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Link: $0.2
Quant: $0.2
BNB: $0.2

Link: $6
Quant: $110
BNB: $300

No wonder baggies get so defensive about their “investment” lmao

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What is your motivation?
What are you holding?

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oh wow I'd be very frustrated to know my token was the same price as some of those at the same time. But I'd never pretend as if everything is ok by continuing to shill it like it's the greatest thing ever.

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what is this screenshot supposed to convey here?

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Some guy going mad in another thread.

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>What is your motivation?
>What are you holding?

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absolute mental ruination
kek fuddies

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and what is your screenshot supposedly demonstrating? NEET doesn't necessarily mean he's living with his parents, not to mention that most of (((us))) are NEETs anyway

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Nah if hes sitting all day here fudding link and then complains about people sitting in a room all day its funny

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holy ESL, my point is that the two posts you've screencapped don't make sense in the same context. I'm embarrassed to be holding the same investment with you.

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>51 posts
Seek help

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I explained it to you.
Also esl is the new racist it seems.

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Chainlink? That's a cuckold cult baby

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Is this why FUDDIES are so mentally ill? Their minds broke cause Link shill convinced them to hold an inferior investment?

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yeah sorry just not gonna sell
because who on earth would take fudcucks seriously when they're provably brain-damaged lunatics, cripples, and coomers

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pic related might get your point across better
just another reminder that not selling is made all the more easier because the retarded latefag nufudders are so salty and unhinged that they will literally throw a 50+ pbtid tantrum over my investments and spend the rest of the time making 6+ separate fud threads an hour elsewhere