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TOAD bros we are so coming back

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clean it up jannie

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A ha! This one stays up! One last chance biz.

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I feel like this is gonna take PEPE down easily.

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watch out janny trannies are deleting threads about this, literally trying to make /biz/ poor

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My TOAD bros wagmi

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i'm toadally ready for this one and been watch the charts hopping, its been ribbiting

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Nooooo I meant to buy more
But I didn't want to sell my last 1k link
Did I fuck up?????

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jannies delete this obvious scam.

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we have already hit the bottom, you are late

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this shit is going to rip once btc stops dumping

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you mean exit liq for the whales? and by whales i mean the same whale that owns the 2nd and 3rd largest wallet aka 15% of the supply???

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You mean the anonymous devs

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My TOAD bout to explode.

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I wonder why they let this one stay up. Maybe they finally got in and are ready to shill it. We should do multiple threads and see what happens.
yea it’s pretty obvious at this point

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It's rugging as we speak

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toadbros.... we're winning

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Ragnar Shib said that TOAD is not p&d.

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>slight drop
>"it's rugging sellsellsel"
not selling

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He left the toad tg
What did he mean by this

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He is still member of TOAD Telegram. LOL

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have fun getting dumped on every step of the way. just look at the top wallet activity fags

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TOAD chads wgmi, 34 billion whale here

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TOAD tip
buy ticker TOAD

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Made you check

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I was there yesterday but I bought the dip this afternoon. Now a 103 billion TOAD god cook

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Your courage paid off, I meant to but got stuck in office waging.

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When this reaches shib levels (40 billion fdv) how much will your stack be worth

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I haven’t even thought about that. Right now I’m just enjoying the ride with you guys. It’s gonna be fun summer

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Can you losers cope harder? Nothing but a big circle jerk is happening here. You are getting dumped on and are too stupid to realize.

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>Someone who bought early is taking profits
Wow you don't say, I guess we'll just shut the whole thing down.

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>chart has completely leveled off
>"you're getting dumped on bro sellsellse"
not selling

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Minipepe provides a second chance for those who missed out on Pepe!

This is your chance to be early for once!



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So what was that three arrow capital thing from yesterday?

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It was a big wallet that turned out to be the actual Shibaswap LP tokens wallet with millions in the wallet connecting it to the whole shib ecosystem. The initial half a million was supplied from 3ac wallet way back. He just swapped some shib and bone to buy toad then it likely called the bottom. It's just making a cup and handle now then booom

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Shib is just a giant Pajeetoid Givernment Ponzi Scheme

I don’t want give more power to curries buying up all the real estate in London, California and Florida

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So are your currencies...you have shib 2.0 here ready to destroy pepe...what else are you all waiting for?

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See this is a perfect example of what the next meme bull is gonna look like and why we need to make toad soup. Toadie is gonna cook them all

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The wallet buying is mental

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A frog killer, really?

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Those who fumbled Shib early had a fair excuse as who could have known what the Doge killer was capable of.
Here have no excuse. U all should know who we are. We are all blessed with a fucking frog soup on the way to the moon.
Ape TOAD right now or cry later and stay poor. Chad or jeet. Its up to you, anon

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TOAD KILLER, connected to Shib team players, may be the next big crypto. 1000x

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>I don’t want give more power to curries buying up all the real estate in London, California and Florida
One thing (perhaps the only thing) I like about jeets besides their food is, they don’t tell. You could be running a massive fentanyl operation right next to their convenience store and they’ll never snitch to the cops. Idk if it’s out of fear or it’s not part of their culture, but jeets don’t tell nor do they judge other people. It must be some Hindi principle or something.

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Bro, while all these plebs are busy chasing memecoins, I'm playing it smart and banking the gains into legit long-term projects with real value, like MNI Corp. Don't be a normie settler, anon. Aim for the moon and go for the big leagues. HODL strong and watch those gains stack up, bruh

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Don't want to rush OP, I know with a data-driven analysis and market insights on Token metrics, I'll make a smarter investment decisions and stay ahead of the game.

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No doubt about TOAD, I know with a data-driven analysis and market insights on Token metrics, I'll make a smarter investment decisions and stay ahead of the game.

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This is looking more like alpha every day tbf. Can’t keep denying the evidence.

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what is alpha

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Go go go buy it

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wagmi toadies

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Yea anon but I'm not sleeping on crypto payments, it got some nice juicy gains, it allows users to transact seamlessly across borders, overcoming the limitations of traditional banking systems and their associated fees and delays.

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Biz will miss this just like it missed shib and will seethe for 3 years again.

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Okay anon been thinking about throwing an ethie in. Tell me straight why will thhis shitcoin do anything out of any other shitcoin. Are anons hoping this will do 1000x just because of shiba connections? Most people are concerned about cancerous whale supply atm to put serious money in, including me.

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Now I understand better...sometimes people just don't see it even when it's right in their faces.

Again: most admins in chat, multiple shib related wallets including the connecting to treasury and actual Shibaswap LP wallet itself which bought 10 eth yesterday out of nowhere just to give a signal, Twitter accounts that shill it are followed by shytoshi himself, multiple more hints everywhere. 3 threads became top replied and more gained traction, but they were mostly deleted or achieved. Its gaining traction so we all should join before it's too late.

Pepe rose out of nowhere, you think that no one would retaliate and take a piece of that hype? Who else would be better than shib team themselves who did the same before already. Come on people we are literally spoon-feeding you yet you ignore it. I'm here everyday, and I want people here to make it. I even found it here myself. Trying to give back. This time truly it feels different. Sooner or later all will see.

