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>half-hour to get ready for work
>8 hours of work
>1 hour of lunch (stranded at office)
>45 minutes of commuting
>7 hours of sleep

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>no hours to get ready for work since dont need a job
>24 hours a day doing whatever I want
>can eat lunch whenever I want and take as long as I want
>no commuting to anywhere
>can sleep whenever I want, perfectly rested every day
>open some webpage and click on "claim", suddenly made more money doing nothing than some wagecuck who slaves away his life

take the NEETpill

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I want money though.

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>Roll out of bed
>Throw on a dress
>Mosey into living room
>Do 1 hour of work
>Spend 3 hours on 4chan, playing video games, making food
>30 minute work call
>Spend 2.5 hours dicking around
>Spend 1 hour doing work
>Log onto second job
>Spend 6 hours dicking around with about 2 hours of on-call work peppered in
>Go to sleep

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>no commute
>1 hour lunch sitting on my couch watching TV
>9 hours sleep minimum

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yeah wageslaving makes me just about want to kms

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I make $2600 per week doing nothing

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Is this possible with white skin? Asking for a friend.

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Would love to see your feet

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its only possible with white skin. thats how I made it, I did my research and was early investing into things that have taken off as they actually do something useful. now I earn the rewards doing pretty much nothing but of course I have some other side hustles too so its not my only source of income.
Life is comfy when you arent a wagecuck.

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normalizing the 40 hour workweek is a genuine crime against humanity

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>Wake up 4:45am
>hit the road by 5:45ish
>at work by 6:30
>morning brief at 7
>take break until 8:30
>do work from 9 to 10:30
>back to the offices to do wordle and read my book (sirens of titan) for an hour
>lunch from 11:30 to 1?
>do jack shit read more, maybe go to the gym and kill time until 7

Ez $500/day but my god is it boring as fuck

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>Wake up at 4am
>leave house at 5
>reach work site at 8
>lunch at 2
>end work at 8
>reach home at 11
>sleep immediately
6 days a week of this for 2 years. My face has aged 20 years and my hair has gone white. I do this for my daughters

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I regret to inform you that trading and investments don't classify as NEET

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>takes 3 hours to commute
Nigga you dumb as fuck.

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Good goy, good.
> /me pets you gently
Thank your for your service, and taxes.
> simp cuck

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How do you get autism/adhd money? I went to a cunty psychiatrist doctor but she just said I was depressed (I said I wish I could focus on work and it makes me feel bad) and wouldn't do shit for my adhd. Just let me check out of this fucking awful society.

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based NEET master race

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I work ~2 days per week from home making >5k after taxes instead of the ~7k I did before for 5-6 days per week.

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If you live in a western european country (despite what people believe about how "easy" it is to get neetbux here): you have to continually humiliate yourself in front of many doctors, over many years, and then still fight and appeal many times to get your neetbux.

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3 hour commute.what the fuck ist going on

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>no hours to get ready for work since don't have a job
>still can't sleep, when I do finally sleep it's always interrupted and choppy until I finally stop attempted to go back to sleep and get up with a splitting headache
>have no concept of meals or meal time, just eat whatever food I scrounge up regardless of the time of day (or night)
>nowhere to go
>no money
the NEETpill is suffering. Of course, I didn't choose it by choice. I was forced into it by my fucked up sleep schedule.

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>wake up 6am
>get dressed, pack bag, take a shit, brush teeth, make bed
>no time for brekkie as i have to walk out of the house at 6:30am
>catch train and bus to the office
>walk in at 8am
>supposed to start at 8:45am but if i don't come in and start early i won't be able to clear my follow ups from yesterday and meet the KPIs for the day
>slave away from 8am until lunch at 12pm
>skip lunch because i'm behind
>slave some more until 5:15pm, when i finish
>stay back til 6pm to meet my daily quota
>just as i'm about to log off get an email telling me i have 2 new e-learnings due in two weeks time, i have to fill out a work goals questionnaire for my manager, and i have the annual staff meeting for 3 hours after work next thursday
>finally log off a head home
>2 hour commute
>get home at 8pm
>get undress, unpack my bag, take a shit
>log on my personal laptop to check my personal emails and pay any bills
>cook food, tastes like shit because i'm too tired to put in the effort
>shower and brush my teeth
>it's now 9pm
>everything's closed, my eyes hurt, i'm tired, i have work in the morning
>instead of going to the gym just lie down on the couch staring at the ceiling
>browse 4chan from 10pm to 11pm
>go to sleep to repeat it all again the next day
>on the weekends just sleep in and play videogames because i have no friends

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in the US I just submitted the paperwork and some medical records and a judge signed it. But $950 a month +$500 VA money is barely enough to live on and nobody will hire me because I actually have schizophrenia. My life is miserable and I have nobody. I really wish I could get a job and have a wife and family. If I died right now it would be a few months before anybody noticed.

