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kek fuddies

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They get so upset so easily now
Just a bit of "didnt read never selling" and theyll sit in a thread and rant at you for hours after youve left
They certainly seem to have a lot of "fun" lmao

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can't say i'm comfy but it feels good to have haters

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link holders are self hating
no one cares about link

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It's fairly pointless fudding at this point desu. There's simply no one around who is going to change their mind, and everyone else is ignorant of it all anyway.
Are any of you considering getting a crypto lawyer /accountant involved when we start mooning? I'm thinking it might be money well spent and peace of mind. Any of you made any roads in that direction yet?
Maybe I should've made a separate thread for this

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seek help

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I think you have gone insane, imagining thing

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A guy with 6 figures in an investment, that's easy to imagine why they would want to talk about it, you know? If I had 6 figures in Chevron you bet your ass I'd be following the Chevron news very closely.
But the other guy? The guy that doesn't own Chevron stock but spends 3 hours a day ranting at Chevron stock holders?
Man, what the fuck is wrong with that guy lmao.
Chainlink holders should start a little side fund where everyone puts 5 LINK in and, at singularity, it goes towards therapy for the fudders. Nice little way to give back, you know?

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>A guy with 6 figures in an investment
no, he literally is just a guy
seek help

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they're subhumans that cant stand that biz was early and they only found this place in 2021-2022
lots of rage, cope, and seethe goes into the sheer volume of link fudposts on here and it shows
they only ever post in bad faith so the best approach is to either completely ignore them or just spam / taunt

>lots of variations in the name
looks like a good meme that a few people picked up because of its accuracy
apparently this upsets you
curious and amusing
(i wont be selling either, suck my cock retards)

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>s-s-see he changed some digits no the filename, it's different people!
no, it's the same mentally ill bagholder
seek help

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>Gaslighter drank his own koolaid and is now acting like a schizo
Seek help.

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>insane linkie keeps id hopping
seek help

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Lmao this thread is basically just gore
A FUDtranny is going to kill himself today for sure

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8 posts are nothing special

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seek help

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What coins are you holding?

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8 posts are nothing special

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dollars, rubles, yen, some euros and around 70 ETH I swapped for 1500 LINK around the 20th of August 2020

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stop deleting posts and seek help

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SO you DO hold Link?
And top buyer if you arer not lying
So you fud because you are mad at biz for shilling the top

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which pasta did he post? this one?:

The usual discord nufudders are actually a lower form of life than unpaid internet janitors:
>constantly making 50+ pbtid fudding in discussion threads over 10+ hours whenever they're up
>the rest of the time they seem to be seething, samefagging, and monitoring in up to 6 fud threads at any one time during their "rush hour"
>sometimes when they're really upset because no one takes them seriously, they'll spam the board with nikado avacado's asshole threads
>they have been doing this possibly since 2021, when a lot of them bought the top and never recovered
>others lost their stacks on bancor and celsius
>some even think that they're "fighting the wef" by posting on here - yes they're that retarded
>lets be generous with the math and say that they've only done this for five days a week (including holidays) for one year (50x52=2600 hours spent doing this maybe, not including the time they've spent making low quality memes and looking at pictures of the best cock cages to use)
>all over an apparently shitty and unimportant crypto
>on a board that doesn't even affect the prices
>all for FREE

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I sold my LINK for ETH
seek help

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hey guys
should i buy chainlink?
seriosu replies only
the fud makes me feel fomo

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Then you cant speak english because you had to write from then.
So we have 2 options:
Option 1 is 99% likely
Option 1: You lied
Means you dont hold Eth and surely did not sell the Link top
Makes you a Nocoiner topkek.
I myself hold mostly Eth btw, Eth is a great hold
Option 2: You told the truth.
Why would you have a raging burning hate against the people who holded so you could sell the top?

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>around 70 ETH I swapped for 1500 LINK around the 20th of August 2020
seek help, bagholder

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>8 posts fighting a bunch of strangers about a token that he says he sold years ago in a thread made by an OP to bait him
>he is definitely described in the nufudder spiel so he feels targeted
Maybe you should uh... seek some help?
Never selling btw

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>a bunch of strangers
it's literally the same 2 deranged bagholder spammers though, hence why (You) get so triggered when I point out your repetitive and unfunny shitposting

>> No.55019985

>enters thread about a token he doesnt hold
>starts spamming 'seek help' and getting angry at shitposts
>10 pbtid but apparently everyone else is triggered, not him
Maybe take your own advice and seek help KEKW. Never selling either, sorry.

