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Shill me the next 1000x.

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all in parsiq
it's the only coin that actually does things™

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Haircomb currency

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>$5000 on skin darkening
>move to California
>get $5m reparations

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Hushdoge. The community is great. I cant see this dumping ever. Whales locked tokens

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CHUNKS, and ORE as well.

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Cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 are cool too.

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DYOR cryptos that are built for decentralized identities, rights, and assets.

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Sminem token for sure
The guy has a schizo following and funny memes

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PoolTogether. 2 million market cap. 12 million locked at the moment. Featured on Coinbase web3 as a top earn Dapp. Featured as one of the most used Dapps on optimism, matic and AVAX.

Shit volume so any purchase is going to send it flying. Soon launching autonomous protocol that will create market buys of POOL when participants win prizes. For instance, last month 15k was given away in USDC, in a month or so all prizes will be purchased at market price and distributed in POOL.

The more TVL, the greater the buybacks. Look at the US lottery, now picture market buys of millions across all of crypto and its several different chains. It’s going to be game changing.

Plus, it’s lossless, so normies can gamble and not ruin society.

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yes. its about time.

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things like dumping and perhaps rugpulling in the next bull market

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Take it

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lol coin,

lmao coin even

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Haircomb. Allows scaling in a way that no other cryptocurrency can with
liquidity stacks. Infinite outputs, only the initial stack needs to be
funded. Some things are that it offers more quantum-proof security, is
private in a similar way to Monero. Last, it brings a new claiming system
to the BTC chain, which is currently how you obtain it, but will later be
how top miners will claim it for themselves assuming it has value later,
so it strengthens the chain. It can do even more, but that's the gist.

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The Wrong Token and Hercules.
Wrongtoken .c0m

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No matter how much you make or lose with crypto, in the end death comes for all of us and existence is meaningless.

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It doesn't exist and if it does then nobody knows and you shouldn't fall for recommendations because you'll be last holding the bag and you'll want to kill yourself.

Set up nodes on AVAX and POND and farm stablecoins at locked rates for a few months. THAT'S how you make money steadily and properly, with crypto at least.

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I heard that a special dunkie called Mule is gonna make it next multi million and are actually just around 400 mcap, very promising

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Bl4ckSw4n AI, its a new AI based crypto trading tool that is launching its paid version of its bot.

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Checked. Your answer is Hoichi token. Have seen some interesting arguments supporting it's ties to Ryoshi and will potentially be the next shib-like gain token. Those who have bought it hold it. They have some very interesting things going on in Telegram. I would highly suggest looking into this.

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What's a make it stack on this coin? I need to clear $73,000USD to be debt free. How may PRQ does one need to hit that

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And we can kill the pepe abomination created by twitter influencers

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Just like 2 years ago, the meme season has started right before the actual bullrun.

Doge ran, and Shiba came as a result.

Pepe ran, so who will come after it?

What if I told you that potentially the Shib team has started a secretive mission to take the top meme crown once again?

What if I told you that token is sitting under 5M mcap right now, and waiting for it to be discovered by the masses?


Many Shib related wallets, directly connecting to the treasury got their initial supplies at the start

Multiple admins in official Shiba tg like Ragnar_Shib , Xanders , Someone Smart are also in this token, invested and writing comments, giving hints about the aim to destroy pepe

The official email address is pepe@shib.io and it has been confirmed by multiple sources that this email can only be made by the Shib devs. The mail is active and in use, and so far no one complained its illegitimate despite widespread knowledge by Shib team.

For liquidity and supply fudders...The initial liquidity (10ETH) is BURNED, not locked. So it may not be visible in some sites.
For the rest, do your own research. These facts can be checked very easily. The whales are playing nicely, and are most likely insiders, painting a proper chart with healthy ups and downs for a sustainable growth.

They want to build another community like shib, so the point is not about using Shib's name then pump and dump another token. The point is to make a multiple billion token that will rival Pepe during the bullrun that will come soon.

