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There is someone on this board that spends all day calling every post here a psyop/made by a glowie. How can we help him?

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There is a spam report bottom

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And some of you sit all day on 4chan swinging brooms while being niggers in discord vcs

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got damn amateur glownigger faggots. notz good enough to get a desk job

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Pump the Bitcoin price to 7 digits and we can see what he does with wealth.

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online consensus is literally a direct function of how much GPU power you have.
The more GPUS you have = the more GPT4 instances you can spin up = the more AI "people" you can have spouting your party line, in completely convincing conversational English.
When you go into any online space and "everyone" is saying something you no longer have any guarantee that there are even human beings behind the views being presented, or the apparent consensus. A site like reddit could have thousands of "people" agreeing about something that only 5% of the population believes, because that 5% have lots of GPUs.

Even the schizos are barely schizo enough, with what we're moving into.

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theres a guy on this board who just says Shalom to other post

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bitch ser glowy basterd

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I would say 4chins is the birthing place of LLMs. Most people consider the chatbots glowies, because to what end is that much effort put forth. 4chins is literally the breeding grounds that was then adapted to Facebook and other data sources to make them more PR. the best datasets are of course uncensored,

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Fucking glowie shitting up the board

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they are not even glowies
they are discord loser white trash scamming poor idiots. They are the ones that groomed sam and the fucking idiot fell for it

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ITT: glowies

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no, just white trash that is larping as glowies, scamming people on social media and a man whose hobby it is to make memes

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This is what happens when you smoke too much effereiums kiddos

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And if you scam people with a jewish retard that gets fucked by a chink and sings to have at least some chance to get out, you go to jail for wire fraud

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He appears to be a deeply troubled individual, but then again, we are on /biz/, so that's like saying that he has two arms.