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fuck it i am buying more

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The whales could dump and take a few hundred k to themselves but they aren't...instead, they are distributing without massive dumps. Why is that? Obviously apart from a few exceptions, they are insiders distributing the token at the right places to ensure long term stability. You didn't expect a potentially 1b+ or even more valuable token to be distributed to some randoms right at the start so they would crash the project before it started to rise right? It's all planned and organized. I am normally very careful with such things but after seeing the evidence, it was enough for me to resupply even more and get a proper stack for myself which I would never do if it wasn't convincing enough.

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Ight anon, might throw in some and will see how t rides from then on. I either get fucked and feed the village or make something. Plus shib guys wouldnt come to a random shitcoin tg out of nowhere i assume. Just seeing how this consoolidates in upcoming days.

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oh yeah toadbros im feeling it today

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>Who else would be better than shib team themselves who did the same before already.
Exactly. Shib boys going for back to back championships. It’s like the Patriots or the Bulls with MJ. It won’t be a cakewalk but we’re betting on proven winners that know wtf they’re doing.

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Its almost as if the chart is slowly rising like boiling water.

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i got 23b total now, we will see what happens

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meanwhile biz will continue to buy osamasonicinu type of shitcoins that are created by no names instead

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Pepe who?

>> No.55022707

Dats an ingredient in my soup

>> No.55022828

eat da pepe

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>no one sells
>no one buys
actually comfy

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Why did Shib pump anyways?

>> No.55024022


Because they are industry insiders that took it over. They are extremely well connected with all the biggest eth network players and loaded to the gills.

The only other tokens that you can find their actual CORE team involved are Shib and Bone pretty much. Leash i guess too, but that was more if Ryoshi 's pet token so to speak.

Betting against this token is flat out retarded nigger IQ level.

>> No.55024226

>CORE team involved
Is there confirmed evidence that the core team is also involved in TOAD? Or is it still speculation at this point?

>> No.55024324

If you check the wallets, it's pretty obvious.

>> No.55024439

shib pumped because elon tweeted that he wanted a shiba as a dog, thats it.
It was a literal pump and dump completely forgotten that got revived thanks to that, the team had nothing to do

>> No.55024644

bunch of morons larping. remember all the BBBY cilium threads? 2 more weeks and shib will tweet us! don’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. this has all the signs of rugpull. screen shot this

>> No.55024668


Yes. The email address can only be created by the lead shib developer Kaal. That's a proven fact.

Ragnar shib is active in chat as well as head Shibarium admin JM who calls everything and anything claiming Shib to be a scam and a larp. Not to mention Shytoshi joined. It's the real deal. Largest Shibaswap LP token holder bought 10 eth as well.

To the anon who says it only pumped because of Elon, NGMI.

Why did Pepe pump? Why did Doge?

You think these things are actually organic and not planned in advance? Gtfo and go back to plebbit. Elon is still heavily involved in the meme scene as well.

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Post a picture of your brown hands Rajeesh. There has never been a token claiming Shib ties like this one. Nothing even near. This token isn't even claiming it. They are literally all there and are openly a part of it.

>> No.55024738

>bunch of morons larping. remember all the BBBY cilium threads? 2 more weeks and shib will tweet us! don’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. this has all the signs of rugpull. screen shot this
Well, I wouldn't burn 10 ETH if I were trying to rugpull someone. Also, show hands.

>> No.55024857

>Literally shib team in chat
>Anons still refuse to throw in at least 100 on what if
Thats how catalog gets filled with red wojaks while yes not every coin wwill pull a shib but its better safe than sorry. Yes this is a very high rick play but you dont wantt to rope in the near future IF this does insane x's

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Anon, I'll probably wait for TM Trader Grade to give me a signal on this

>> No.55024964

>not even a single goytuber has made a video on this
just how early are we Toadbros?

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Early as fuck apparently. Retards on Webull telling me I’m deceitful. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m not lying

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Super early, shib connections, breadcrumbs. But more than that the logo is very jeety assuming this will evber list. Seems to have reached the bottom apart from few bots buying 1 eth here and there. I will either feed the village or make a stack i cant miss again bros

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if this turns out to be a shib larp im killing every jeet at the convenience store down the street before taking my own life

>> No.55025657

As much as ive seen the same "next shiba sers lfg" circlejerks on biz over the years this can unironically be it.Think about it anon why would people from shib come to a random shitcoin tg, shib treasury etc. Im either full on fucking shizo from scrolling biz or these are the most stealth breadcrumbs ive ever seen. Then again we can get completely rekt. Seen way too many "shib killers" over the course but i cant fucking miss it again bros i swear to god rope wiill be waiting

>> No.55025725

Even if The Senate decided agianst Crypto in early 2024, Thing like this will survive, if pajeets wanted they would've dumped a long time ago, bullish signal incoming in few weeks, mark my words.

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This is what really gets me excited, such big names attached that would make good click bait videos yet there’s no click bait videos. Despite being a 4 million market cap we’re so fucking early still and it’s only a matter of time until word gets out.

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>you now remember SHIB reached a fucking $40 billion market cap
even 10% of that would be magical

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even 1% of shib is 100x

>> No.55026642

just grabbed more

>> No.55026652

how much bud?

>> No.55026664

15 billy was me

>> No.55026851

not again toad bros. ahhhhhhhh

>> No.55026890

just some turbulence toadbro trust the plan

>> No.55026965

i texted about 8 of my friends "i think i found the next SHIB". So far 5 people bought and 4 never used a dex or even had self custody until this week.

