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Serious question.

I know this is extremely unrealistic under traditional finance laws of gravity, but I'm assuming it's possible with smart gambling? Essentially, I'm asking how to score a 20x fast in these stupid bear market conditions. And no, no leverage bullshit please - I'm not looking to get liquidated from a scamwick.

Long story short, looking to buy a small house with cash.

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How to turn $25k to $500k fast is not a serious question

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It might not happen this year but if you buy vra you’ll probably end up with a 20x

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Buy Kirby. Just dropped on Eth tonight. 100k mcap. Liquidity locked.

Ez 20x. Don't be a pussy

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Many people have done it before.

Also, not every get rich quick story involved crypto. Most did though.

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buy some kilos and sell them a few times

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Go to roulette and all in on black 4 times in a row and you'll be at 400k, thats as easy as it gets

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Dangerously based.

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Nobody has this advice for you bro, if anyone knew they wouldn’t share it.

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Are you morons not on the same board? Do you not see the toad threads?

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bet it all on 0DTE few times.

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It's over

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what is a k? And why are faggots so home for it?

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That's easy AF

You enter a random thread and ask anons


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I see my reply to this post from an hour ago mysteriously vanished. Oh well, here's a hint anon since we're not allowed to discuss certain topics.

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Nigga there's no "Fast." That's how you lose. Listen to Bob Loukas and play the entire 4 year cycle. Buy 1/2 BTC/ETH, (Safe) 1/4 mid caps, 1/4 low caps and fucking WAIT 2 years. Nigga like defer your gratification and stare at the fucking marshmallow for 2 years.

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Yeah memecoins can do

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This, it's such a obvious play if you do like 5 mins of research.
Do the 5 mins of research and then go all in on TOAD Killer, thank us later.

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Be leveraged to the tits then trade.

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dont fall for the yolo meme
want to start over with 0$ and make your 25k back waging?
0dte options contracts, little by little

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Yo, listen up OP! Going for that insane x20 speed might seem impossible, but memecoins can either make you rich af or leave you dead broke. It's smarter to play the long game, like holding onto gems such as MNI, REEF, DOT, and KAVA. Trust me bro, the long-term gains are where it's at. Don't be a weak hand.

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I can show you how to turn $500k to $25K fast

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Bet in Dota or League of legends, they dive a lot in many ways but you should be able to recognize a few
Be extremely careful, don't get cocky
OG is trash

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Forgot, i use parima... sometimes they give funny help. Again only do it if you are experienced abd CAN read scrubs and divers

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Ticker: BITCOIN to 500 mil

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Serious answer: if you bought 5,000 $5 SPY calls on Wednesday expiring that day you would make that money in less than two hours.

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I can do it by trading, but it will take at least 4 months, is that fast enough?

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Bob "missed the top" Loukas

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This is misleading. Even if SPY were to pump (for calls) or dump (for puts) on that day, your decided participation in the system actually changes the outcome. Market participans will see your calls, and make sure that the market does not go your way in order for you to lose your 25K to them.

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No need to seek advice from strangers, Argent Gen-2 and ride stakers are now earning as much as three tokens daily. You don't want to miss this.

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i dont get it whats that little jew mushroom got to do with money

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At least SPY options don’t have wide bid ask spreads so you’d be getting the exact bid amount

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>Marshmallow test
Man I loved reading about how that one kid licked the marshmallow until all the sugar was gone but technically did not eat it. Genius.

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It's easier to lose $1000 than to gain it. Think about that. Be happy and content with your 25k, friend. Unless you hace access to inside trading or you yourself create a shitcoin scam and shill it here and then rug the pull, there is literally no chance

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he can just buy chainlink and get his 500k next year after halving

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But what if Chainlink is the next Luna terra and the token goes to 0.0001? Even stables lose their peg sometimes. Solana was for a few moments below 10 when ATH was 250. You never know. LINK isn´t performing great right now, it already has its pump and nobody knows the future. I wouldn't hodl any coin that isn't BTC much time desu. But you won't get more that 2 or 3x out of bitcoin, that's for sure

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Wait until BTC dumps below 20k
Buy as much as you can
Wait a year and a half, dump btc into alts
Ride the pumps, dump alts into eth
Ride the pump, dump into dollars.

None of this is guaranteed, but it is educated gambling which is what you asked.

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learn to play poke really well
fleece normies in underground poker games
watch the movie "rounders" if you have any questions

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Bermuda (BMDA)

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what if lightning strikes you tomorrow and you die?

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That's actually a good point, death is always just around the corner. Imagine a solar flare, all coins ever created would literally go to fucking zero. Anything can happen. Anyway, nothing wrong in thinking chess 3d on your investments and being cautious although that may also paralize you from doing literally anything

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a solar flare would wipe out all investments that aren't all physical goods you physically hold, large organic gardens or pseudo Amish communitis with non electric macheniery.

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Retard, turning 25k to 500k fast may not be fucken realistic, but be it a bear or bull market, TM AI-powered platform assists you with great picks that will maximize what you've got.