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>6 hours sleep
>drag myself out of bed, 45 minutes to get ready
>hour commute
>8 hours at art museums
>hour commute back
>deal with chores, 2 hours
>fap 2 hours
>only 6 hours left for sleep before I have to get up again
Sometimes I think I'm doing retirement wrong.

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Can't they even give you a simple wagie job on retail?

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Count your blessings, if you were here you'd be forced to get on welfare and have to apply and rationalize your very existence every month.

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Which job would you take?

>$80K office job
>8am - 5pm
>~30 minute commute, boss is upset if you're late, tons of roasties at the office who gossip and talk shit if you're late/leave early (which I do all the time), pretty stressful job most of the time with angry clients


>$65K WFH
>mostly taking phone calls, no commute

I'm in the $80K job right now, I'm thinking of asking for one last raise and if they don't give it to me I'll take a lateral/downward move to a WFH job. Anyone have experience in this sort of thing?

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>45 minutes of commuting
Thanks niggers!

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the commute is honestly one of the worst parts of my day. I live in a low IQ city full of minorities so I deal with fucking retards literally trying to make U-turns into my car, homeless fentanyl addicts playing frogger on busy roads at 7:40 am, shitbox Hondas and Nissans driving 70mph in a 45 zone tailgaiting me, etc.

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holy reddit spacing you don't deserve this advice but obviously the WFH one, and also take the frugal living-pill and don't be such a consumerist faggot or you'll be stuck doing something you hate for your entire life

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>work jobs I hate for a few years
>eventually find job I like, work for a year at it
>get laid off
>several months unemployed
>money running low, get one offer
>new job is 70hr weeks and high pressure
>can't leave because can't afford to go back to job searching
>just have to hold on and hope I don't go insane or get fired

Fuck me bros I nearly made it

I was so close

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Obviously the WFH one you stupid wageslave fuck

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>70hr weeks
The fuck? You are literally a cattle slave might as well tattoo cuck on your forehead. I work 40h per week and wanna blow my brains out.

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The pay is good but it is basically slavery, yes

It's the first job I've had where I really feel like I'd happily work less hours for less money

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I would take first. Work from home is for lazy ass zoomers. I am with the boomers and Elon on this one. Also first option pays better, why are you even considering the second option

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Depends on your goals

Honestly the best option might be a lateral move into something else that pays $80k but has a less shitty environment. It's hard to explain taking a fuckhuge paycut in interviews

But ultimately it just depends how much you need/value that extra $15k. A truly shitty work environment makes you question the value of a salary number like nothing else imo

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my chef once caught me once clocking out at 3 pm, he taught I was going home but I was actually clocking field service out
that day I worked half hour field and the next 3 hours I just parked at a kfc and ate chicken

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>half-hour to get ready for work
>15 minute commute, more if I pick up shifts at my non-home sites for 2x overtime (my choice)
>12+ hour shift, get all my work out of the way within three days of the week, 4-5 day weekend. any more work than that is insane money and all 2x pay
>work is entirely about completing tasks and being on-call, when there is nothing to do you choose what to do with your downtime as long as you’re onsite. I personally also enjoy the tasks. no pay taken for lunch breaks, downside is if there are constant tasks to complete for 12 hours you don’t eat (essentially never happens)

>11 hours left in the day, guess I’ll use 4 to do whatever I like and get a comfortable 7 hours of sleep
I’m very grateful for finding such a magic job. I hope you anons fall into happiness yourselves, either by NEETing/moonshot or just getting a great job yourselves. wagmi

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I have 1 and a half hour commute each way every day for $30k.

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You need to adjust your schedule.
>incinerate & inhale indica-leaning weed
>wake up three hours before you usually do
>lay in bed staring at the ceiling or burying your head in your pillow -- your choice! ;)
>5 minutes have no passed
>10 minutes have now passed
>15 minutes have now passed
>consider masturbating
>decide not to due to mess
>consider edging
>decide not to due to disgust
>lay back
>relax completely
>*pulse* your body
>*leap* out of bed
>incinerate & inhale half a gram of sativa-leaning weed
>go take a shit
>5 minutes have passed
>10 minutes have passed
>15 minutes have passed
>prepare breakfast for yourself
>write down some things
>write about how you hate your job
>write about what you want from life
>write about how to get what you want
>literally invest time & attention into figuring out something better than you have now
>about ninety minutes before work, call your boss's personal cellphone

