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How does /biz/ feel about GRT?

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Financially cucked, I'd imagine

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Yup its over. 100k holder 50c avg

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100k 5c avg, it's over

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I hold 50k GuRTs, but I'm not buying more because I've been ass fucked, financially speaking.
t. bought at 30c, didn't sell the top and held all the way back down
>yanniv tranniv
>where are the query fees
>it's over

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>the xerox parc of web3

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>have their own niche
>in a critical area
>which benefits from decentralisation
>and a lot of smart people involved
it was so good on paper bros how did we get skullfucked so absolutely brutally.

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the fees are nowhere and pushing back the sunset. 2 more weeks right...2 more months right guys... 2 more years, not bad buddies... fucking jews fucked our asses. i am bagholding my life savings that have turned to ashes and i am europoor so it took considerable time to save it all up. so i am married to this piece of shit until it goes to zero or does something. i have 25k and i just can't even buy more anymore or i will rope. if you want to see the face of pain look at grt baggies who hold over 50k or 100k. i am small tiny bag and i just laugh and cry at same time

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Baggies are seething but I made my first buy last week and I’m feeling good about it. Will be buying weekly, hopefully price stays in this range for the next year.

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People traded their 8% inflation daily usage fiat for 100% inflation tokens that are optional to pay for services

It's really just not worth that much

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I hold 148k grt which I got in an airdrop for being an early tester of grt lol. Reggie not sell at $3 but I know it will go to $6 next bulla so I'm good.

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if this shit hits the delegation fee promises we been told or even half of that you better than good on next bulla. collect fees and laugh on your way to the bank

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I paid $2 for one grt

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You fool, you should be dcaing down hard now while you can.
I was in your exact position but as soon as it'll dropped below 6c I started buying hard and now I have 145,000 with an average of 14c.
I believe we will see at least $1 so long as there is another bullrun.
Good luck grt frens.

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Fartshit u dumbshit

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Still up 117% from the start of 2023... hell yeah, feels good to be a GRT-Chad.

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Bought, delegated, realised it's over, written off as a loss

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Bought, delegated, realised it's over, killed mysel

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It has good fundamentals (used by so many L1 and L2 blockchains, as well as dapps) and most of the tokens are circulating now which should be good for the price going forward. So I'm bullish on The Graph. We should at the very least get above $2 if we have a typical 4 year cycle where BTC makes a new ATH. Hopefully though we'll hit $5 or even beyond that.

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Yaniv Betranniv

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Too many shitty empty promises, little usecase and dwindling liquidity. Marlin Protocol is way better.

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Totally agree

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>Too many shitty empty promises, little usecase and dwindling liquidity

This perfectly describes the dead shitcoin you're shilling.

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Can we please have some price predictions for the coming years?!

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2023: $0.50
2024: $2
2025: $5

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Bitch are you fo reeeeeeeeal?!

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this is the google of blockchain. it is definitely possible

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this is the google of blockchain. it is definitely over

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if i buy more i lose my fucking life... for gurtie hurties? i lost my life savings.... life fucking savings. i can save 100-200$ a month and i went all in. this shit better work or it's the rope no fucking joke. yeah i the fucking fool! i need to buy more? yeah man? buy more? fuck the people here. yeah man just dca down....down to the fucking drop with the rope. dca FUCKING DOWN WE GO! DCA MAN!!!!! FUCKING DCA!!! eat shit and thank you anon for your comment. i am sorry for losing my touch to reality there for a while. ok, i will put rest of my soul to just dca. thanks anon. thanks. sorry for getting little agressive there. the jews will make us rich.... please jesus help me.

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I buyded shitton when it was $1 and threw in my last savings when it went down to 0.5.
Can't dca in further and I'll forever baghold because I don't believe we're going to see 2021 highs ever again, but least I'm not as pathetic as the bbyq cretins who hold literal delisted garbage

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checked but BS
calm your tits down, you will be good in 2y

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Been DCAing since Early 2021, my average is probably $0.15 or so by now. Still holding out hope for a return to ATH

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Anon, it doesn't look good for the short term at a glance but I'm getting a buy signal on Tokenmetrics investor grade for the long-term holders

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Has a lot of potential. I have been inside for a long time now. GRT and SPOOL are my strength. Both are on Arbitrum. Retards won't understand.

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Looks like you don't have patience as well as your life savings

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bought at 9cents so I'm not really sure if I give a shit yet

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I think it still has long term strength
>Captcha: STD4YW

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A thread of anons pimped out with $1 of free GRT from a 5 question coinbase quiz

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Literally me, got 10 GRTs, is it possible to for it to get to $100k per coin? I need a new house

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Jesus. Your pussy attitude means you won't make it. Calm down and DCA.
This is guaranteed to hit $1 at least.

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It was good a few years ago, yeah
But it got slow and unprofitable, so last year I bought some VINU and had a 3x, that was what I needed back then

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I like it.

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GRT and SPOOL are my most bullish Arbitrum gems. I do not mind adding RDNT. Not that bad.

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Dead shitcoin, grabbed a 10m sui just in case though

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Very funny noob.
It's 10,000 suicide. 100,000 make it.
Always was and always will be.
Get on my level!

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They're GReaT

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kek baggie, unironically

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It was 1m sui 10m make it, with 10x supply it's now 10m sui 100m make it
Always has been

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Paymoneywubby bought $100k+ at $1.20
Do you really think he sold? Of course not. How much less has the average holder lost? Just buy more and wait. My entry price was 14 cents.

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it was never 1m sui, lol, wtf. Even at it's minimum that is ~$50k. It launched at 13 cents and only went up from there til the crash. A one million stack would have been almsot $3 million at the ATH. I don't think you know what a sui stack is.
It was always 10k sui, 100k make it. I've been in it since it launched.

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Amen fellow day 1 brother.
Show these noobs who's boss!

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>a one million stack would have been almost $3 million at the ath
How the fuck is 100k stack make it then. GRT would have to get to $50 a coin with those shit tokenomics

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False here is the price prediction from a source I pay monthly for. You'll die before you make money from this shitcoin. You can thank the tokenomics for that. The people fudding here are actually correct, ironically.

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Imagine being in crypto for any length of time and still believing """""""""UTILITY COINS""""""""""" are the place to make money.

Nobody will make money from tech utility coins for a long, long, long time. The problem is that utility coins promise WAY too much. And inevitably under deliver.

The Graph's promise? Oh let's build a decentralized indexing network that spans all major blockchains and perfectly retrieves arbitrary query information by incentivizing several hundred large scale indexing operations to deterministically refer information.

Pepe's promise? Kek frog maymay

Why the fuck would you waste your life waiting for someone to fulfill a decade-long promise that isn't even calculated to deliver you profits when you can just study the meme coin market?

Fuck GRT and all of the time I wasted on it.

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Bought at launch and thought I was a genius.
Held til now and realised I'm a retard.

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You created a whole other thread just to post this image again? And had it queued up to fire less than a minute after the first post?

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Not me, you fucking goon.

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last bullrun vaporware

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This. I sold at 20c, never going back. Also GRT is supposed to have a low price.

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It's over