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>made it to 200 euros of passive income a day
>no work
>no idea what to do
Where should I invest it for comfy gains?
Mutts need not apply, that's a lot of money for my shithole

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>200 euros
how much is that in american money? like 50 cents?

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it's half of my old monthly rent
>how much is that in american money?
0.0002% of an F-35

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i see. well, based on the facts you've laid out and the circumstances surrounding your situation, it's my opinion that you should invest in killing yourself immediately. either this or LINK.

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what are you doing to get 200 a day?

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>how much is that in american money? like 50 cents?

It’s about ten KFC 12 piece chicken buckets.

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Its 216$, mutt.

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I wonder what she looks like now

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renting a large storage property to a processing factory
the area was very underdeveloped and I got it for cheap at a bankruptcy

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fucking smoking goth hot, saw it last week. Finding pic as we speak

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Wow, congrats

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Thank you
Bankruptcies, local government contracts, grants, auctions etc. are the only way to make it
the teat of the state is endless

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how much was your initial investment

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just go to sea and live like a king

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500k loan ten years ago when interest rates were low
At this time you have to be a retard to take on a loan for real estate

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Ruined. Probably has an onlyfans now too.

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I'd rather own something and be happy than be debt free and pay rent

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god damn 500k? I cant get a loan but I have couple ten thousands lying around that im thinking of putting to work. GJ on the investment though. Did anyone offer to buy the property outright?

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doesnt she have a black child or something

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This type of girl never showers.

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>15 candles

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EUR is worth more than dollar, you idiot.
I don't care if others mentioned already.

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I had a business back then with very high revenue (but shit profitability) that gave me a good profile for borrowing money, still had to put my house as collateral
>Did anyone offer to buy the property outright?
Not yet

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>200 euros
>how much is that in american money? like 50 cents?
About one Nike.

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Nice. I'm surprised though, most people usually grow out the goth phase desu

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nice, how often are these bankruptcy auctions held? have you bid on other stuff that have turned a profit outside of property?

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Ehm dark chocolate bros (+85% cocoa), we are fucked.

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>have you bid on other stuff that have turned a profit outside of property?
No, I had no money for that and couldn't get into more debt
My idea for now was to accumulate capital, sell off when I have the opportunity, and create a platform for partial investment in real estate, like sharing shares, which doesn't exist here
But I learned the legal status for such a business is not clear here

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You aren't meant to eat the candles

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heh, cute little jokes there europoors. i know you probably think that a euro is worth more than a Dollar, and i forgive you for thinking that since your small europian brains don;t know any better, but the fact is that you can only spend a euro in europia, where everything costs 100x as much because you have to support all your little pet niggers and arabs with your communism. you have to adjust for this, and once you do the euro is basically worthless. you'll never know what it's like to spend a pure american Dollar with none of it going to some somalian who just raped your neighbor's kid or to poland.

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man this is a deep hole
thanks for putting me onto this

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That's right so far as travelling to the US is expensive even with a stronger Euro since we earn way less and it remains even lesser. Still technically the EUR is stronger. So fuck off. Even have 5 dollars here, trash paper.

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I used to run a grocery store, I got outcompeted my large supermarkets and had no profit
What kept me afloat was befriending people to grab contracts (official and unofficial) to supply local municipalities with products
You have no idea what's going on
Products are wildly overpriced, they order way too many items so employees can steal them for their own home, they pay you for a lot more than you actually delivered so they can show the national government they ran out of funds to request for more, all sorts of accounting magic
And that's just for food for a municipality
Imagine what's going on with high level contracts, providing services, procurements in the millions of euros
The only customer that has endless money is the government, period
Try to weasel your way in that market if you want money

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That's not represent her age, she's older

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You can just admit you want to fuck 15 year olds bro. Everyone does.

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yes braindead faggot that's what they are telling you, they can literally be exchanged for dollars and have more of them. Look up how money works. US education really lacking huh

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First of all, respect. Second of all, you just need to keep compounding. No debt + less spending is the secret recipe. Reinvest every single penny in fixed income securities.

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Please tell this fellow europoor your secrets. 200 a day would be enough to stop waging

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This was such an embarrassingly gay and retarded post that it's not even bait. It's just cringe. Come on Paco Blackenetein you can do better.