>> No.55027024

>getting your friends into crypto
>getting your friends to buy a specific coin even
i'd never do this

>> No.55027038

Why wouldn't you grab a bag?

>> No.55027049

i did it with BAT and looked retarded while everything else mooned around it but at least i got them in at a good price. I preambled TOAD with "it could be a scam but its worth a couple hundred to find out"

>> No.55027104

well at least they know it's possible they'll lose all their cash kek

>> No.55027167

0.05% dicklet holder here trying to get to 1% at least

>> No.55027664

Shib dev here. As I mentioned in a TOAD thread yesterday, TOAD is not ours. Sorry to get your hopes up guys. Our system admin was fired this week after selling multiple emails from Shib.io. We will do better about vetting future SHIB employees.

>> No.55027698

Are you ragner who posted this in the tg ?

>> No.55027705

lol ID with NIG in it... sounds about right.

>> No.55027771

>Are you ragner who posted this in the tg?
Yes. I also posted this earlier today in the Telegram group. We will follow up and make an official announcement on our twitter page once we have all the facts. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sorry faggot. Still not selling

>> No.55027810

Uhhh I think you fucked up there ser kek. Now I’m actually sussed about this fucking shitcoin

>> No.55027897

This shitcoin can't even spell shit right
None of the shib people are in the tg

>> No.55027919

oh wow this is devastating to hear but really glad to hear how much y'all care about the underlying community. together, brother, wagmi irregardless

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FUD me harder daddy

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i cannot wait to laugh at these retards that think shib is behind this. if something is too good to be true, guess what, it usually is. hopefully just newfag zoomers falling for this.

>> No.55028252

>ragnar himself says in the tg that this is just some random retard larping
these attempts keep getting more pathetic

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even if they aren't you can still make money from people fomoing in who believe they are

>> No.55028588


>> No.55028596

It’s more risky for me to sell than to hold to zero. I would kill myself if it mooned for 1k invested that I could’ve blown on dumb shit. As of right now there’s more evidence pointing towards it being shib than not. If you can’t prove that it’s not shib devs than stfu

>> No.55028602

we’re u in the telegram yesterday when 500 bots instantly joined. no one talks about that. kek

>> No.55028780

i just load up more TOADIES

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imagine buying a toad bc a frog coin popped off and you think it'll catch some of that sweet sweet success. unoriginal and no memes about toads. wth are you thinking lads?

>> No.55029940

this thead did not age well KEK

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File: 455 KB, 1434x976, proofs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 74 KB, 1000x1000, 1670909000158889.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is this not enough proof for people at this point?

>> No.55030505

Just tried the email and it bounced

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>> No.55030582

That was from before they fired the admin who was selling internal email addresses

>> No.55030606

>That was from before they fired the admin who was selling internal email addresses
when did they say they did this?

>> No.55030628

Seriously? Fuck!!! Gotta hand it to these jeets. This was a very sophisticated scheme. They had to be pretty fluent in English to pull this off

>> No.55030645

I literally took that screenshot just now

>> No.55030653
File: 51 KB, 993x817, bouncy2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is another one.
FUDers getting kind of pathetic

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File: 494 KB, 1127x678, nicefudradeesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ragnar already called out this fud, but nice try, im sure you got some jeets to sell

>> No.55030687
File: 750 KB, 640x989, D261F55C-9EF1-43C8-9573-FF2FB2EA6CCB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did and I got nice entry price because of it. Hahahahahahahahaha

>> No.55030749

Can someone explain this? It seems the shib team is confused about how the Pepe@shib.io email too

>> No.55030791

Lol that account isn't an insider...Later Lucie tweeted a dead frog gif with frog soup emojis. Fud is getting weaker. Pic is here in another reply. This is %100 shib related, to be pepe's rival. Ragnar was just in the chat some hours ago, dispelling the shitty fud lol

>> No.55030810

It's a 100% real email. For what reason it was created it ultimately unknown but it isn't "fake".

>> No.55031350

bros im so ready for them to announce whatever the fuck theyre going to announce.
the charts narrowing and the twitters been a little more quiet

>the shib team is confused
that account isnt part of the team. its just some guy.
if the shib team wasnt connected, they would have disavowed it a week ago instead of being in the TG on day one and buying dips with shibaswap LP wallets

>> No.55031409

You’re right. They’re more than just surface level deep on this project but frogs boil on simmer, so I guess we just gotta be patient with them. More time for us to load up. Once it’s starts running we’re all gonna wish we had more no matter how much we have now.

>> No.55031418
File: 899 KB, 828x1792, 7DBADC55-4CFB-4B51-9A91-1A540F93B4AD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot picrel

>> No.55031524

>go to tg group
>it's all poojeets
>100 thosands ransheeds
nice meme coin you got there

>> No.55031581

welcome to tg, anon
maybe they'll set up a discord later

>> No.55031630

Just brought some more

>> No.55031645

The $54 or the $191?

>> No.55031677
File: 42 KB, 682x1024, 971B24D2-F7A6-4F65-B401-5EF4053D41CA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

50 billion stack. What am I in for. Feel like I need 5 trillion

>> No.55031740
File: 84 KB, 1026x843, Toadkiller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chart is %100 being painted I'm sure of it now...this was last night and it touched the line and rising steadily again now. They want fair distribution to the early community. Not a pump and dump like pepe...this will destroy all and be a middle finger to all the shitcoins out there. Shib team will make this right!

