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kek fuddies

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this thread upsets fuddies because pic related is the average fuddie
very sad, many such cases

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Kek absolutely kek fuddies

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From a psychiatric perspective the word "cuckold" triggers Link marines so much because subconsciously they know it's their true nature. Imagine holding a premined erc-20 token with terrible tokenomics for 6 years hoping to make it just to see your pathetic bags getting outperformed by the entire market while you stake your measly tokens for bond tier gains (4% APY). The cherry on top of the cake is Sergey who stringed along the community while he made $500 million by dumping on gullible retail investors like you.

The cuckold nature of the Link marine is an undeniable reality. As with every cult pointing out the truth is often uncomfortable for the cult members. But the truth is....Link marines are simply cuckolds.

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keks had is pegged to fud posted

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Didnt read not selling

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Kek baggies! Hows it feel to be getting financially buck broken daily

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Sorry just not gonna sell
I know this will upset you, probably to the point of making a 30-50 post rant session about it but... just not happenin

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Ooooooo fuddies! Time for you to spam another link thread while I accumulate more

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>Sorry just not gonna sell
and we're going to keep calling you a cuckold

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Huh it’s weird I just boughted 150 LINK I didn’t realize there were people here who thought it was bad

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as a fudder myself I encourage every Link marine to buy and hold more tokens

Chainlink baggies are peak /biz/ entertainment