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>MetaMask will hold your crypto, if you haven't paid taxes.

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Meta mask will do my taxes?

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Lmao. It keeps getting worse.

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Well shit.
Looks like cardano really is going to win after all!

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If you keep funds on metamask, you already lost.

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Kek, you just know the IRS rammed them up the ass, wouldn't be surprised if thousands of crypto-tards thought the IRS didn't know about their transactions.
Time to pay your taxes faggots

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i already paid my taxes to this ungrateful jogger worshipping pile of shit country

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I’m so tired of this shit

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Bermuda wallet here I come

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this lol. more reason to never switch

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how do we change?

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get fucked mutty boy

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I have said on thie board for years, metamask 10000% knows who you are from browser data unless you are truly like booting tails and using tor and never logging inot anything in the computer.

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Singularitynet has an AGIX bridge. The cheapest way I know.

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Is there a decentralized wallet? Something other than metamask who can lock your funds for any reason.

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And how will metamask know if I paid or not?

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pos, centralized rpc....
eth cucks choose slavery

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Joke's on them, you need profits to pay taxes.

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is this bait? i cant tell if people are low IQ or just playing along

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Kys dumb spoonfeeder
Delete your post

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Retards, Metamask has an option to directly let you buy crypto through the extension. They can withhold sales tax in some jurisdictions, that's it.

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Biden admin will go to any lengths for you to pay the 31 trillion debt black hole

You heard him crypto bros
He will not negotiate with crypto bros dodging taxes

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Retard metamask has already locked the accounts of Russians after Putin invaded Ukraine. They can do it and now that this is in their tos you shouldn't be surprised if they lock your account if they think you're evading taxes.

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Mining regulations will do absolutely nothing besides decentralize mining further.

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I don't even know why you brokefags even use this shit?

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> export your key
> move your eth anywhere you want at any time

your eth isn’t ‘in’ MetaMask.

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i am sure they know ur key

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anyone using metamask without a hardware wallet is retarded

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How will metamask know my name?

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hardware wallet lol lmao rofl kek

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You mean centralize mining to only those who can afford to comply.

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That won't help you if your wallet is a metamask wallet and they lock it.

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they cannot fucking lock a hardware wallet address because they do not have access to the private key. they can prevent you from using metamask, but they can't stop you from ditching metamask and using a different wallet to interface with your hardware wallet.

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>startup metamask
>make tx
>they replace it with a swipe that goes to an address they control
>you carelessly click accept on your HW wallet

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the hardware wallet lets you confirm the contents of the transaction you're signing on the device itself, including the target address of the transaction, before signing it with the device.

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>they cannot fucking lock a hardware wallet address because they do not have access to the private key. they can prevent you from using metamask, but they can't stop you from ditching metamask and using a different wallet to interface with your hardware wallet.
ya this is the thing I don't understand. they don't store your private key or anything so I assume all they can do is not let you make transactions if your address is black listed. that doesn't stop you from importing your account into another wallet app and using it. all it means is the government has tracked you down and want their money.

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>the future of decentralized finance

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thanks, just claimed my MASK

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oh no!
>stops using metamask/eth and switches to bnb or monero
ok, nigger government cocksuckers!

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They’re really going to get us all and nothing can be done about it, aren’t they

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>nothing can be done about it
about what? using crypto or using shitty ethereum?

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kekekek that word will be illegal one day. It was all a game played on the illiterate masses

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They evolve, so will we. If the services becomes pozzed, a new service will be made. Get an AI who is all about decentralization to manage any backend of the wallet infrastructure and BOOM. now you have something nobody will be able to compete with. Skynet

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Metamask was known to be pozzed years ago

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lol use your private key and fire up a JSON/Python RPC and send that shit yourself.

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I thought you couldn't pay taxes with crypto?

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um actually
my keys
my crypto
suck me fudders

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kek. is this for all US users wallets?
monero chads will rise

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Whats a better wallet then?

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you can do that with MEW too?

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I hope this wakes up every comatose hylic. Taxes are NEVER about preserving society. It's to control how much you have as a security blanket for the elite. They can't have too many rich goys!

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ok boomer

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enjoy your unexpected account drain.

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how they fuck are they gonna lock my account, transfer my crypto out of my wallet?

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i suspect binance has a backdoor
you need to make your own paper wallet using dice and a pentium 3 chip

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fuck off gaylord

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trust is open source
if you've doubt you can check the code

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You can't rule this out considering the industry isn't regulated and judging by precedent.

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Do you retards realize how the blockchain works? Metamask is just a fucking interface. You can take your key and open it with whatever the fuck wallet you want.

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Then the best bet would be to stay out of crypto completely?