>> No.55031750

Holding 1% of supply and gonna ape more how could you not resist. Whale gonna want to mimic this alpha shit!! kill Pepe frog soup #TOAD

>> No.55031793

The chart is absolutely looking amazing following the bullshit trend line gradually going up. It’s beautiful to see. Painting that perfect picture wishing all my toad killer brothers success to come

>> No.55031909

If we started hitting another bull market this year and TOAD miraculously amounted to a 50 billion market cap like SHIB did how would it affect your life differently?

>> No.55032040

Even 1 billion would be a 200x+ from here.

>> No.55032748
File: 88 KB, 700x867, 1672312348817929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how important was Ragnar to SHIB?

>> No.55032761
File: 55 KB, 830x738, 1684011075357233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55033124

How much you need to hold to be 1%?

>> No.55033158

More confirmation

>> No.55033176
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like 4 trillion

how are they being so overt about it any yet normalfags still haven't picked up on it? not a single youtuber video either

>> No.55033220

I think we underestimated how bitter the taste the normies still have for crypto

>> No.55033245
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>> No.55033265

I threw 10k at this shit last week, fully expecting it to rug.

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spoke too soon bobo

>> No.55033644
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is today the day bros?

>> No.55033657

I hope not. Still trying to accoom more before they flip the switch

>> No.55033960

already got my last bit, nothing more goes in

>> No.55034064

how big is your stack?

>> No.55034151

9 inch and hard as diamonds

>> No.55034226

Invest if you can afford to lose. I got 1k in this and I will expect to lose it all but I have little confidence that it will. Shiba crabbed for a whole year. I have the same idea about this coin. Rather have it spread organically than a massive hype desu.

>> No.55034237

If it crabs for a year the whole narrative of flipping pepe will be moot.

>> No.55034349
File: 84 KB, 591x1280, 5123CB0E-0F00-459F-A7BC-19A744B14654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.55034467
File: 167 KB, 1595x1270, 164432469797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

PEEPO is far superior my duderino/dudette

>> No.55034493
File: 870 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-05-20-15-38-59-317_org.telegram.messenger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Toad update:

Shibarium just had a twitter space with Ragnar Shib as one of the lead speakers.

Literally right after the space ended Ragnar posted in Toad TG and a community member asked Ragnar what is the significance of Toad to the Shib ecosystem he replied: Killing Pepe is good enough.

Get in while you still can because Shin whales are about to send it past Pepe.

>> No.55034540

See this is more proof that we’re doing frog coins this time around. I check one of the random wallets that bought some TOAD on dextools. Fucking guy had ribbit, senior Pepe, sigmapepe, Pepe reloaded etc. TOAD will kill the frog

>> No.55034556
File: 59 KB, 175x178, 1684102430996626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck, thats good
and remember, anons
>toad is still in its stealth phase
>shib as an entity has not officially mentioned toad at all yet
>my guess is that theyre going all-in on making toad a big meme token so it can lead into generating massive shibarium grand opening hype
>toad still only has a fucking 4 mil mcap
we truly cant tell you enough

>> No.55034976
File: 346 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_3654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

smells like mumbai in here

>> No.55034984

I've loaded another ETH worth today. Fuck it. Near a trillion now. WAGMI toad bros.

>> No.55035072

didn't they say he joined and then left?

>> No.55035115


Yes. Sone people on biz are just determined to be poor. One of Shib's top two core team leaders just told everyone in telegram it's purpose is to flip Pepe.

If you think they will fail then you have no idea how deep those teams run through this space and how well connected they are. Pepe literally doesn't stand a chance.

>> No.55035130


>> No.55035139

unless you're arguing they'd join some random shitcoin's telegram lole

>> No.55035160

>Pepe literally doesn't stand a chance.
Even if Pepe gets flipped, Pepe will still perform very well in a bullrun, 10 billion+ mcap, so holding both is the smart play. Also SHIB, while it performed well, didn't flip DOGE.

>> No.55035162

when btc dumps tomorrow this is going to zero with every other recent meme ponzi

>> No.55035247

>when btc dumps
i didnt think the fud could get more desperate than how it was in the last thread

>> No.55035268

I hope you’re right. I’m finished loading the truck up yet. If it goes to zero I’m doubling my stack

>> No.55035296

>some people on biz are just determined to be poor.
No they’re determined to keep everyone else poor and fudded out. Why do you think jannies were deleting our threads? Biz glows just as much if not more than /pol/. We’re the last people they want to have money.

>> No.55035408

>Literally right after the space ended Ragnar posted in Toad TG and a community member asked Ragnar what is the significance of Toad to the Shib ecosystem he replied: Killing Pepe is good enough.
So no real purpose, no marketing, no paying for CEX listings. This isn't killing Pepe.

>> No.55035465

>So no real purpose,
Just like Pepe, huh?

>> No.55035508

Pepe's purpose was to launder money. How do you think it pumped?

>> No.55035553

What did you think we were doing here asshole

>> No.55035556


It listed on bilaxy with zero hype nor warning its second day on uniswap. You really think big cexes aren't coming? Utter retard alert.

>> No.55035582


Pepe us already pumped to hell and back.

You get way more Xs with Toad.

There needs to be an IQ test to post here.

>> No.55035643
File: 130 KB, 1080x412, FlipPepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Biz, for once don't fud for fun or research a bit before writing stupid shit. Some people here are actually evil that they don't want you to succeed. I'm sure most of the fudders have a bag themselves.

