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what a long strange trip it's been

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Tell me about it..

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You are the eyes of the world.

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i systematically destroyed my life redirecting the stress of roundtripping generational wealth from $50, which i KNEW was the top. all the time spent researching, fudding, making memes, dreaming, basking in a 3 year head start on the rest of the market, the completely real prospect of retiring my entire immediate family, down the drain. i can't even muster anger, sadness, or self pity. i'm just a catatonic freak with shitty unpumpable bags and a completely btfo investment thesis.

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it's not fun anymore

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Say Christ is Lord.

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>'knew' $50 was the top
>bought anyway
>now he writes stories about how dumb he is all day
just not gonna sell, sorry

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christ is lord

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at this point all we can do is wait for another halving cycle or burger election with new QE cycle to kickstart another bullrun, chainlink is playing the long con so they'll still be around in 10 years no matter what, your dick might not work anymore by the time you make it but you will make it eventually

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marines have reading comprehension. No wonder u are susceptible to cuckold hypnosis

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just not gonna sell
sorry (im not actually sorry)

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seek help

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i don't care about this little fight you got going, but deflecting this hard means you are clearly letting it get to you. maybe leave your room some more?

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Its been fucking ass.

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I'm there with you, anon. The past 2 years have been a seriously brutal, massively destructive catastrophe for me. I distracted myself last year with fitness and hobbies, but you can only run away for so long from the bleakness of knowing you were standing at the door of financial independence, which is all you ever really wanted, and it vanished and it doesn't have to come back and probably won't. So here I am without it.

For the last few months I've gotten blackout drunk almost daily. The fitness I'd built by year end is now fully undone. I stopped therapy because it couldn't do anything more for me. I don't post here much anymore. That has been positive. It has helped my brain produce thoughts that aren't tinged LINK like every thought I've had has been for so many years. After all, it was my One Big Hope. I bought LINK in my mid-20s when I was a young man on an upward trajectory, ahead of my peers, with a good career and a quiet inner confidence in myself, belief that I was going to do it. Now I'm in my 30s, still renting an apartment, with not enough saved, watching on uselessly as my friends marry, buy homes, and start families.

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Fud teams asleep right now. I love this coin.

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If you were actually telling the truth then why didn’t you sell at $40? (they will never answer this).

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imagine being so cuckold you brag about holding a shitcoin that's down -93% and keeps making new ATLs against Bitcoin and Ethereum. Lol

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It's always darkest before the DON.

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wow sorry but all your efforts fudding went to waste again
still not selling my link tokens

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as someone who has:
1) held since 2017
2) made it to mid 7 figures from a loan
3) is massively overleveraged
4) has a completely lower mid-tier job
5) has a family to feed
6) has 300k+ in debt to various sources

I never wake up feeling like this, I actually wake up happy every day to have the privilege to have any Chainlink at all. 99% of people have literally zero Chainlink, and I have a shitload.

Maybe someday I'll give some LINK away, but I won't be selling it. These posts are obviously fake and gay. The older I get, the more I think there is some sort of sinister illuminati who LOVES telling people that investing is scary or will ruin their lives. It's probably the same people telling you that eating meat is bad, or that having no kids is amazing.

How will you fudders feel when I hit mid 8 figures? Probably pretty good since you're accumulating Chainlink just as frequently as I am, if not more. I hate you pieces of shit.

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seek help

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Sometimes the lights are shining on meeeeee

Other times I can barely seeeee

Lately it occurs to meeeeee!

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>"not selling my link tokens" is a phrase that a fudfag pretends he wouldnt hear from different people all the time
yeah sorry... just not going to sell my chainlink tokens

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Never give up!
You are not alone. We all share this pain.

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>id hopping like a maniac
seek help

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>not selling LINK
>one person

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Oh wow, I am not the only one that isn’t selling? Interesting

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>fudcuck projects about changing ids
>+ everyone using a meme is the same person
yeah sorry again... but im just not going to sell my chainlink tokens
i know you're upset but i trust youll live through it

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>tfw its all so tiresome
>tfw my body is ready

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i dropped out of college in order to continue baghold chainlink
i dont have a lot of friends but the ones i continue to be friends with that finished their degrees are basically interchanged to the persons they were in highschool. letting their gfs force them into poly relationships, and the only unproblematic way of spending money in their eyes is buying tesla

2023 is about signaling and energy exchange, getting a degree isnt about you getting a certificate that merits you to get a higher paying job, its about molding the new generation of taxpayers and voters

i am not ashamed in my aspirations of getting hilariously rich anymore. or someone belittling me as uncalibrated. i struggled with that not anymore.