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The best option is to diversify and make us of several options ranging Trezor for storing your long term hold, short term holds on binance and then day to day spending can be on CryptMi cause of it's Visa Card.

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ethmaxis don't care, they're the biggest concentration of deranged "progressives" in the entire sector.

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Anons are moving to cryptos built for decentralized identities, rights, and assets

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What I was thinking. I have been transacting my bags on self-custodian crypto like ORE, but this is good as well

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Simply just get into cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3

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use a hardware wallet faggot.
ledger HW wallets will exfiltrate your keys and hand your crypto over to govt request.

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ETH to ADA tutorial - no CEX involved

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how is this even a thing can't you just bring your private keys to another wallet and move your money anyways lol

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You are a bunch of fucking retards
Read some news and instantly start parroting everywhere without doing your own research
What you see in that screenshot is not in the context you are thinking of.

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different wallets use different key mechanisms.

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correct, it should say that Metamask sucks govt cock and can confiscate your crypto.

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Ledger is just as bad as metamask, both companies are working for the govt.
trezor and sylo are the only wallets I'm sticking to henceforth

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Literally what I was thinking lmfaoo

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Not even close.

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>not one Person checking if it's even real
No wonder you gullible niggers keep getting rug pulled

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How are you sure they won't get comprised as well?
Everyone fucking trusted metamask

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Been thinking about this
How does metamask seize my crypto if my coins exist on the blockchain?
Or are we talking blacklisting of an address?

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It's real asf
They tried to debunk it on Twitter

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fr nc

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I sure don't think and even if they do, they'll always be a better alternative

sylo is the first wallet I started with when I got into crypto during start of covid while my OG friend told me to get trezor hardware wallet because it's safer

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it's fake. mm is shit though with all the things they collect from you

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Taxation without representation, goy.

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I think it got popular because of the messaging feature, not sure if anyone still uses that though

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you idiots. this is talking about their paid services like buying crypto with fiat among other shit. if metamask was being sent your keys you would know about it.

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but people use a metamask seed to generate accounts and only save the seed. someone needs to create a metamask wallet generator so you can recreate your addresses and keys outside of metamask using a metamask seed. i actually think MEW had this not sure.

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metamask is open source. you can get the hd path from the code. many wallets let you set it. as for priv keys, i dont think they fuck with that, ive imported mm generated keys into wallets no problem. that would be a huge controversy.

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Nice, can I get my IMM and FLOKI in?

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I do at least, it's better than using most of the messaging apps which has unlimited access to your data

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Yeah I'm trying hard to understand how the whole shit will work if they plan on going ahead with it
How will they stop me from sending funds out of my wallet

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Kek first thoughts I had

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You want to say whatsapp without being so obvious

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This is like thinking your physical cash wallet manufacturer could without your cash payments or something, fuck, learn about crypto, retards. Metamask can do shit to prevent you from moving funds.

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It's no news that they steal your data, everyone knows this
You send a screenshot to a friend chatting about a new gadget you want to buy and the next moment you're seeing related ads everywhere

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What if your phrase gets backlisted?

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blacklisted by who? you can run a node and submit any transaction you want. That is the point of crypto.

Meta mask is fully open source. You can look at the code and know they don't get your seed. Only you have the seed, so metamask can't take your funds. You have full control. You can use any software you want to submit a tx to spend your funds any way you want and metamask or the government or anyone can't do jack shit.

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The wallet itself is good, it supports NFTs and you can bake tezos directly on it

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>responding unironically to a bot fud thread

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>Imagine not using core wallet

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Metamask is no secure centralized shit, id rather use trust or corewallet

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The user agreement approves tracking everything including keystrokes. Metamask, Infura, and Consensys have always been centralized garbage.

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did u kno ledger has ur keys
I wouldn't trust metamask, it's the new ledger

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How true is this?

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Metamask is still one of the best
then i can say ZenGo, Trustwallet and sylo smart wallet

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Thank god the faggots at meta mask DONT hold my crypto

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you dumb fucking cunt you dont have so TrAnsFeR anythhing, how do you mongoloids even manage to breath holy shit

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Metamask is retarded because the entire goal is to destroy Crypto in order to introduce CBDC, the Cuck early bitcoin and ETH users who complied with the governments to get KYC pushed were too retarded to see the Trojan Horse that was KYC.

the IRS and your governments have no right to tax anything other than USD or whatever Fiat currency your country uses.

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Who cares about a shitty wallet anyways?, Railway wallet is better with based privacy features.

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I dont trust it too. My focus is on privacy wallets, they seem to be the best option these days.

>> No.55061718

They can't, illiterate bitniggers that keep their Bitcoin on Binance think they've "won" from a boilerplate terms of service update

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Switch to Core. Literally the most optimal option I've found and the only one I use.

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The future of finance