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Link baggies are the Qtards of crypto.
Prove me wrong

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>never seen before
Check cardano chart and come back

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isnt it funny how they always assume the breakout is always to the upside, instead of the lower? We all know how market operate.

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it's doing that because is sergey countering every buy with a sell. How do the retards not understand this? Guess what happens when the buy pressure ends, but they have infinite reserves to dump

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the average link baggie has so much sunk cost in it. the mental gymnastics they have to go through to dunning kruger themselves into thinking it’ll make up for missed gains is insane. I almost feel bad but then read the shit they write.

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I think Chainlink is a pretty cool project

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If I had no Link I'd seriously sell my apartment. Fortunately its oy me living in it so I could do that. Link is 100% happening and everyone on this board knows it. We're all Linkies here. You're a Linkie.

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actually they are the cuckolds of crypto

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Oy me kek

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Lol @ pic title

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>buys 100 more link

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so why is your shitcoin making new ATLs against Bitcoin and Ethereum?

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>all time lows
Did time only start in 2020?

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It has been non-stop dumping since august 2020, that's basically 3 years now.

Is this actually bullish for you?

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So it's not making ATLs?

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Das rite atl is when it goes to 0! Shiet

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Maybe check what “ATL” actually means, newfriend. Also, welcome to /biz/!

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I honestly see it breaking down given the overall trend is lower. I think it will bottom out at $3-4 on apathy. Probably spend a month there then back here then back up to $10 for year end.

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I think link is supposed to make a nice pump in June, maybe a 3x or 4x then gradually decline again. It's going to take a couple of years to reach ATH again

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>maybe a 3x or 4x then
lol Link can't even pump 50 cents without dumping after half an hour. Just look at the staking fiasco were it dropped -25% in a single week

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qtards have a crypto coin called link? thanks just bought 100k

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Sound about right

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you don't need a complex reason to be a crabbing shitcoin, check any alt chart against usd

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Wow um sorry... I know you spend most of your time trying to fud here but uh... just not selling

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And I'm not buying

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seek help
notice how linkies itt will go insane on my post, for some reason exposing their shitposting really riles them up

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seek help
>im just not gonna sell sorry

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kek, triggered immediately
seek help

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>53 posts of sea kelp
just not gonna sell x53

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>non stop shitposting of mantras and memes for 6 years
seek help

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sea kelp
not selling

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and why do you feel the urge to constantly remind the board of this? seek help

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air kelp
just not gonna sell sorry (its funny upsetting a 50+ pbtid loon)

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are you having an aneurysm anon?
seek help and keep pwning le fudderz for the next 6 years with unfunny low quality shitposting
>duuuur never selling
I truly hope you don't

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couldnt be bothered reading
land kelp
(just not gonna sell, sorry x53)

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do qtards have an obsessive hater fan club as well? that's pretty based.

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keep holdin' linkies. any day now, i'm sure tha-HAHAHAHAHAHA

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lol 53 posts what a loser
i dunno fudfag, maybe its just fun to pass the time by tormenting a 53 post retard who gets upset whenever someone says "drns" in one of his fifty fud spam threads that he makes every day
i'm not going to be selling my chainlink tokens (ticker:LINK)

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This, I fully expect a dump to $2.75-3 on the release of ccip

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Looks nothing alike you retard

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Chart looks the same as Uniswap, Bcash, Dash, IOTA and Vechain. aka it's a shitcoin like the rest

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Token not needed

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no it doesn't

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Not selling

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You married your shitcoin bags and you’re too emotionally attached to them,

You’ll keep denying reality because that’s what all bagholders do

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Nah, that’s xrp or quant fans. Chainlink actually does have demonstrated connections to big players.

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Yes, it is. What they stand for is pretty genuine, much like ORE and XMR

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Cryptos with decentralized identities and rights are doing quite well

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Maybe you should check again, gaming cryptos along with privacies and cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 are showing strength

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If there is more demand for LINK at lower prices, then this is completely rational and makes sense for them to do that.

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all altcoins are shitcoins, no exception

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Why isn't there a LINK general? There are always at least 10 link threads on this board.

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this is a link general board

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We've seen this price action once before, textbook Wyckoff accumulation phase

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Simple as

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cuck spotted

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kek fuddies

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big number guy time

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You don’t even know what ATL is, your opinion means absolutely fucking nothing Kek

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hey there just letting you know, about those link that I own..
yeah.. it's only 1000 (1100 now) so if the price goes to 0 well that would suck! fortunately I have other investments, property and income streams. If the price rises though, a lot.. wow.. I mean I might sell, haha. maybe after getting staked income. But it would have to be at least 1000, or maybe 81000.. you know I'm thinking I just won't sell. heh.

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Thanks for the encouragement.
I will not sell a single link.

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just not gonna sell
sorry, ugh i KNOW
im sorry that all of the time you have spent on this kind of thing today was completely wasted

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Anyone not trading that range is a midwit.

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Let the retards keep buying LINK while the non-retarded continue stacking BTC/ETH.
Imagine buying a dying shitcoin over Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s 2017 all over again with NANO, OMG, DRGN, etc… those shitcoins still had generals long after they were literally -99% down.
Just give it time and we’ll see less LINK threads, in the meanwhile sit back and watch them cope with their loss of money. Literal laughing stock

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Blogpost: kek fuddie edition
Didnt bother reading
>buys 100 more chainlink tokens

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