The token name is The Toad Killer with the ticker TOAD. Dont confuse it with other fake versions. write it on tg and twitter and you will find it easily.

It is still very early. Dont look at this topic 6 months from now on and regret. I did it with Shib 2 years ago, and I'm not making the same mistake again.

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Geeq nigger, on sale right now.

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This, basically, Toad Killer is an obvious pick. Also maybe $Psyop, depending on the launch

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>It is still very early. Dont look at this topic 6 months from now on and regret. I did it with Shib 2 years ago, and I'm not making the same mistake again
post a pic of your bag if you're not BSing

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Wow what talent, a copy paste erc 20 token that got pumped by ftx to dunk on retail. No one cares about this last cycle shit.

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this is the only shit ive been buying recently
its too obvious but biz still shits on it kek

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Picrel. No doubt about it. The cards have been dealt.

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>check the filename

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$thing which is nothing
unlike all tokens pretending to be something

$thing is nothing and acknowledges the futility of crypto.

Grab hold of your $thing
nothing really matters
anyone can see

nothing really matters… to me

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How is not gonna 1000x with this babes?

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How is not gonna 1000x with these babes?

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This shit looks like a pnd. That being said I grabbed a bag because the chart looks healthy and if it moons and I didnt buy after seeing the five million shill threads i'd have to kill myself

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should i be investing in AI or GPU's?

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I second this. It’s also my first meme token because I believe the shib niggers will do it again

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I have some Bswan personally

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You must unlearn what you have learned.

I understand, anon.

The futility of finance, of crypto.
The pumps and the dumps, all while these coins claim to be doing "something different."

$thing promises nothing
because $thing IS nothing

$thing acknowledges the facade
$thing acknowledges you
$thing sees you, part of nothing

nothing gives me purpose
because nothing is forever

nothing really matters.
anyone can see.

nothing really matters.
nothing really matters.

to me.

nothing will save us now.


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Going all on privacy coins or get out completely. Those are the options.

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It still exist?, I sold my bag for RAIL and never looked back.

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Elmo Erc

The chart speaks for itself

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which would you recommend?

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$apu its like 300k market cap https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0x1ecda3cfbFF60Aa6e0e5470f7F872661df75c5DE

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where i get in on the Bswan anon?

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Ban test

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PLEB, I don't normally use my brain much but at least that's one less thing to worry about if I want money

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not 1000x but 100x is entirely doable with $POGAI
>Asia's biggest, highly sustained meme (you'll see this panda in literally any parts on weibo, tencent etc...)
>Low MC for what it's worth. Literally no risk of getting dumped on for the next 2 weeks.
>Hongkong will officially legalize crypto at the beginning of next month, and $POGAI is the pioneer of their memecoin.
>Low MC, currently sitting at 6m, even if we reach 100x it's only 600m, still a midcap with room for growths.

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I have spoken.

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No reverse psychology, no mind games.

Just Toad Killer.

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Also one of the following is spam to the algorithm
P I a s
P e p e
R e d

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Asking my question in this thread because otherws are all crap about ledger shit.

What do you think of ANKR and Optimism?

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Based. Self custody focused token is a top notch.

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This reminds me of ORE. Thank you.

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a single sneed puts you in the citadel.

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You should be investing in ALTT anonfag

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CHUNKS is all you need. You don't need all these honeypots

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And cross-chain interoperability as well.

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The list of HBAR, ORE, UTK, MATIC and BNB are likely to milk millions.

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If you want feedback fire your new liberal fascist millennials or your companies all go down. Go woke end in a unmarked mass grave

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It does, and it's not a meme either. Projects like MNI at a mc below 10m, and RWA tokenization gaining traction rapidly, are no-brainers

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Those who fumbled Shib early had a fair excuse as who could have known what the Doge killer was capable of.
Here have no excuse. U all should know who we are. We are all blessed with a delicious soup. A fucking frog soup. Don't fumble TOAD chads.

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Zcash and some DiD tokens.

