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how do i cope with missing the +10k% runs that start the beginning of the bullruns? best i'm looking at from here is at best a few 100% gains

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Son we are still a year or more away from starting a bull run. Random shitcoins pumping is not a bull run. It’s market desperation.

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shit coin pumps usually precede bull though right?
anon just keep paying attention, if you actually accept that you've missed out then you won't put in the work

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I’ve been around the last 3 runs. This is not bullish territory. I don’t even think we’ve bottomed yet. PEPE is the dying breath of the market trying to hold on.

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Pepe was SBF laundering stolen money

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you're all either newfags or you're trolling me. i can't tell. the +10k% pumps happen well before (ie a year) the noticeable bullrun

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>>55030762 there will be something new soon but you will miss out as always

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the most notable memecoins pumped in 2021

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if you know how this works at least you'll get the next meme runs in the future
save your money for them

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We need a coin with good utility for a good return. Shitcoin pyramid schemes ain't gonna cut it anymore.

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I don't think anyone could do anything at all, I was only able to make a slight purchase with PLEB but I'm still waiting

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Not with that attitude.

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drugs bro