I spoke with the admins and many whales myself. This project is legit if you still haven't understood from all the proofs that are blatantly obvious.

Same memes would not fit have the same hype for the new bullrun so pepe and toad will be the new top dogs. Shib and doge are already established. There needs to be new fire. It started with pepe and will continue with toad.

Ryoshi's and shib devs vision is to create an organic community first that will have a stable base before pumping it to the moon. They want many to succeed, not a few early pump and dumpers. So they lay low at the start and let the frog soup boil slowly.

I really wish that people do their own research for half an hour and will be on board to having their lives changed.

Don't ss these post and use it in a few months from now to make fun of people that didn't buy. Let's get in all and succeed together this time.

>> No.55035671

look chud, several third world jeets cant pump this coin like pepe did. unless the actual shib marketing team is behind this, then this is just going to slow rug to 0 like the other handful of shytoshi rumor coins.

>> No.55035672

a few MONTHS?? fml guess I better get that 1% bag

>> No.55035679

>like the other handful of shytoshi rumor coins.
Yeah, I'm sure the other rumor "coins" were funded by the treasury too.

>> No.55035687

There has to be an actual logistical reason for pumping though, having connections to SHIB developers is not enough for TOAD to pump to a billion+ mcap. Correct me if I am wrong.

>> No.55035705

>logistical reason = make it desperation
everyone wants that easy money, duh

>> No.55035713

I don't know man, this kind of reminds me of DBI. That was supposed to go the moon too and it even supposedly had Kraken and CZ involved, it amounted to nothing.

>> No.55035719

Pretty sure if the second biggest meme coin says "we made this" then it'll pump.... Don't overthink it.

>> No.55035720

Is a scam and always was. Just look at the fucking dude.

>> No.55035735

>"we made this" then it'll pump
I hope so, I have over a trillion Toadies.

>> No.55035747

>If you think they will fail then you have no idea how deep those teams run through this space and how well connected they are. Pepe literally doesn't stand a chance.
Isn’t Pepe backed by some big money too? Something along the lines f being tied to people who were involved with FTX or something

>> No.55035768

IIRC, Pepe was/is an ETH money laundering operation ever since tornado went down. You anons should also remember that Doge is also a money laundering operation. This is why during a bullrun, Pepe will perform very admirably reaching 10+ billion mcap. Toad is still a gamble; however I hope it is the next Shib, I have over a trillion toadies.

>> No.55035846

DBI was legit, but calling the marketing team retards would be an understatement. Those dumb fucks had all the connections to make this work and their claim of being well connected in the entertainment industry seems to be true based on everything up to this point. Rather than capitalizing on the early hype by getting onto CEXs, they decided to go on an nft shill tour. Then the bonobo butted heads with them and dumped his bags, which was the beginning of the end. Wasted opportunities all around

>> No.55035853

TOAD is completely unrelated to SHIB you retards

>> No.55035971
File: 20 KB, 250x249, toad_icon200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.55035997

Lol the fud energy is so weak...

I think once it reaches a good mcap on its own, they will unleash it to go parablic

It still sits around 4m...whales are charting it on purpose. Literally zero big dumps...check the chart, it all goes in the same trend line for days until the next big news come...

They are giving all of you a chance to enter....I swear some people are just so stupid, they don't see what is right in their faces. Imagine being in this thread, seeing it and still not buying....

>> No.55036004

I just hope this thing really gets to at least 1 billion mcap.

>> No.55036023

Whoa /biz/ is this slow? This thread's been up for days. Bullish. DCA everything.

>> No.55036026

i thought pepe was made by the milady/remilio people?

>> No.55036035

it will. i got a feeling were on the cusp of another bull market with ai hysteria and people start throwing money around like drunkin sailors

>> No.55036041

try more like 50b mc next cycle if this gains traction and stays relevant during frog season

>> No.55036046


Classic midwits overthinking stuff.

>> No.55036050

>milady/remilio people
IIRC, they are the ones that shilled it, the actual developers are anonymous; however, I am not certain of the details. All I know is, that Pepe is a money laundering operation like Doge, which is why it will perform very well during a bullrun.

>> No.55036058

That is a 10000x from here, absolutely insane.

>> No.55036062

interesting, thank you for sharing the info anon

>> No.55036073
File: 156 KB, 1249x1280, photo_2023-05-20_19-20-25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55036145

Please let this crab for another week so I can stack more

>> No.55036208

Haha what's your 10k worth now

>> No.55036235

How much did that cost you

>> No.55036269

About 12 grand.

>> No.55036532

Damn I hope this doesn't rug man
If it doesn't don't dump on us. We need good community and thoughtful whales if this is gonna work

>> No.55036566

Big dick playa!

>> No.55036767
File: 48 KB, 474x752, Screenshot 2023-05-20 203108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP here. Still buying.

>> No.55036796

you at 55 bil now?

>> No.55036818

Good form

>> No.55036820

no, 35B.
the balance updated after the trade went through and i took the screenshot after that. 55 billion is a nice number though

>> No.55036867

Based. I boughted more too. Waiting on another dip to level out my stack at 200 bil

>> No.55036894

whats suicide stack for toad? usd wise

>> No.55036912

The 12 grand is as good as gone in my mind, I will ride it to zero, I just really hope this is the next SHIB.

>> No.55036938

good stuff. I'm at 35billion and still climbing.