"G'morning, chief; listen: I'm just not *feeling* it today, okay? My commute is insane back & forth, and, worst of all, I'm literally stranded at work with nowhere to go (and no pay) for the entire 'lunch hour' (which I simply work through instead of eating). Alright? So, this is what I'm gonna do: I'm leaving for work *now* -- I'll be there in... 48 minutes. Yeah, that's an unpaid commute, chief. Both ways! Anyhoo, I'll be clocking in & out at the normal times, but what I'll actually be doing is starting work TWO HOURS EARLY, getting *everything* I need to do before or during 'lunch hour,' and then, once that's all done, I'm just gonna leave. That's right: I'll just drive straight home, which should save me about an HOUR of UNPAID driving, because I'll be on the road in the early afternoon instead of during rush hour. Guess what? I'll be more productive this way. Listen: I don't need your permission or anything: I'm just gonna do it; I'm just informing you as a professional courtesy. My primary goal is making our company profitable, frfr."

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Just marry them to some rich cunts and siphon the wealth like the jewest of jews.

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You aren't a NEET, retard.

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Jesus christ dude

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I never undersneed the "long" commuting time" or 1 hour lunch meme. Literally use these times to learn from a podcast/audiobook.

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Do you think your parents are proud?

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>> caring what other people think.

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>living as a bum for the rest of your life


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You're also living as a bum

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>open some webpage and click on "claim", suddenly made more money doing nothing than some wagecuck who slaves away his life

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Not quite, I am a student. But in 4 years, I'll be making lots of money, and even more with experience. 0 shitcoin needed to make it.

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bro, what was going through your mind when you decided to have multiple children in your current situation? to fulfill your ego?

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Based NEET.

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>he's doing all this just so he can send his daughters to college to get fucked by 100 dudes (some of which will probably also be black)

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>I do it for my daughters.

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You look ugly wearing over ear headphones in public

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I work on my business in my lunch break, so I can build it up and gtfo of my job

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>be me
>do nothing
>get paid
You have been presented two choices.
>Work very hard for a little bit of money.
>Don't work for a little less money.
They don't want you to choose anything else.

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>Wake up at 4:40am
>Out the door at 4:50am
>45 minute commute to work
>Start work at 6am
>Leave work at 6pm
>Get home around 6:50pm
>Sleep by 8 to 10pm

I do that Friday through Sunday with 4 days off and honestly I need more hours in the wage cage. My car crapped and now I'm paying for this new POS that I never wanted in the first place

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Do the math.
>$15k difference
>net of tax probably only like $10-12k
>Net of fuel and car depreciation maybe $5-6k.
> For no stress in the morning and 250 hours commute time saved + at least 125 hours of time getting ready saved.

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>woke up 9:25
>meeting 9:30-10
>go back to nap til noon
>wake up at noon eat lunch for 2h
>1 more meeting wfh hehe
>do some work 4-6
>play vidya rest of night and eat n smoke weed


>quit job
>wake up at 11 lay in bed until 12
>take nap

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but you're working wagie. NEET means no work

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>can stand on any street corner whenever I want.

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>barely afford a car while working 12 hour days with 1.5 hours of commute

What's your job, collecting cans from bins?

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I can pay the monthly payments and have enough left over at the end of the month but my goal wasn't to be in debt. My goal was to make money

But rn I'm putting everything towards the car to get it paid off...which ironically means I'm making no money....so I could make money

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Sell the car and get a beater, drive it until it catches on fire

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I don't know how full-time keks do it. The few times I'm sent on work-travel and (forced to work full-time), it's a hellish week.

>Start work at 10am
>Work all fucking day
>only have a few hours to myself that blow by in the blink of an eye
>Force myself to go to sleep by 11pm,
>Get my 10 hours of sleep that I'm used to and wake up at 9am to repeat.

It's brutal and all the while I gotta take laxative pills or else my body won't poop

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lmao nobody tell him

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>working 6 years
>half the time it's my boss throwing motivational phrases at everybody
>I only do 30% of the work with the excuse that we are late because we were so moved by his speeches
I feel this business will be screwed soon if we continue like this, at least I will buy as much as I can from PLEB to be sure before that happens

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>Wake at 4am
>Smoke cigarettes, pack lunch and shave
>Dawn jumpsuit
>Leave at 4:55, arrive at 5
>Joke with the boys till 5:30
>Arise and run lathe till 8
>Wash the lead off
>11 minute break but everyone takes 15
>Run till 11:55
>Wash the lead off
>Eat, go to corner store
>See you tomorrow doctor
>Smoke cigarettes
>Run till 3:55
>Wash the lead off
>There is blood in my nostrils
>Return home never having spoken to my boss

$19 4 days a week. Clockwork every day, very soothing.

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>I do this for my daughters

>> No.55018251

>3 hour commute
You better be making millions. Wtf?