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any recs ?

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invest it in yourself and get a (better) job

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Buy Tidecoin.

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Buy nothing, find an alt in its local top, short it lever x2, they all desepear with the time but are quite stable so you shouldn't be liquidated, with a x2.
I am a new fag but since I am here all the markers are red so, what do you believe, that the economy gonna get better? Plus, the market is saturated every new alt promise to be a revolution, even this narrative is dumping. you just have to look at the chart to know that in the long run, you 10% easy, plus this fact: on the 100 majors alt from 5 years ago, only a few still survive. They're pump and dump in denial, basically.

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I am, also applying to grad school.
a true man of culture

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its in his name, its a man + dont listen to the trannies above and check 0x0

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If you want to lose it all; any flavor of retarded jeet shitcoin listed above.
If you want to actually get a return of 10x by 2025, then buy ICP.
Thats it. Its a “utility” token with a huge usecase, which will go to atleast $50 during the next bullrun. Thats 1k to 10k with a time delay of 23 months.

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the poo is in the loo
let it not go unflushed

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Use that money to generate passxive income

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Check out those coin ridges!

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Split it into BTC and ETH. Do this once a week for the next 3 years and thank me later.

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Pro tip: Buy new, early-staged memecoins, easily the most profitable way to make money
You can go for $KEK now, they just launched and a lot of ppl is buying right now, plus you can grab some of their NFTs if you want, do it for your funny way to laugh

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B L A C K S W A N . B I Z

invest in the future, invest in ai

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dogbat on Pulsechain me / pulsebat

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just 1k? stick that thing right up your ass

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5% in KART, risky microcap but nice idea

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Any answer other than xrp is wrong.

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Hey... That's something. My most sincere recommendation is that you take advantage of the current price of AVAX and buy what at this point would be 68 or so AVAX. You should hold a minimum amount of 500 so you can really kick your boss's ass when the bull arrives though

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based, nice dubs anon

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Fellow Swanbros, we are at almost .09c already again

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The half in $USE, trust me

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S&P 500 if you aren't totally retarded

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Nothing seems multiplying now, but to produce a great runs, you need something from the lower caps; check out FTM, ARB, SUI, MNI. BRISE or even doge that has slid far from its ath

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Bruh, you're still stuck in shitcoin? Wake up, anon! The real deal is the RWA projects. Hop on that hype train or you'll be left in the dust when the trend hits.

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This bitch is ugly as fuck

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he said 1000$ its going to cost $999 in gas fee's.

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Best advice so far, my portfolio is 75% BTC and eth, the remaining 25% in Tezos and cennz, all lying safely in my sylo wallet

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Buy useless coins? No

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Not really, there are still some making good gainz, i made over 25% gainz on kava last week from the signal i got on tokenMetrics, not just that, TRX, Kava and Gno included

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Don't listen to the Jews, DiD and ZKS narratives are trending.

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>plebbit dot com

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You've got AVAX, ORE, HBAR and SHIB to feel comfy with.

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Doing same on OREID, self custody is getting much easier now.

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bware labs' INFRA will be listed on may 30. It will be on kucoin, mexc global and gate.io. check the backers

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.09c, try .141c now

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my bad that was last night's, here is today's

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:O you can see how the skin of her ass hole has a slightly different color and odor.

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Pulsechain shitcoins of course

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The best way to invest that money

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The best way is to spend it is to on alts with good fundamentals like ARB, PENDLE, LDO, SPOOL ... not excluding Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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The best way is to spend it on alts with good fundamentals like AVAX. I fixed it for you

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BlackSwan v2.0.b - Phase 2 Release

We are proud to officially announce our Phase 2 release with the following major updates.

added Windows compatible version
added support for linear and inverse trading pairs
added support for 3 additional exchanges (Kucoin, Binance and Bitmex)
added support for Take Profit/Stop Loss (TP/SL)
added Twitter monitoring, search for Tweets by username or search term
fixed bugs related to script exiting when API requests fail or OpenAI returned JSON is invalid.

