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im just not going to sell lmao

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Delusional, u will be bagholding to 0

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cool OP, but why did you make a new thread about this? sounds to me you're a bit desperate

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It's not going to zero

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no he’s just not selling it’s literally that simple that’s the thread and to spice things up a bit I just bought 10 more LINK just for the heck of it check em

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oh you will be surprised no refunds

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Show proof, larping cunt! I’ve seen you in every threads, shill

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I wont be selling either. As a matter of fact, I will be acquiring more chainlink tokens (ticker:LINK) because the price is at an excellent buy in point and the value prospect is the best in crypto.
Please express how much you dont care with 50+ unhinged posts in this thread

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>is at an excellent buy in point and the value prospect is the best in crypto
Explain? You have retards forming threads here daily with nothing but "im just not going to sell lmao" so I can't imagine this is anything but a shitcoin that rugged them.

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Sergey is though

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I see a lot of selling of chainlink, and u still haven’t shown proof

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>buys 100 more linkeroonies

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>i can't imagine

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this, he literally made $500 million and dumped more than 150 million tokens.

Cuckolds still hail him as le hekin' based autist

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>another high esttogen thread from a bagholder who doesn't feel comfortable in his investment

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you don't have to, clearly others are including sirgay himself lmao

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>didnt read
>didnt sell

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>t. Bubbafox
how are those bags holding?

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>didnt read or sell

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enjoy loose moneys you monkey

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>can't read
>didn't sell