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another thinly veiled chainlink thread

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Literally every thread in the catalog?

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enforce the one thread per shitcoin rule already. it's working great for other projects, the rules should apply equally to link

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>browse chainlinks board with chainlinks filters
>still see chainlinks threads
>posts another chainlinks thread
How much did you lose?

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>low iq nigger who makes fud threads and posts thinks that if he spams the link board with enough link content that linkies will end up stuck in a general thread
link is relevant to every single project in crypto and legacy finance because of what it aims to achieve and theres nothing you can do about it

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>be you
>start chainlink threads
>pretend you're annoyed by chailink threads
>samefag pretending to be other anons annoyed by chainlink threads
kek fuddies

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nobody cares about your stupid little summer activity of spamming the board. there isn't enough content to fill a single general thread anyway, nothing would be lost

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>be me
>create thinly veiled chainlink thread
>check digits

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wow sorry to rile you up fudcuck
just not gonna sell
chainlink GOOD

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yes pls

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they're hardly ever "thinly veiled"

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this one was though

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Why are you making this thread?

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summer is here, no friends to play with, need attention fix anyway, let's shit up the biz catalog. just delete it all