A ChatGPT powered news trading tool. Prepare for potential bullish and bearish events occurring in crypto markets by executing a leveraged futures trading instanteously upon the release of anticipated news, the OpenAI API reads the latest stories and determines if the condition has been met. Enter your criteria into the conditions.json file and run the main blackswan.py script to continuously scan news stories from a number of stories.
website: B L A C K S W A N . B I Z


telegram:t me/BlackSwan4IPortal
replace 4 with a

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>I have $1k of savings to put into a coin
Also, what's the name of the girl in the pic? thank you

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1/2 oz gold maple

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might as well get pandas

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>tfw I had $1000 spare cash
>5 grams gold bar
>a CSGO knife
>$500 worth of shitcoins
Unironically the only thing I'm up is the CSGO knife, until probably a CS2 operation.

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same but I bought blackswan a month ago instead

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Do all in n RAIL and thank me later.

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Are you the same anon shilling blackswan in all those other threads?

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When i saw Star Wars 2 as a teen and she wore this white suit fighting in the arena, man i wished she would ride herself sweaty on top of my cock

Old memories

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Privacy and Defi are the only two based fields to put your funds right now.

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You barely even have lowcaps on the list. TXA,RAIL and SOV are based lowcaps worth apeing into.

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>500 avax
so if i spend $8k now and hold.. how much will that be worth in the next bullrun?
avax mc is just too big

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Pay no attention to the niggers here who make fun of you for the amount of money you have, anon. The important thing is that you get started. AVAX is now at a super profitable price. It's going to be one of the ones to lead the bull run. Trust me.

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Yeah AVAX it's good, but without excluding Ethereum and Bitcoin

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I said this once, I'll say it again, PartyKartsToken. Dev is active and listening to the feedback from the community to make better content for the game

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always knew she blew up toilets my whole entire life lawl.

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$PUCCI on pulsechain

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Is this even an option?
I'd say you invest it in TOMO as seen on TM's signal page, i did same with kava some days back and made some nice gains.
Just take your profit and you're gold

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Nope best to invest in a blockchain that's built on PQC that ensures security against the quantum threats and EVM comptabile.

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Just looked it up, it's up 400% on the year with no visible pullbacks and you're following people telling you to long that? Jej

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Ignore all this shit tokens best and wise to invest in reliable projects that assure security in multiple areas like HAPI, QRDO and QANX. I am sure these will outperform well.

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I thought this was from Garden State so I kept waiting for it to appear but it never did.

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Candyass, there are a few assets that can give a good run for your money but you've got to know which is trending to take advantage of it. TM traders grade is my best bate at all times for such.

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The best way is to spend it on alts with good fundamentals like AVAX and RIDE. I fixed it for you

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Wtf is blackswan and why does it sound like a military tag

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BEN/WETH on dexscreen
shilled by big players on shitter
its obviously a pump and dump scam but what isn't

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Put it into any metaverse focused crypto and you'll thank me later
gala and sylo are my picks

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>Ignore all this shit tokens
Then proceed to mention his own shitcoins

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Fixing the fixer kek
At least you didn't take out avax
redpill me

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I'm not going to buy a token with Bitboy as owner

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when did it have anything to do with the metaverse? or you just tryna tag it to a narrative it has no business with to shill your bags?
fucking jeet

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If i were you, i would just do 40% Bitcoin, 30% Egld, and the remaining 30% in seekers nft,.since it's easier for holders to run a node with it on the sylo network for some passive income

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why not?
serious question i'm new in the crypto market

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My best bet is privacy tokens Sylo and Dash. Privacy can never be neglected in the space and its assets will definitely moon with great utilities

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>Open communication across the metaverse while keeping it decentralized and free for everyone
The opposite of what meta is doing

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They're literally just trying to bring immersve reality to cars, so people can watch vr contents on the go
No more boring road travels

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Can we ever attain max privacy though?
The Feds can always get you if they really mean to

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Bitboy is a renowned shitcoin shiller and scammer who has been known to always dump on his dumb followers who blindly follow him

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I guess that equally counts
And I'm pro anything against facebook

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Use monero
Avoid CEXs

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Sounds promising.. I think artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be the next big money printers

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Don't fall for cheap advice OP, I've got a new life with Tokenmetrics offering a wide range of services, from crypto research and data API to analytics. Ain't gonna be a victim of the next LUNA dump.

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do you have an example?
btw I'm not stupid and know that wealthy people would kill their first born for success
but I think if you ride those scams short term you will get a small piece of the cake

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The best course of action for me would be to direct my resources into alts with solid potential, such RIDE, PYR and DOME.

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oh bump