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Only 1 mile of BBC can fix her. She will instantly drop the cringe goth shit and become a real woman.

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No way.

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>0.0002% of an F-35
I like this unit of measurement.

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I think 10 inch BBC will do the trick too desu

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She can fix me.

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whats a real woman?

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Seriously, why are Americans obsessed with black men's penises?

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Very nice. PISSES ME OFF that in place of yesterday's goth/emo we now have obese purple-haired mentally-ill tattoo'd whores.
Wish I could go back to 2012, so much has gone wrong in just a decade. Back when "cuck" wasn't a part of internet vernacular, back when a pony.png could derail a thread, back before racebaiting, back when TF2 was decent, before gender tranny pronoun filth.

I wish I could go back, so fucking badly.

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Americans ARE brown. 4chan used to be mainly white middle-class users, now that every idiot has a phone/internet connection the board quality of 4chan has degraded significantly (inb4 it wasn't better, IT WAS.) Imagine life without browns. What a peaceful, and more beautiful world it would be.

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save it up for 5000 days and buy an f-35, obviously

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imagine how based it would be to be a grandpa and have a silly goth granddaughter.

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The best of humanity leaves Earth and the browns behind. Every millions of years, it happens. The best of humanity look to the stars and find a way out, and the browns get left behind.

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Go back to gif

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With this passive income you can pay rent and buy food in Peru without ever working in your life again.

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Unironically my whitepill of the day.

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out of curiosity, how much is the property worth now?

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willow still is goth? wow interesting I thought she'd have dropped it after 2 yrs. thats neato she's still living her goth life

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why do you keep telling people that, you're from gif aren't you?

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It's enough to live without working in your life again literally everywhere in the world but for muttistan's metro areas. And why would anyone want to move to Jew York or LA anyway when they can live anywhere else...

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I made $200k last year by holding some funny dogcoin called Vita Inu, it was the dogbat killer back then, I'm still holding to this day cuz they're dipping rn

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What's the story here?

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Kek the rest is all chinks spics and niggers.. such a sad sight. Their ancestors were white Europeans who left to find a better place but their descendants got rugpulled by kikes hard. Thankfully we had Hitler who cleaned house in Europe for a while but sadly the kikes have been ruining Europe for decades now as well. Glad i managed to buy my homestead in my 99% white secret place.

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About the girl that grow up

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>either seppuku or link
you're repeating yourself anon

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there are 16 candles

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Sminem is back!
If you’re on biz you have to buy some OGSM token.

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yet youre still here

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goth are so cringe lmao
atheism was trully a mistake

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Me too desu

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>>made it to 200 euros of passive income a day
>73k a year
>500k loan ten years ago
So you made back your loan after 10 years for a paltry 73k a year??
God damn no wonder you boomers are fucking retards
If you had invested in anything you'd have a net worth in the 10's of millions

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Crypto is still in the bear season, better take the opportunity to slurp up some Defi and privacy token before the bull seaon.

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i was just about to ask a similar question

with NEETbux and my extremely low expenses, i can basically coast by doing absolutely nothing at this point and live very comfortably as long as i don't improve my quality of life any further, there's some fancy stuff i'd like to have but i don't even know if it's worth the time i'd need to invest to get them

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goths aren't inherently atheist, and the culture draws strongly from ideas that are inherently theistic such as memento mori. Poe, Bronte, Shelly, Radcliff etc, were all Christians, many of them intimately connected to their churches.

The association between 'gothic' things and atheism is a recent one, in a sense you could call gothic atheism a bastard child of religious discourse on death and nihilism.

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Anon, there are lots of assets to invest in but you need to know what's trending and sustainable. IA platforms like Tokenmetrics could make the difference you need.

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bro i hear people say cuck irl and it just makes me shudder.

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It's comment like this that makes me hate niggers so furiously. For every comment like this I see I make sure I watch a rekt video of a nigger getting beaten to death and I'm not even white.
I hope all the trannies and the Jews whores who own all blacked porn on the internet dies a painful death

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>What a peaceful, and more beautiful world it would be.
With the highest numbers of serial killers and mass murderers. What a beautiful sight it will be.

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50% on RAIL, is the perfect move.

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is there a country named america? not that I know.