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>feudal samurai land to international power
>war torn nation to thriving economy
>massive economic slump into crabbing >

Do people actually think that's it? Their island is practically crammed to the brim and no one is having children. But the one consistent thing about Japanese people seems to be their unnatural ability to rapidly adapt while maintaining tight social cohesion. Their economy isn't propped up by immigration or cheap labor or funny money. Japanese place extreme value on personal and business relationships. They do this while simultaneously automating everything they can. That's why I think the widespread adoption of ai will save their economy. You know they will squeeze every single bit of value out of it while still feeling the pressure to "work"

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Isn't Japan utterly drowning in debt? Something like 13 times GDP?

Certainly there is a culture of work there, but also a culture of extreme conformity. Last time I went to Japan I could really feel the stagnation oozing from everyone, and every building. Will they really be able to break out of this mind-prison on their own?

They might need another bombing.

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>economy is based on Central banking and heavy investment in US bonds
>no funny money

Stopped reading

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>Isn't Japan utterly drowning in debt? Something like 13 times GDP?
is America any better? The main difference seems to be we're just better at covering it up and importing people to have babies

the underlying value is still there. You could argue the actual value of their economy is much more based on innovation and ingenuity rather than whatever the fuck the west has been doing for the last 20 years

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My concern is that Japan's next generation will be even more influenced by the West. I hate seeing it when I visit there.

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America is the reserve currency, Japan is not.
The west has created the internet and many other technological innovations.
Stop watching anime, Japan is a really shit place to invest if you are an outsider gaijin. If you have connections with Nomura or SMBC you can make it feasibly work.

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>They might need another bombing.
the next nankai great earthquake is expected to happen within the next 30 years at a 80% chance, as well as the capital inland earthquake to strike tokyo at a 70% chance around the same time window, and all of these may not only cause tsunamis but also the eruption of mt. fuji. add to that their elderly population. they might not need another bombing.

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Japan is abandoning its post-ww2 pacifist stance thanks to its neighbors. Defense spending will be noticeably higher. As long as they can give their citizens an incentive to bang and have kids then they'll do well.

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Been thinking about this for awhile now. Land is so dirt cheap in absolute incredible locations but japanese don't want to live there. If you could buy it up and sell as retirement or vacation packages at massive markup to foreigners it might have legs. The hoops and taxes in Japan is significant though so if you aren't willing to hire a billingual lawyer or learn to read kanji don't plan on success

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To understand their post 1990 economic "slump" you need to watch this:

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>As long as they can fix one of the issues they've been failing to solve for decades
> Land is so dirt cheap in absolute incredible locations but japanese don't want to live there
for that matter, they wouldn't want baka gaijins like us to live there either. this might sound overly dramatic, but it's the truth, more so in rural areas: they would rather perish than see other people inhabiting in their stead

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your timeline is wrong op samurai were already out of the picture by the 1870s

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They have a lot of debt, but they also have a lot of hard/real assets overseas.

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There's no covering up, genius.
USA has an enormous economy and can print money as they please for quite some time. They can't avoid the inevitable though.

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>Country facing a multitude of economic challenges
>Elderly time bomb
>Drowning in debt

Lets spend more on the military! Brilliant...

Not being a puppet and engaging in diplomacy with Russia and China would be WAY more productive instead.

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>Their economy isn't propped up by immigration or cheap labor
Not if I can stop it

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tf happens here ?

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Japan is an extremely important pacific ally and will therefore always be propped up by americhads unless they get too close to overtaking us like the in the 80s. They are going to be even more important in the future as the cold war with china escalates.

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>They do this while simultaneously automating everything they can.
Good one weeb.

Japaniggers are still checking into work by filling out paper forms instead of just having a card to tap onto a receiver. Japan is held up by nothing other than the inertia of accumulated wealth.


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>They do this while simultaneously automating everything they can.
This is weeb bullshit. The Japanese are extremely inefficient and only get by because they are great at smashing their head against the wall until it works. You dont see this because they are also very good at putting up a facade.

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Yeah, man. Lump sum into the Nikkei and be down for the next 30 years! Good call! Just do it.

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This won't work for several reasons.
Your biggest problem is that there are no retirement visas in Japan so foreigners who are not working or married to a Jap can't come to stay. Thus, you have no clients.
Second reason is that Japan will tax the fuck out of anyone who does manage to qualify and come live here. Japanese taxes are not very friendly to retired people.
Third reason is that those areas with super cheap land have literally no utilities and it is only going to get worse as the population shrinks. Old people will need to live near hospitals or at the very least near a grocery store. Out there, there's nothing unless you build it and incentivize a store to be there.

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I've always liked the NI225 breakout play