>> No.55036941

based. i will continue to buy as well as it dips.
i have a good feeling about holding this
what, buying the round number of toad? yeah i am a little bit special that way

>> No.55036948
File: 28 KB, 770x107, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

buy buy buy

>> No.55036970

If it’s even half the new shib you’ll be a shopping for yachts in the Caribbean with a huge bag of coke and 3 Puerto Rican models fighting over who gets to swallow your load

>> No.55036979

Meh...at 20 billion mcap I would have 48 million USD pre-tax, 30 million post tax. Yachts and coke are more for billionaires.

>> No.55036995
File: 401 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20230520_211036_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are jannies so retarded?
Giving warnings for posts that arent mine wtf
Based TOADie accooomulator

>> No.55037061
File: 162 KB, 723x666, 1676276477379316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you buy $250 worth now, it'll be worth $100,000 if it was to reach PEPE's all time high

i think anything above 20billion is good

i'm right below you with 30 bil, will probably add more soon

>> No.55037070

i bought 0.1 eth worth, i spent more on dates with women last month so thats a win i guess

>> No.55037085

iwagmi brothers

>> No.55037420

The sooner the toad team puts something out the better.

>> No.55037440

Its still under the radar Shib team created it. That knowledge alone can take this 1000x. It will go viral soon.

>> No.55037551

Yacht yes. coke even welfare niggers can get their hands on

>> No.55037566

I think he means that soft, shiny, oily, healthy coke that 1 gram can keep you going for a week

>> No.55037592

>Yacht yes.
Meh, putting that money into something boring and comfy like VOO and living off dividends is the smart play.

>> No.55037686

You’re better off putting your profits into nat gas, uranium, oil, potash, energy and food stocks at the bottom of this commodity super cycle and eventually physical gold, silver and platinum when the walls finally close in and they roll out the surveillance state in it’s entirety. Index funds will never see the gains they’ve made over the past 15 years again.

>> No.55037768

lmao stop watching alex jones. take your meds schizo

>> No.55038090

When I see this archived thread back on biz in a few years, I will get to laugh at my jokes again

>> No.55038268
File: 1.77 MB, 1024x1024, toad8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just put a buy order in to get my stack to 50 bill

TOADlets we're gonna make it

>> No.55038312

>Index funds will never see the gains they’ve made over the past 15 years again
As long as I am beating inflation, I don't have an issue with this. The top 500 corporations in America are multinational and pretty much run the world at this point...VOO is as safe an investment as anyone can get. TY for the suggestions though.

>> No.55038773

Would like to point out that at even those that bought the top are only really down about 50%... for something that is a "rug" this is performing relatively well

>> No.55039397

just bought bmore

>> No.55039569
File: 482 KB, 727x751, toadkillerace2-0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We need more TOAD killing Pepe memes, here's some OC.

>> No.55039740

Looks like we're gonna explode.

>> No.55039744
File: 99 KB, 1184x945, IMG_20230521_124717_921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check the fcking chart damn it....2 weeks accumulation period. Monday will be MOONDAY! Its the last chances before going parabolic...it's all programmed and planned on purpose to give everyone a fair chance...don't sleep!!!!

>> No.55039766
File: 179 KB, 672x1023, toadkillerkrillen-0001~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55039767


Bros I wanna buy some ETH to switch for TOAD, but every fucking cc payment processors (mercuryo, banxa, moonpay etc) tries to cuck me with KYC.

Where can I buy without KYC?

>> No.55039822
File: 955 KB, 975x1338, IMG_4239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many more reasons do I need to give to invest some time in the road killer telegram and find out for yourself what awaits

>> No.55039827


Shhh. Don't tell tgem this yet. Let the fomo take them by surprise. The smart bizlets have already loaded.

>> No.55039831

No clue, they really cracked down on it.

>> No.55039835
File: 156 KB, 1249x1280, IMG_4266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s now spread to over 5 shib admins.. no coincidences here

>> No.55039848
File: 3.62 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JM and RAGNAR vibing with the Tele group shutting down fudders

>> No.55039890

Don’t even worry about KYC unless you’re actually gonna off ramp back into cash, which none of us are gonna do. We just gonna fold it back into ETH and then eventually lose it all in a boating accident

>> No.55040301

If you are American or Euro you can buy under $1000 worth of ETH with no kyc with a card directly to an eth wallet with https://foundationnetwork.org/
Scroll to the bottom where it says "Buy and Sell Crypto"

>> No.55040312


They are basically warning everyone that this is their next Shib. Anyone fading is a braindead incel.

>> No.55040464


How does this work? Can I swap bitcoin for TOAD as a BRC-20?

>> No.55040528

I have a bag of this and have been wanting to buy more, but after having been fucked on DBI recently, I'm having ptsd with this shit. I can't afford to lose more. FUCK

>> No.55040538 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 1280x720, FUCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>poo ID

>> No.55040593
File: 65 KB, 900x900, FUCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>poo ID

>> No.55040640

What exactly happened with DBI? The chart looks atrocious.

>> No.55040660

TOAD KILLER will be a 100x and possibly the next 1000x crypto. Deep Shib team connections. I didn't believe, at first, til I saw the team in the chat.

>> No.55040671

The main character of the token, The Dev, didn't show up to his own event that people from all over flew in to attend.

>> No.55040815

I’m so excited for these plebs to be proven wrong. Toad heading to the promise land. This is my first ever biz post went out of my way to tell everyone that I will be significantly less poor because of toad soon

>> No.55041012
File: 68 KB, 534x534, 1671934103211201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i worked my way up to 240 billion toadies.
maybe not much to some, but im basically all in at this point, bros

>> No.55041047

kek really? did he ever say why?

