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post your portfolio at ATH and your portfolio now

my ath was $480k
now $10,790 after losing most of my stack in cefi and shitcoins

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ATH: $435,000.
Now: $330.

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ATH: 110k
Now: 50k
I'm slowly climbing back up, not the end of the world

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>ATH: ~900k
>NOW: ~300k

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I’ve invested about 90k my folio is at 35k. I’ve been dollar cost averaging for over a year

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ATH: 31k
now: 2$

fuck shitcoins and fuck crypto

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t. greedy retarded ICO LINK fag

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ATH $690k
Now $40k
I think about roping every fucking day, I told myself that if it hit 500k I'd cash it all out.

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I have no idea bc I don't keep track.

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Please tell me how you lose this much

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Holy shit, I feel your pain, ATH 142k and I'm at about 20k only after throwing even more good money after bad with my income. I'm just stacking cash for now, I feel uneasy about where things are going.

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oh no le heckin info gathering from neckbeards on a dead and demoralized board

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I was at around $1000, now I'm at around $250.

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growing up I consistently stacked bread, making most from my jobs in highschool. Thought I had diamond hands and went balls deep.

ATH 53k

Current- 4k

Im still in pain

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1.25 Mill now 500K

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I don't keep records either, probably because i use Al signals, and this has helped me to take profitable trades even in the brutal season