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kek fuddies

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Well I, on the other hand, am literate and slurping.

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What are you holding?

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Bots don't hold anything

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i can't say i'm comfy, but it sure is nice to have haters

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It really is at a good buy-in price isnt it?
Still up a lot from my original buy in but better than buying the absolute top like pic related and being left behind to "persuade" people to sell with 50 post tantrums
Kek fudcucks indeed

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Just want to tell you bros that we have all been through the fire, but that's how strong men are made.
When they're all saying "you just got lucky on crypto" and act like you happened to just randomly pick the key project, then you will know in your innermost heart that you did this through your own willpower, commitment and dedication.
And that's something to be proud as fuck of. We're all gonna make it.