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seek help

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Same boat. Part of it has to do with that my work situation is fucking misery, and I would have uncuffed these chains had I sold. If I was happier at work I'd probably feel less desperation over waiting it out further.

I wasn't sure it was the top, honestly. It felt like LINK never got a full pump, probably the only reason I didn't sell on the way down.

I am basically a shell of my former self at this point, and selling at $50 was my only chance to escape this fate. It is compounded by the fact that I had chance and blew it.

My family keeps telling me to see therapists, get medicated, etc. But nothing will change the truth.

You seem disingenuous, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say this - everybody is different. We are all going to react to this shit different ways. You should feel lucky you're not caving under the anxiety like we are.

All any of us can hope for is that the time for LINK isn't too far away. I think for a lot of us if it takes too long it'll be too late, we'll have destroyed our lives in other ways that money can't fix.

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Even though on paper Link seems on an upright trend, all of us are desperate and depressed.
I was 21 when I first discovered Link, now I’m 27 and I have nothing to look forward to in life. And no me getting a slightly good wageslave position or more fit, doesn’t count. And the worst part is that I have given up on ever hoping we’ll climb out of this price range.

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I'm never selling, it's not about generational wealth, it's about sending a message to the old financial system cronies

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I'm 38 years old. I don't even remember being 32 anymore when I bought LINK and had big bright eyes thinking I would make it.

At some point along the way I lost sight of the goal. I've also given up on us ever seeing $50 again, but who the fuck knows.

We're all in this together, unironically.

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the reason shitlink is underperforming is because sergays existence is the embodyment of pick me energy. every single aspect of chainlink is drenched by it. thus its attracting the types of individuals that constitute its ''community'', ''investors''. if you consider this, the ordeal of price action makes sense

the confident, easy going chad in high school will swoo all the girls, by excelling in the pre carved notions regarding his life.
the kind of withdrawn kid with potentional that got a chip on his shoulders, will take 100x detours fumbling the bag, all in his head, not being able to live in the present

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Checked quads, keep a positive outlook. If your early alpha into Chainlink and it’s potential, let alone blockchain tech itself, was an easy rags-to-riches proposition, there would be millions upon millions of normies jumping into it.

They will say you got lucky when LINK hits $500. Then they will resent you and your “fortuitous timing” when it surges past $5,000. At $81,000, you will have so much wealth and influence that you can make a positive change in your community and give back how you see fit.

Stay positive anon. It’s coming, and most can’t see the potential.

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nah, dont need it
ill seek more link tokens instead
maybe you should seek help because you're obsessed with other peoples investments?

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Christ is Lord

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i'm seeing more and more of these posts lately, and people needing to sell link to survive
these are juicy juicy bottom signals

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>Now I'm in my 30s, still renting an apartment, with not enough saved, watching on uselessly as my friends marry, buy homes, and start families.

we are brothers McCloud

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still don't care about any of this, but you are clearly lying to yourself. just look how defensive you got, it's really time to let it go anon

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kind of wild to read some of your stories. forgive me for saying it so bluntly, but some of you are consumed by greed.

all you care about is money, and getting more of it. those of you that invested in 2017 have been given an incredible financial blessing but you view it as a curse because it wasnt "enough". but it was never going to be enough, was it?

I invested in crypto to and made some good returns (though not nearly as much as many of you) and so i understand this feeling a little. But it seems like Link has been the worst thing to happen to many of you. some of you make me think of drug addicts

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>more seething
sorry but... just not gonna sell my chainlink tokens little guy

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Holy shit how have you middle aged bagholders kept from kys. There's nothing left to look forward to. It's OVER.

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Why I didnt sell "generational wealth" (only 3 million dollars):

1. Because even with the dump, i know i Will never be a hobo even if i Lost my job for some years
2. Because when i was 6 I had an autist moment where i told my parents to invest in Google, and when i was 16 in BTC. My autism was right and It happened again in Etherdelta release, but this time i had a 10k to go all in without getting approvals.
3. Because since 2017 i have worked on myself to protect my linkies. I made exercise to make sure if i lose my job i could get money by picking fruit in the fields or be a bike delivery Guy. I also studied a lot and in the span of 5 years i managed to get promoted and double my salary, all with the motivation of being strong enough to protect my linkies
4. Because I know I can stay deluded FAR more than what the market can stay solvent. I just dont want to be inmense rich, but also to make sure the world of lies and shadows Burns while me and a selected group of hardheaded badass anons ascends to the world elite.

