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Whats the deal with mining nowadays? Is literally everything non profitable now?

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You know there's a project connected to an AI that will allow you to earn money similar to mining but instead you get paid from users using the AI.

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you are 5 years late, but even back then if you just bought ETH you would have made more money than mining (after factoring the energy costs) so sorry so break down to you but mining is a midwit trap

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sounds like a scam

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are there no other uses for graphics cards set up in miners then?

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generating AI stuff.

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AutoCAD lmao

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Mining radiant at a thin profit

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Gamers won. It's over.

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so hypothetically speaking could these rigs be repurposed as some kind of stable diffusion server to serve image generation requests via a website?

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Running my 5k computer at full blast would mine about 4 cents a day (vs. maybe some $3 a day electricity + crazy wear and tear).

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People pay in coins to use the AI
The people with the computing power get paid for helping run the AI
Simple as
Jannies don't let the project name get spoken on /biz/
So guess you faggots can buy after the next big pump
Look out for an OG coin

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Give us a clue, DBC?

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Everyone has said this since the beginning.
Lol, lmfao, the filter is whether you believe every retard with a blog saying this idiotic shit.

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>mining is unprofitable
>trading is astrology
>you can't cash out
>the IRS is capable
>401k's are safu
>DOGE won't pump next run
>LTC is useless
>ETH is a necessity
>token not needed
anything else you want to know?

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ex miner here
ive literally made more money flipping nfts (nilo and cool cats have been the best so far) than mining. its literally over for miners. perhaps in the next btc halving in a few years ill get back in the game, maybe.

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yes I want to know
what the coin is here >>55043965

if there are any other services already doing this >>55044142

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gpu mining is dead a fuck, there seems to be so many chink fucks with free power and thousands of gpus, they mine the shit out of it even if their earnings are 1 cent on the dollar

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>you can't cash out
I literally cashed out. Maybe the token is needed after all..

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>Whats the deal with mining nowadays? Is literally everything non profitable now?
>>OP pays for electricity.
Should we tell him?

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indian scammer getting paid pennies to hype up retarded shitskin coins

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cant compete with 1c/kWh some people get when you paying at best 20-40kWh

That's the main factor here. if you can get a solar panel+battery setup it might pay off.... overtime....

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Yes and it will become even more profitable this coming Btc defi summer on ordinals

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Just wait til the DAME passes for americans