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>you're angry at my spamming!
no, I just find it obnoxious and useless
seek help

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you cracked the code anon
the evil linkies have been gangstalking you this whole time because you're the chosen one
(you're a low iq lolcow thanks for playing, ill keep accumulating thanks)

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>a fudder finds spam obnoxious
oh the ironing

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>11pbtid in a link thread
>hates link
>telling other to seek help
Lmao rent free

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>samefags immediately triggered
seek help, finnish baggies

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Take your meds

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>Finland is the 7th highest country in Europe in suicide rates
seek help

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ah yes mr 12pbtid certainly is cool as a cucumber and not upset at all lmao

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Hey anon, the Futureverse is rewarding users for their engagement on the protocol, reason why I'm focused on sylo.

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>you're upset!
seek help

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Thats right anon
We're all the same person
The only way to escape is by mixing bleach and ammonia to make power crystals to protect yourself

>> No.55020124

>samefag is posting from his 1pbtid alter egos after getting exposed
seek help

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So why ARE you annoyed then? Thnx in advance

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mitä kieltä puhut kotona?
Etsi apua

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>it’s a global finnish conspiracy
Whew. Take your meds

>> No.55020134

>finnish baggie rambling about meds
checks out
seek help

>> No.55020145

>schizophrenic rambling about fins and seeking help
Yup, i’m thinking it’s time you take your meds

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I don't have suicidal tendencies, unlike your compatriots

>> No.55020152

Thats right anon im gangstalking you with my 80 different vpn locations
Have you made the power crystals yet?

>> No.55020172

>finnish baggie rambling about power crystals
seek help

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I'm holding sylo, don't want to miss out as Futureverse is rewarding users for their engagement on the protocol.

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DiD and AI tokens are my best holding.

>> No.55020191

But... anon im you. You're asleep. The chainlink holders cast a spell on you. Remember - you have to mix ammonia and bleach to free yourself with power crystals and wake up!

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>finnish baggie delivering diy suicide instructions
thanks baggie, seek help

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Anon you MUST
Before its too late

>> No.55020253

sinä ensin

>> No.55020262

you are hands down one of the most obviously salty and deranged fudders i have seen on biz
wagmi bros

>> No.55020273

>starts speaking gibberish
I think (we) broke the fudcuck lads. Based.

>> No.55020300

when you realize nobody on this board would ever fud link if it wasn't for desperate effeminate holders shilling it
you realize why the price only goes down

>> No.55020325

You are a lying piece of shit
You claim to hold lots of eth and call an eth maxi like me bagholder?
Something doesnt add up.
Also you did not touch my other answer

>> No.55020326

and then he switches ids and starts going on about effeminate screeching despite making 21 posts of "seek help"
so it was just projection the whole time as always

>> No.55020334

seek help, seething fin bagholders

>> No.55020372

>rants about fins for some reason and then speaks finnish
>20+ pbtid but theyre totally not salty
>jumps back to this id once I call out his samefag attempt
i have more conviction than ever in the fact that link is the right choice just by how brain-damaged this projecting naysayer is
we're close to a big leg up for sure

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that's not me, autismo
If I knew that by calling you out you'd get so butthurt I would have done that years ago

>> No.55020409

>switches ids
average xrp/lunc/gme/link schizo response
face it: if you weren't spamming your dead 2017 alt here, nobody would even think about it ever again
bagholders desp

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Get a room.

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seek help

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OP makes 1 post "kek fuddies" and fucks off
attracts this absolutely assblasted lunatic immediately >>55020334 throwing a tantrum because I used a meme I liked. Imagine what his life must be like.

I'm going to go get dinner. Don't know how I'll keep it in now with my sides gone though. (Unlike my linkies, which I will never part with.)

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seek help, finnish bagholder

>> No.55020460

yeah yeah suuuure it isnt you
but look at all the effort you put in and im still not gonna sell my chainlink tokens
how does this make you feel?

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seek help

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why does it make you so upset? the fact that im not gonna sell

>> No.55020474

why does it make you so upset when I call out your shitposting and id hopping?

>> No.55020495

so on a scale of 1/10 how upset does me not selling make you?

>> No.55020496

Im the guy from before and i pointed out that you are ful of shit
Ethereum is a good investment right?

>> No.55020499

so on a scale of 1/10 how upset does me calling you out make you?
seethe harder, chainlink finnish bagholder

>> No.55020517

i find it hilarious anon ive been here like 40 mins just watching you schizz out at an entire thread but back to my question:
how upset do you feel when you hear "never selling my chainlink tokens?"