>> No.55041072

Nice stack toadski. You picked the right token and the right team at the right time. You will indeed make it

>> No.55041082
File: 151 KB, 1280x720, 1682803414094528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're pumping today may be the day TOADbros

respectable stack bro

>> No.55041175
File: 94 KB, 749x510, IMG_0965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55041191

Kek, the definition of a scam. "Dev worked 48 hours non stop" "Dev is mentally unstable"

>> No.55041205


>> No.55041312

I have a little something for you to think about, what makes you think this is gonna be like shiba? if anything this is likely going to be like Doge killer the other project from the same people that even has a similar name.
It did pump during the BR but it is now sitting at 40m mc

>> No.55041358

40 million market cap is still a x10.

Devs from Shib are in on this project.

>> No.55041619
File: 42 KB, 640x640, 1670792831878524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gonna be like shiba
it doesn't even need to be anywhere close to shib to make giga gains
remember their goal is to beat pepe not be the next shib, if this made it to pepe's current marketcap that's a 163x
if it made it to 10% of pepe's marketcap it's a 15x

>> No.55041908
File: 144 KB, 800x800, arappka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BIT COIN bros, we'll be back in a few days

>> No.55042052

Just bought a 120 billion. What am I in for?

>> No.55042097



>> No.55042105

If Toad manages to get close or flip Pepe, it is safe to say it will also get listed on Binance. This is a guarantee that it will perform very well during a bullrun.

>> No.55042106

Already broke out just like I said with a huge green dildo...I'm looking for few days, so many big accounts are already aware (more than a million followers), liking random tweets about it secretly...they are filling their bags before the shill starts...

They said they're soon releasing everything....it's still at around 5m for fucks sake...don't sleep on it, will have a god candle soon imo

>> No.55042138

you kyc

>so many big accounts are already aware (more than a million followers)
like who for instance?

>> No.55042139
File: 95 KB, 1080x709, IMG_20230518_133123_609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're talking about bone that was a smaller project with a different narrative...this is about dethroning pepe...when the bullrun euphoria starts, pepe will be around 10 billion at least, and this is coming for that target....it would be a 2000x at 10b, still a 200x at 1b which is easy peasy for this team

>> No.55042147

just kyc? are u retarded or what

>> No.55042175
File: 337 KB, 497x657, 1621455484888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have a good feeling about cex listings in general
the speed at which this shit was listed on cg, cmc, and bilaxy was near instant
the shib devs are going to keep going in on this hard so that the shibarium can launch along with the booming hype of their hot new memecoin, and im sure they have plenty of connections to help make that a reality

>> No.55042177
File: 317 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_2023-05-21-18-53-43-06_0b2fce7a16bf2b728d6ffa28c8d60efb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Two accounts called KateMillerGems(1.2M) and Riccardogems(1.4M) as well as many accounts with 50-60-100k+ followers, followed by top shib staff and team also liking many tweets without shilling it openly yet...they are all aware, just waiting for the right time

>> No.55042200





>> No.55042243

just use kraken

>> No.55042246

Use a VPN or proxy

>> No.55042255

did you try binance or kraken?
you have to kyc still but google says those will work
kraken is kino btw

>> No.55042259


Nope, not working

>> No.55042264

They really should change that logo to either a cute looking toad, or a cute looking shiba inu with a frog in his mouth.

>> No.55042270

Use a US based exchange (some do not require KYC for small amounts) with VPN

>> No.55042283

Use a VPN you goober, this is such a serious non-issue and you're a fucking newfag retard.

>> No.55042298

What exchange do you use?
Did you try Binance, kraken? Maybe coinmero
Also 50 USD? That would be eaten by fees on uniswap
I sent usdt to bilaxy from Binance using trc20 network for 1 usdt

>> No.55042307

Fucking moron, its about my passport and or CC. They literally wont let me buy if my visa card is from a kyrgyz bank or Im a citizen of this country because its a completly lawless corrupt shithole

>> No.55042328

I dont have much more to throw into this. Last time I checked fees were like 12$ at a certain time, so I might be fine.

>What exchange do you use?
Using metamask/trust wallet but all of the CC payment processors (banxa, moonpay, mercuryo) KYC out on me

>> No.55042330
File: 168 KB, 332x381, 1658548457054395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Also 50 USD? That would be eaten by fees on uniswap
for instance i bought from kucoin which has a $10 fee just for purchasing crypto, then there's an $18 for for even withdrawing eth
then i had the swap fee(which was low at that time mind you) for about $14 bucks

you might as well not even bother with just $50 worth of ETH you will get goyed by fees

>> No.55042332

$18 fee*

>> No.55042438

I just checked the tg and all of the shiba admins are gone. whats up with that?

>> No.55042459

They are still in the TG.
Is this another jeet fud attempt?

>> No.55042507

Use binance, kraken, kukoin or use whatever exchange..
If you can link your card to Google play, put some money no ir..then try to spend Said balance on Any exchange that supports it AND buy eth, then send it to metamask.
If not buy eth(crypto) from Simplex, same shit if they decline your card..use googleplay

>> No.55042511

listen to me pals, i think TOAD will skyrocket soon
why? well, because i bought it.

i would never buy a fucking shitcoin like this just because there's the Shiba team shadow behind, i don't like the logo, i don't like the name, i don't think this is gonna moon anytime soon, telegram is full of retarded pajeets hoping to be early for once, i also heavily and sincerely fudded this shit in other biz threads and i'll probably continue to do so.