And this is why, despite all the fud I read, im not even selling my linkies, but buying more at these proceso. Thank you for reading, my dear pennyless fudsters

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Desu desu

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Utterly and completely based. WAGMI

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Checked & appreciate the positivity, anon.

The amount of times I've thought "this is the bottom because I have hit rock bottom" over the last year are enough to tell me the bottom may not even be in yet. The old "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" quote has never rung more true for me.

Hmm I think it would have been enough but the problem is you go from basically $0 to 7 figures in such a short time span you kind of lose sight of the value of that money. People who haven't experienced it think it's greed, but it's something else. Naivety maybe... just like, your brain can't quite process how much money you really have in the moment, and then you lose it and all of a sudden it all sinks in what it was actually worth.

It's hard. If in a year or so from now we still haven't budged, or worse, dropped more, I have no fucking idea how I'll cope. Getting through this last year was really, really fucking hard. I don't know if I can do another.

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the fudders would be less sad if they werent all brokies with no money and crippling porn addictions

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Have you listened to Sergey’s interview that came out this morning?


CCIP is imminent. Also instills great confidence to hear him discussing a prioritization of security over what many short-time-preference holders chasing price would want instead.

We must think beyond month to month growth or even a multi-year horizon. I’ve spoken to my father about his pain selling Amazon and Google after the 2001 crash, only to regret it over the long term decades later.

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>Naivety maybe... just like, your brain can't quite process how much money you really have in the moment, and then you lose it and all of a sudden it all sinks in what it was actually worth.

i guess that makes sense. i remember when i was get gains and it was certainly overwhelming.

but i stand by my statement that there is an addiction element to this. seeing those gains (at least for me) was fucking intoxicating. i never wanted it to stop. and that intoxication for me was driven by my greed. i could have made so much more money if only i didnt want it so bad.

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Another late 30s (39 yr old) checking here boys. Also roundtripped from my holdings in 2018 and hardly took any profit, but I'm still alive and kicking and still have plenty of great years ahead of me. My unsolicited advice to some of you is to force yourself to workout. It works wonders on an idle mind. And try to force yourself into some social situations on weekends even though you may not want to.

Agree with >>55011111 we may never see $50 again, but imo definitely back into the $20s within the next two years. That should leave with really nice profit levels to at least take some profits as a down payment on a house or to roll into other investments. And then you hang onto the rest just in case we hit it big.

We are almost out of this shit bear season. The worst is behind us. Just keep moving forward and you'll look back at these days and laugh in a few years. The journey is all about the struggle. Stay strong and pump iron and take some boxing/mma classes. Try not to drink a few weekdays and then reward yourself on the weekend. Don't worry about what your peers are doing. Everyone is on a different life path. WAGMI

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nothing is over until we decide it is


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>Agree with >>55011111 we may never see $50 again, but imo definitely back into the $20s within the next two years.
nice FUD

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I listened today, yea. He sounds relatively optimistic but I don't get the sense that we're just around the corner from anything.

I hear you on the Amazon/Google argument buuuut also honestly no fucking way I can hold that long... it took like 15 years for those companies to finally see their dues. That's 9 fucking years from now. Got to just pray for another near term speculative bubble so I can at least cash out SOME and ride that out.

Everyone and their mother thinks we're about to be back in a bull market. I just don't see it. Macro hasn't changed really other than inflation coming down some, but jobs market isn't great, salaries are down, nobody is spending. This will hurt industry and lead to more cuts. Without US going back into QE mode so companies can borrow and hire again we are probably in for more pain... and Jerome seems set on no QE for the near term at least.

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stop shitting up the thread and go get on an antidepressant

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>Everyone and their mother thinks we're about to be back in a bull market.
I don't think we're on the verge of a bull run either since IMO we haven't hit the bottom of the market yet (I mean the overall economy, not specifically crypto). If we're in for a depression then we may not see a bullrun for another 6 years but if this is just a 'normal' recession then we could possibly already be passed the half-way mark and bullrun could resume as early as next year. I think it's a cointoss though whether it's recession or depression so not really good odds...