>> No.55020522

Im asking you if Ethereum is a good hold?>>55019910
>I myself hold mostly Eth btw, Eth is a great hold
This is me

>> No.55020531

how upset do you feel when I call you out?
you're mostly holding chainlink tokens, otherwise you would have conceeded that I made a good decision instead of lashing out in anger and calling me a liar
it is fairly obvious you're yet another butthurt baggie
seek help

>> No.55020537

already answered
drns: how does that acronym make you feel?

>> No.55020545

>conceeded that I made a good decision
No i discussed it and found out you were lying
You did not dump it at the top, because if so you had no reason to be ultra mega mad at the people holding to make you rich
See here >>55019910 >>55020325

>> No.55020552

seek help
what emotion do these 2 words evoke to you?
I did not, I dumped close to the top, around 0.038 gwei
seek help

>> No.55020569

Then answer why you have a ultra mega rage against the people holding to make you rich? And spending hours here ?

>> No.55020572

try rephrasing your question in English
or finnish Idc
that sentence does not make any sense whatsoever
>why you have a ultra mega rage against the people holding to make you rich

>> No.55020576

pity for you honestly
you seem to be stuck in some kind of deranged hamster-wheel loop now so theres no real point continuing to kick a dead fudcuck i guess
just remember: never selling my linkies, and apparently this made you produce 30+ pbtid worth of tears
seek help lmao

>> No.55020582

so pity is expressed with blogposts
you seem highly upset and emotional desu, seek help

>> No.55020584

Warum hats du einen alttestamentarischen Hass auf Holders wenn du doch reich geworden bist, da sie nicht verkauft haben

>> No.55020594

kek, your sentence in german unironically makes sense
you should stick to ESL forums from now on
I'm not raging against holders, I'm calling them out for useless and obnoxious shitposting, which is objectively true
(You) are seething at my objective and factual observation,
seek help

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>32 posts

>> No.55020598

I asked this question 3 times already before so i cut it short retard
Why you have a ultra mega rage against the people holding. Because them holding and not selling made you rich i thought?
Also why do you spend hours here if you sold the top?

>> No.55020603

seek help
I answered you, sperglord

>> No.55020604

>I'm not raging against holders
I see 33 posts of rage. And yes link is my 2nd biggest holding after buying 2022 so i feel attacked.
Whats your motivation?

>> No.55020609

>34 posts
>seek help
Oh the irony

>> No.55020610

you’re a coping cuckold who married his shitcoin

-92% btw ;)

>> No.55020613

18 seconds before i posted this, didnt see

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>so i feel attacked from anonymous shitposts
that's your problem, I advise you to seek help
my motivation is to point out bagholder's hypocrisy and make you upset, it works.
seek help
try not being a sperglord next time, ESL baggie

>> No.55020623

seek help

>> No.55020628

>36 posts
Seek help

>> No.55020632

I'm not the one spamming the same shitposts over and over and then whining about fud spam, though
seek help

>> No.55020637

>37 posts
Seek help

>> No.55020643

seek help

>> No.55020648

Rent free, cult fag

>> No.55020650

>my motivation is to point out bagholder's hypocrisy and make you upset, it works.
What would work? There are maybe 10 people seeing your sperg and nobody wioll sell because of that
Also that cant be your real motivation to literally waste your whole day for this

>> No.55020651

>38 posts
Seek help

>> No.55020655

>this thread
The state of chainlink discourse in 2023

>> No.55020661

aren't you upset though? it's clearly working
seek help and keep counting my pbtid

>> No.55020664

you're holding a failed alt to zero, none of us care
making fun of you like we make fun of niggers is just entertainment

>> No.55020665

>39 posts
Seek help

>> No.55020672

So you say your whole motivation to waste all your day is to upset 3 Chainlink holders?
I literally own only 1000 nothing compared to me eth

>> No.55020675

>seek help
seek help
>Etsi apua
Etsi apua

>> No.55020677

yes, and thank you for conceding that all these organic ids is literally 2-3 people

>> No.55020678

Regular discussion threads are much better desu but looks like OP really stirred the hive with this one, as was his apparent intent.

>> No.55020684

>42 posts
Seek help

>> No.55020687

Etsi apua

>> No.55020694

I said im 2ids here
I dont know more
But i know most here wont be upset by you
Also if its only 3 people arent you adimmiting to waste your times?
I dont believe you

>> No.55020698

I'm a NEET, I have limitless amount of free time

>> No.55020710

>43 posts
Seek help.
I will continue with my work now and will be back in 4 hours. Bump the thread in the meantime, and I will then count the new number of posts.

>> No.55020711

So thats what you choose to spend your life on?
Thats really pathetic you should reconsider this

>> No.55020717

>life lessons from a 4chan shut in basement dweller
cool, seek help

>> No.55020718

kek, implying you won't proceed to seethe with 3 different ids

>> No.55020732

I was literally studying before thats why my id changed when going to home
But you just admitted to be the basement dweller lol epic own goal.