So i went all in with my last usdt savings because the market always do the exact opposite of my "DYOR", so either we will go to the moon or we will face a paradox and the entire universe will cease to exist.

Feel free to utilize this information as you see fit.

>> No.55042533

thanks friend

>> No.55042551

forgot to say, i bought WOJAK @ 70M market cap thinking it could follow PEPE's path and that 70M was still early, you can thank me for the whole market downturn, i lost a lot of money in that stunt.

>> No.55042559

>So i went all in with my last usdt savings

And thats the one time that it actually rugs. Sorry friend, cant trick the matrix

>> No.55042602

Lol okay pepe...fud is sooo weak...I'm so bullish lol...they are all there even more admins from other tokens are joining

>> No.55042615

Tg is pretty cool so far actually...almost zero jeets

>> No.55042676

Now we're dumping again. This coin cant hold a single pump without dumping twice as hard

>> No.55042678

Bitcoin is shitting the bed again

>> No.55042711
File: 80 KB, 1068x601, gigachad_1068x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't worry bros, I bought more

>> No.55042729

dont know why people are complaining about these little dumps, just more time to load up

>> No.55042773

new fag spotted. see u at $0

>> No.55042832

lololololol you live in this thread. mindbroken

>> No.55042888

Another thwarted attempt to kill TOAD

>> No.55042907
File: 201 KB, 1080x792, Toadline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It dipped exactly at the line like I guessed...I added 1.5 Eth more....almost at half a trilly now...comfy as fuckkk...main admin said they're about to release the gates, said the soup and everything is coming..might be the final moments before take off

>> No.55042921

Give it to me straight - if I buy in right now, what are the multiplication ranges we expect? Give me conservative and best case scenario estimations, please. Is this a 100x, or a 1000x? People say that if it reaches PEPE's level it's around 100x but doesn't that seem low? Asking this to figure out how much to buy right now.

>> No.55042938

During this market 100x in the bullrun 1000x or more is easy I think...imagine doge vs shib, will be pepe vs toad this bullrun...who knows how they will go...if they pull a shib, it can even be 10000x...

>> No.55042954

lines are looking good, anon
theyve clearly been painting the chart and it wouldnt take much input from them to make this thing fly
hitting pepe's current mcap would be a 150x, and hitting pepes mcap ath would be a 400x if im not mistaken.
the bull run hasnt even really started yet, either.

>> No.55042985

>bull run hasnt even really started yet
Going by the 4 year cycle meme, the bullrun should be in 2025 correct?

>> No.55043016

new bread?

also 30B stacklet reporting in, fully expecting to lose everything like always

>> No.55043050

it will likely peak around early 2025, but i feel we've already hit the bottom and will see a lot of climbing upwards or just crabbing until then.
also this is just my retard opinion

>> No.55043071


>> No.55043197

don't forget, in about a year having 10 bil will blow people's minds because it will be worth so much. let's gooo shibros

>> No.55043256

not a fud attempt. I have a large bag. I went to shibarium telegram clicked on ragnar and a few other telegram admin and went to their groups. They are no longer in the toad group. dont call everything a fud, phaggot

>> No.55043283
File: 41 KB, 833x599, hfeuihgirh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's funny how you retarded jeets just make shit up and expect nobody to check

>> No.55043285

if they all suddenly left that's even more bullish and mysterious. not even going to bother to check because the chart looks so beautiful.

>> No.55043319


>> No.55043553

toad bros nooooooo. this was supposed to be a 100x from the shiba team themselves!

>> No.55043555

This can easily go to zero. If they can truly get the frog war narrative starting and trending, expect a 10x conservative estimate.

Dont listen to the fudders but also be wary of the shills from the tg and their x1000 dreams.

Yes this has a fighting chance to make a 100x, but the likelihood of a fall to 0 are higher. DYOR

>> No.55043569

Personally I was hopping for a 69x followed by a 420x

>> No.55043580

trips of reason

>> No.55043678

buy buy buy. cmon guys. work for ur bags. next shib 1000x

>> No.55043789

>this was supposed to be a 100x from the shiba team themselves
They’re rugging this and pumping RIN now

>> No.55043861

we need a new thread this one hit bump limit

>> No.55043916

It is now ogre... sell everything...

>> No.55043932

Lol pathetic fudders missing the trend line again...we'll be at +10m tomorrow

>> No.55043969
File: 118 KB, 637x566, 073064A3-AA97-4F8A-B0FD-C8D21ACB4A10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tomorrow is moonday

>> No.55044019

lower plox

>> No.55044160

It's over... sell everything right now...

>> No.55044232
File: 227 KB, 1280x1280, toad999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fill my buy order you absolute cunts

>> No.55044260

We heard you the first time, ranjeet.

>> No.55044295


>> No.55044389

Whiter than u for sure...comfy with my half a trilly stack....thanks to paper hands I can accumulate more for cheap...you deserve to be poor lol...it's happening tomorrow

>> No.55044391

This coin is done for... you must sell... now...

>> No.55044493

Give me the qrd ..
How much Toad has the biggest wallet?
I don't want to get dumped every pump

>> No.55044544


>> No.55044560


>> No.55044621

toad bros i don't feel so good...

>> No.55044639

Lol even the fudders don't have any good excuse so they just scream sell ahahahah having a good laugh here

>> No.55044698


>> No.55044718
File: 623 KB, 713x961, 12BC5D3B-94C8-4525-BF50-ABE9D81045D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Throwback to when we a couple hours ago raided Pepe main telegram and NEXTGEN shilled bypassing all mods.

Also. What is soup?