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does anyone have actual alpha in this shithole anymore?
I'm looking for tokens with utility that have recently launched or are launching soon, no doge/pepe clones pls

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just launched. this is your chance to early.



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rokonetwork on Eth. 1M mc

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Octavia looks really promising, it's an AI crypto assistant. Have a look at their docs, it defo could do a lil somethin. Octavia (dot) one

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i do but i wont post it here to share with a bunch of fucking sociopaths

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Very valuable contribution rajpur

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There is no alpha any more, anon, because retail aren't allowed into early stage projects that are decent. Look up Anoma/Namada or Aztec for an example. Decent projects, interesting uses, no token, no way for retail to buy in.
Expect a "we've raised another $100m through private seed rounds" announcement every quarter, then in 5 years time when we can finally buy in, they will launch at billion dollar caps and there will be no money to be made.
They've quietly killed crypto retail investing. You're allowed into the Dog Elon casino and that's it, because they don't care about you getting scammed, they just care about you making it.

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I'm bullish on Octavia : D

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FuLedger aims at offering at DIY alternative to ledger, long shot tho low liquidity and mcap but it's been shilled around so i guess they are investing some rupees on it

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Not completely dead but definitely going to be harder to make money the next bullrun, i really hope biz finds some gems though so we can syphon money from the jews

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That's a scam contract you fucking jeet

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GND protocol.
I don't think a single person on /biz/ mentioned it

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>I'm looking for tokens with utility that have recently launched or are launching soon, no doge/pepe clones pls
PartyKartsToken is a new token created by an anon here, the token is utilized for bets on the game (partykarts dot io) and it has a marketcap of 80k, not a memecoin and it has a community of mostly /biz/raelis. Check the telegram before buying

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Based Party Kart enjoyer Legit project

BIZ only likes memes now instead of an 80k working project with huge potential.

Telegram is active. See you @ 8 figures

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there is no alpha right now bitch
i am stacking as much GNS as possible for the bull run and that's all I am doing

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I'll delete this post in 10 minutes. /biz/ doesn't deserve.

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>feed me
i taught you how to fish but you demand i pluck them out of the lake for you

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That's sound good anon hopping it get some real pump soon, web3 is making bicthes so wet with 5% cashback on all merchants no matter the wallet you choose to pay with.

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Partnership with Nintendo inbound

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So the rumors were actually true?

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tg/pepe0xbsc is the only coin which makes actual sense in this clown market right now

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this is the most promising things thats been posted all thread thanks
makes me think this summer will actually have some good plays

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Anon, it could be hard to find tokens with utility in the midst of thousands of shit crap. Tokenmetrics has been my go-to place to know which to pick per time. You can't be wrong oldfag

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You shouldn't sleep on DiD and Zks narratives.

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The days I used to listen the Jews are over, an AI - Driven crypto research and insights is all I've got to reach my financial freedom goals.

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There's no "alpha" anymore, fren. Institutions took over and it's business as usual: crypto is now a small club and we ain't in it.

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No one with a brain cares about utillity anymore in crypto...why you ask? Because anything not named Bitcoin or ethereum will never have real world utillity. Period. Tokens not needed. Why do you think memes ate pumping right now?

Hype and community are all that matters actually. The rest is one big smoke screen to attempt to get those things.

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You can DYOR cryptos built for decentralized IDs and rights.

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ORE is a really impressive token that could give you real value for investment.

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Cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 are legit awesome

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You're welcome anon

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That nice anon, but realfags get horny as CHUNKS guarantees a tremendous pump that might turn into millions, they have a successful squad that naturally delivers

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you must be a faggot most likely but have a llok at this community initiative FuLedger, upscale jeets

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the only reason people are here is to easily find projects that will x100
god damn thats fucking crazy defo aping

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ZK-Snark privacy tokens are true alphas

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Make that RAILGUN privacy crypto, top-notch ZK tech niche.

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>That's sound good anon hopping it get some real pump soon
it didn't launch yey, the launch is a the 29th of june

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DYOR cryptos that protect your transactions from public views and intrusion

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im 12 and what is this? can you explain what this is in retard terms?

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the mere fact that a blockchain does not have surprisingly high gas fees and achieves instant txs is already considered utility, but a maxi like you probably wont understand that

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Anon, RIDE has been on my radar since the launch of their VR tech few months back. It should gain much vale over time

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ai will be big this year when is this comin out?

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Go take your meds ranjeesh and stop larping on biz. fucking kek.

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Gonna ape on this if it is what devs say it is

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Here's the right answer for OP. Based.

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Your answer is LINK and AVAX

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Token launch is 29th June, not sure about the beta

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So you could tell AVAX is a good option right now anon?

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Ain't getting scared anyways, AVAX, SYLO, ORE and ENS are in my bag.

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That reminds me of sylo smart wallet, makes communications easier, more private, and more secure for Web3 users