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What's your outlook on timeline, then?

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Oy vey bubbulah, leave the poor goy alone. Have we not already done enough to this poor mashugana?

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That’s my point, anon. You need to expand your time preference.

In your inability to hold onto an asset that you know you’re early on, you’ll inevitably end up chasing perceived short term gains and at best make a little profit and at worst (and most likely) lose money as well as lose out on the greatest asymmetrical return you identified years earlier.

Patience is fucking hard but I urge you to find it. Same as working out, it takes dedication and consistent pain tolerance. You need to realize these principles make you stand apart from the pack. Both in physique, mental fortitude and wealth.

It should be said, I’m not trying to brag on you, but instead instill some positivity and productive conversation to fellow linkholders as many have done for me in the past

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Checked. I understand what you're saying. I'm just saying... I'll be 47. I've been waging already for 23 fucking years. A man breaks after long enough. I'm close to my breaking point.

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buy as much silly tokens as you want, sell your car, i encourage you. all i'm saying is that you are very defensive and care too much about what strangers on an online forum are saying. it's embarrassing to watch, so get some distance, it's not healthy

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>my work situation is fucking misery
What is your occupation?

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Ha I get it. But also don’t think you’ll have to wait that long. Seems like 3 years max until we start to see the true rise of chainlink tech as a ubiquitous brand and discussion point in legacy finance/media.

From there, it’s really just a question of if/when you will sell at what gain level.

Stay well anon

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I'm in tech at a failing company with a permanently angry CEO who belittles and bullies everyone.

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this is the 3rd get I've seen in a week where checking anons can't count.
anyway nice quints, I'm still holding 1000 link

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Saying that you would have been better off holding btc and eth is just simple facts

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what a strange trip it's going to be

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Not really, if you've been holding since 2018 LINK has been way better even at these prices.

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>at these prices

>> No.55014569

checking these gets
>trips and 1k EOY back on the table

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You got 69 which is even better

>> No.55014758

Sergey throw these link bastards a bone at minimum.

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Do you know how to read charts, anon? Thanks for confirming what I said. It's still above 2018 levels, hence holding LINK since 2018 was better than holding ETH.

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It's been a long road,
To get from there to here.
It's been a long time,
But my time is finally here.

And I will see my dream come alive at last.
I will touch the sky.
And they're not gonna hold me down no more.
No they're not gonna change my mind.

Cause I've got faith of the heart.
I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith to believe.
I can do anything.
I've got strength of the soul.
And no one's going to bend or break me.
I can reach any star.
I've got faith,
I've got faith,
Faith of the heart.

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Star Trek enterprise is such an underrated show

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Huh no wonder why some of you are deranged fuddies. You’re literally at the point where men hit the wall with nothing to show for it.

>> No.55017845

This is fucking brutal to read. You could have just put it into ETH and been rich.

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qq more fag

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>The older I get, the more I think there is some sort of sinister illuminati who LOVES telling people that investing is scary or will ruin their lives.
I wonder what sort of person would do that...

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Christ is Lord.

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You are a bunch of weak faggots. "oh why won't the wealth just rain upon me?" boo hoo.

Isn't life enough you fucking retards. Do you know how happy you should be just being white and growing up in this (admittingly) decaying world.

You could have served in vietnam, a pointless war, discarded by your own government. You could have shot and killed the german fighting to kill the thing you now suffer under. but instead you hold chainlink. fat and lazy. let me know if you want to move the cattle next week, they've been grazing this pasture for too long, and we need to fix the tractor as well. none of you faggots have ever turned a wrench.

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Ohhhhh noooo I’m 27 and not worth 30 million 4 years out of college. Bunch of whiny faggots need to kill yourselves. I’m almost 42 and have to drink my urine to keep my testosterone levels high enough just so I can jerk off while imagining past hookups… and I’m happier than ever. When did this meme start that 30 years old is old? I was throat fucking 43 year old milfs when I was 29 and still felt like a kid and didn’t legit start feeling old until about 40.

Start sunbathing and tan your balls too. Biggest pysop ever to stay out of the sun. Stop eating goyslop pasta and sandwiches at least 4 days a week. Order some nice clothes and start fingerbanging 20 year olds.

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Shut the fuck up nigger, I get link for FREE! You are my subordinate.

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