>> No.55020733

Holy shit he’s still going

>> No.55020742

seek help, bagholder
there's the other organic id
seek help

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>no real answer
this is getting sad lets talk about your plans for the future

>> No.55020770

>literally studying

>> No.55020774

Ok maybe not too focused topkek.

>> No.55020778

no, I prefer making you feel "personally attacked"
seek help
are you experiencing some disorientation and confusion anon, he's on your side, a fellow baggie

>> No.55020779

Chainlink indeed seems to be confusing people. :D

>> No.55020782

>are you experiencing some disorientation and confusion anon, he's on your side, a fellow baggie
>everything has to be a fight between two sides

>> No.55020789

the more accurate description would be "annoying people"
>everything has to be a fight between two sides
I had no idea that german literature is so trash

>> No.55020814

Kek fuddies

>> No.55020820

seek help

>> No.55020830

so fucking unfunny

>> No.55020833

oh shit, you're about to be accused of samefagging

>> No.55020873

Lmao @ fuddies kek despair at this stage lolol

>> No.55020878

stop crying and seek help

>> No.55020928

You're the best fudder in the discord anon, no matter what the others say about you.
Just sold 100k.

>> No.55020961

Kek fuddies

>> No.55020999

>t. discord baggie
sorry but it's common knowledge by now that every link thread is made by pink boi discord trannie baggies
seek help

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>> No.55021032

Wasted trips but yes anon, anyone looking at this thread can see that you're very mentally stable and intelligent. Do you have links to, or screencaps of your 'pink boi' discord?

>> No.55021047

Scratch that, 52.
Log off of 4chan and delete your account. Go have a breath of fresh air

>> No.55021069

Fuddies Kek lol

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kek cuckolds

>> No.55021096

You haven't posted anything in 10 minutes. Please come back, anon, okay? We miss you.

>> No.55021127

For the anon, we long, we yearn,
A 4chan sage of Chainlink's churn.
In threads of green, your words, they gleam,
Your posts, like stars, in the memetic stream.

Absent now, for moments five,
The board feels empty, less alive.
Oh, come back, poster of the Link,
Without you, our spirits sink.

Your insights, sharp, your FUD, profound,
Without you, less joy is found.
Return, dear anon, to 4chan's stage,
Bring back your Chainlink sage.

The market's tides, they ebb and flow,
Your absence strikes a grievous blow.
Return, dear anon, don't make us wait,
For without you, the threads stagnate.

>> No.55021184

Have some bottles of whiskey and get back to the drawing board, using Token Metrics to build your portfolio with an AI - Driven crypto research and insights platform.

>> No.55021190

seek help, discord freaks

>> No.55021204

a poet is born

>> No.55022483

it's time for a general thread, at this point it's just board spam. maybe a word filter on "chainlink" and "link" for a week as well to drive the point home

>> No.55022734

KEK fuddies

>> No.55023139

Please make more posts

>> No.55023290


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>> No.55023729

people are mocking you now, it's the last stage, by next bull market and the new blood nobody will talk about chainlink at all, even the bagholders will become quiet, that's the final stage.

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>> No.55023912

I'm never selling my chainlink tokens. They get so mad

>> No.55023961

Thanks, just sold!

>> No.55024028

>53 pbtid
Thank you for bumping the thread all night. In commemorative fashion for your kindness, I shall now purchase one Link token.

>> No.55024076

I just need a new experience in life, I'm tired of the trannies and drinking whiskey. Gaming or anything captivating is all I need.

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There's much gain as futureverse are making it equally important in the metaverse. You could have the best experience here.

>> No.55024150 [DELETED] 

I'm focused on trending narratives, AI and DiD are.gettjjg bags filled.

>> No.55024201

>itt: mind broken bag holders prove they can still count

>> No.55024316 [DELETED] 

I'm focused on the trending narratives, AI and DiD are.gettjjg bags filled.

>> No.55024513

I'm focused on the trending narratives, AI and DiD are melting faces.

>> No.55024516

it's going to get real fun when 2026 rolls around and link has performed as well as eos has this cycle

>> No.55024649
File: 583 KB, 972x1074, 1684055246900799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the irony of course is that if this ever did happen, it would be the fudders who would evade the filters. despite what they might say, it's actually the fudders who would be destroyed by this and would never ever actually want it to happen.

>> No.55024817

The generals exist because there's a paid shill making them. That's the only reason they're so organized and consistent. It actually a curious note that Chainlink doesn't have a general.