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I’ve been maxing my 401k out for 4.5 years going all in on low fee vanguard index funds and I just checked my rate of return since initial purchase and it’s 8.7%. That’s not per year, it’s all years combined

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>I’ve been maxing my 401k
It's embarrassing when midwits don't even realize they're being midwits

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how is that even possible? what did vanguard do with all the rest of the gains?

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Because a lot of my DCA’ing was done when the market was higher than it is now so it canceled out when I bought low and I also did the mega backdoor during 2021 which doubled how much I was contributing that year, I literally put in 60k that year at the market top. And I also front loaded my contributions this year since I was worried about layoffs (wanted to get the full 50% match early just in case) so I already maxed 2023 when the market has crabbed.

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>time in the market beats timing the market
thanks for playing

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4.5 years isnt long enough for compounding magic to take effect

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I just checked my total gains/loss after 4 yrs


I only have 3% though, i never maxed it, which is the company match. Should I just dump all my entire 401k into Bitcoin? I currently have 20k

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thats right come back in 40 years goy

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lol. 401k.... i told my friend your story (pic) and she said she had a good LOL. Thx. please continue to max it out

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if you dont see anything wrong with this you should keep "investing" in them. mr klaus will buy a new island thanks to people like you

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target funds?

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Help me niggas

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Frog poster has spoken

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You're retarded.

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Meanwhile inflation is like 50% over those 4.5 Years. Thanks for playing goyim!

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superannuation (401k) is the biggest financial scam that has ever existed in the history of the planet. check how much you contributed goes to paying actual fees for the company managing it and paying things like life insurance. this is a boomer invention that should tell you all you need to know
this is actually quite sad. you have not even outpaced inflation. there are going to be so many young people who are going to lose their shit when they check their retirement balance in 10 years and realise its been like a negative savings account this entire time

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An easily-missed feature of every Pepe is the pair of identifying lines below the left eye. It is highly improbable that these strips are mere compression artifacts as they have been stamped on every instance of the most common Pepe in the exact same manner, and there is seemingly no reason for a compression algorithm to do this; besides, the strips exist even on image formats that don't use compression. The strips are likely a steganographic technique to embed hidden data within every Pepe. It is unknown what data is embedded on the Pepes, but it is likely a means to track the spread and evolution of the wider Pepe meme. Many of those frogNIGGERS are retarded enough to use the steganographically compromised pepes. As expected of frogNIGGERS.

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What do you do? I just put in 3% because my employer matches that. I have no intention of even living past 70.

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My MATIC stake of 10,000 has earned me more than that in 2 years

And Matic staking is considered safe and steady lol

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Elaborate on the 401k fee bleed anon, are we talking 2% akin to a hedge fund?
Checked, will have to review my frogs

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there is nothing you can do because of what you said. either put your faith in the system and hope the stock market goes on another 30 year bull run or take the money out and buy a memecoin and pray that it moons enough for you to afford to be able to buy real estate. those are the only two options left for millennial now lol until we wait for our parents to die

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just DCA for 30 years bro. you will get those 8% yearly gains

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u need to call up your super fund and ask them. if you havent ever spoken to them automatically you are paying for their premium brokerage service which includes stuff like life insurance and other bullshit fees. all that eats into your potential gains early on. a broker told me thats literally how these funds survive by making their clients pay all these exorbitant fees their whole lives without them ever realising