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I know what the next 100x is

No I'm not telling you

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ok close the thread i guess

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i already know

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to save this thread I will tell you a 1000x

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>BSC coin
Stop, full stop, stoooop

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Oh yeah? Well I know the next x10000 and I won't share it either then

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I know who the biggest Nigger Faggot is
> a clue you say?
It’s you!

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It's crescent swap. Launching on Arbitrum this Tuesday.



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>BOB bagholder
Literal forced meme to compete with Pepe that nobody cares about.

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Well played anon

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How do you plan to make money if you don't tell anyone about it?

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Complete samefag larping shit thread with frauds and scams. And of course moderators and janitors

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It's a project called Octavia
Stay poor then, and seethe when you realize you should have bought

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is Octavia really going to have nintendo partnership? if so I may ape, just don't scam me like the last 20 shills did

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こちらは任天堂のCEOです。 それは本当です

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>No I'm not telling you
* yawn *.

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OP's surely talking about NEZUKO
The only anime memecoin made to satisfy every coomer all over the world, even selling some cute looking Nezuko NFTs

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okay how about giving me a link so I can actually follow this shit

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Their website is octavia(dot)one

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How the fuck could you be so retarded

I'm amazed nobody knows what this is. We're so early OP

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Sorry, but it not chainlink!