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is this the bottom?

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No it’s the next top

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you got rugged. shouldve bought sonicobama

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>hits support line
>wallet connected to three arrows capital that pumped LP into leash and has millions of dollars worth of shib tokens buys 11 eth worth of toad
we're so fucking back

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Its recovering because I sold isn't it?

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>he sold
lol how much did you lose

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kek, I'm just bullshitting, I only invested 0.10 ETH for 15B TOAD, I haven't sold and its worth 0.08 right now

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I made 4k with ELMO and then lost 1k with Toad. Needless to say it's back in Elmo Erc.

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Did you buy your cow a nice wedding ring?

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Stop helping biz, these jeets don't deserve it. Come back and shill it after it 10x's, so they can feel bad. Until then shut up.

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>it’s rugging!!!!
It’s literally crabbing. What’s all the fuss about? It’s a shitcoin. Drop a couple hundred on it and forget about it. Is biz that poor?

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Easy choice fine ser

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Bottom, Top, Middle are all state of minds, I bought at every peak. Also im gay

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Also selling is for pussies #Im gay

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Check the chart mein nigger.

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NEZUKO is on her bottom and now only thing's left is to PUMP hard, I've been doing my research and a lot of ppl is buying right now plus her NFTs are selling like hot bread

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Thats good TOAD soup

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What is bread? You mean roti?

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>3AC wallet buying in
Yeah, I'm thinking we're so fucking back.

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>le hodl a shitcoin
No thanks. Buy x as soon as you hear it getting shilled, sell as soon as it starts trending on dextools

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Check the staked and LP tokens it has and you'll see it has a few millions $ in staked shib and bone as well as BEING THE MAIN HOLDER OF SHIBASWAP LP TOKENS BESIDES SHIBA INU: MIGRATOR WALLET. ITS THE DEVS FOR SURE. MESSAGE IS CLEAR COME ON...CHECK IT YOURSELF

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When Top Biden goes for Bottom Bama, it’s Joe-Over 5eva

This is you in 2 years

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What happened to your arranged marriage?

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That might be the most interesting image I've seen in 10 yrs

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ALWAYS moisturise

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Only up from here

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This wallet buying is all you need to know

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TOAD KILLER is the next 1000x crypto. Connected to Shib team players.

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TOAD bros, Im trying to buy me some ETH to swap fpr TOAD. But every CC payment processor (banxa, moonpay, mercuryo etc) are hustling me for KYC. And Im not feeling that bros.

Where can I buy ETH without KYC to swap for TOAD?

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Here my friend

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Proofs fellow TOADie?

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TOAD KILLER 1000x crypto by the Shib team. Will take over Pepe

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when i tried i don't even think you can buy a good amount of crypto without kyc, this was 2 years ago after searching for hours. i just gave up and went to binance

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Buylocalmonero, then sell it on Kucoin for USDT then swap it on uniswap with a VPN on the whole time. I’ve heard even UNI gets user data somehow. They know everything dude

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Go go buy it to the moooon

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You'll know when you've been fully jeeted when the shilling, telegram and twitter feeds disappear, leaving just a faint coating of turmeric on everything

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pic from yesterday

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Based proofer
You think we'll see another Dip to slurp more?

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Connections are insane...they drew the chart on purpose. Seems like the bottom is in for now, almost no one is selling after seeing the evidence clearly. It will pump higher very soon I'm sure

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sorry but where is the toad buy?

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Dubs mean we hitting double 10+ billions mcap , trips 100 billions+ mcap

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so 3AC only bought 0.25 eth worth of this stuff? a little bit low no?

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in that transcation yes
check history of their wallet


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Looks like a rug job to me. You guys got curried

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thats like 30k in bags

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This is why most of biz is poor.

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Kill pepe go Toad

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This is absolutely correct. The chart is clearly being painted by whales right now.

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>tests the top of the flag it broke out of last night
>quickly bounces off
>also, that perfect moving average
toadbros, is it time?

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Sexiest non rugged chart ive seen in a while. Connections to shib, havent dumped yet. Mght throw in few hundred i cant fucking miss again i either feed the village and get fucked or make some money. Although the logo is fucking jeety af

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That's nice anon it's feel good when it pumps, I'm participating in metastaking, UTK really offers a great yield, and I love this new tokenomics it looks juicy.

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Yes, sexy head and shoulders.

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>is this the bottom?

not even close. zero is the bottom for every worthless shitcoin

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It’s over

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I don't get it. So is it supposed to keep dipping until it reaches the point at the end?

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looks like we're on the ride to 0

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we are fucking back

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I will be able to buy bindhus for my sadaguru mama for 20 vishnu tokens in the afterlife! My seat in the next caste in kali yuga is ensured, sirs

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I'm all in. The shib ties are legit.