how many bobosos would like to do KYC?

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Well, if it is worth it, I don't have an issue with it. Perhaps we are all in for the bags.

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Kava is getting ready to blast off to a new ATH

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Wait what?

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kill yourself, stop projecting your own emotions onto others in an attempt to lecture them.

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for good thoughts

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ignore fud
it's gongo up

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