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You need not ask this about CHUNKS because the tokenomics is there to take care of it

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I will choose Optimism anytime anyday

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The airdrop gonna be massive and snapshot of the qualifying activities is yet to be taken yet.

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Fuck you faggot. What's that

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CHUNKS at 1000x is fud

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ORE, you are welcome.

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LHINU is launching tomorrow. Created by Carl Dawkins of Tamadoge.
With favourable market conditions, this is a quick and easy 50X

Lovehate inu

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How the fuck do you Buy this haircomb shir you guys all keep talking about

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Qanx is the alpha and the alpha is Qanx. Kek

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based knower

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I still prefer layer 1s most especially the ones that are quantum resistant

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PoolTogether [POOL]
- 2 mil market cap, 16 million TVL, several million in the treasury in stable coin
- Autonomous, immutable contracts soon across all chains with a yield source. Where prizes are market bought and distributed to prize winners as POOL, creating a positive feedback loop on market price and demand.
- Featured on Coinbase web3 as top earn Dapp. One of the most used Dapps on AVAX, Matic, optimism, and eth already.

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$INVERSE still micro cap
not listed on CMC yet

degen yolo....

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Ash just launched, like Ash Ketchum. Kinda shocked I haven't seen Ash coin before now.

Biggest wallet is 2% hit 100k retracted to 40k mcap. Liquidity is locked.

Could be a sendor, I aped a small bag if fucking Pooh can hit 90m mcap idk why Ash couldn't hit 40m.

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And there's possible airdrop for those participating in its ongoing community board quiz on Zealy

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Librescan ensures privacy of Qan retard. It needs no fucking protocol to do that.

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same. /biz/ will miss out on this one just like they do with everything else.

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Pepe.coin stupid 420.69t supply what's else do you need silly, short it on binance

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>shill me the next 1000x threads
they're popping up more and more often
delete this right now ralph

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Decentralized IDs and rights are pretty cool too.

>> No.55014200

ORE and DASH are rad as well, legit cryptos.

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Cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 are recommendable.

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Its POR algorithm really gets dick hard, making the public blockchain the greenest blockchain on the market yet remain completely decentralized.

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Checked. $psyop is about to launch on ETH and it has a ton of hype behind it. Check out Ben.ETH twatter for updates

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Based. Focus on solid and undervalued gems like ORE, VRA and HBAR

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This tokens are really staying on top of the game.

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1000x doesn't exist when bitcoin is suddenly bearish like right now.

The only "1000x" you'll see on dextools are bot-generated traps that'll instantly rug once you invest.

Wait until there's a bullrun and you'll find some 100-1000x's there and there.

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>> No.55017394

DiD tokens are really staying ontop of the game

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Nobody checks the guy that’s trying to save them from the worst mistake of their lives.

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Mini pepe Just launched.

Liquidity burned, ownership renounched.

This is your chance to be early for once.



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Im excited about the ANKR microsoft partnership. What will come out of it? Maybe chatGPT integration??

>> No.55019959

how have not the qanx shillers not necc'd yet?

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That reminds me of ORE. Thank you.

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Fartshid? There’s a coin I haven’t heard shilled in a while.

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That's where Tokenmetrics comes in. Stop seeking advice from the Jews and get navigated from uncertain times with ease, with tools and data to make informed trades.

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Fuck you Ledger, FuLedger build

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can you shill some more because I can't really see it?

It has boring visuals, meaning boring logo, boring name, boring ticker id...
It's not cute like doggo or pepe... It's not even a meme itself.

Who will they even market this shit to? /biz/ maybe, but that hamburger flipping money wouldn't be much of a boost for the price.

I mean the story is fine, but what's gonna get people hooked on this shit?

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this aged well!

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PartyKartsToken is a /biz/coin that can do a 100x with 80k marketcap, not sure about 1000x tho since it would need a marketcap of 80m, surpassing even dog with bat ATH

>> No.55021025

Dongbone or Dong Shekels AI chain burner token
Can do a 360 backspin/front spin wheelie from here

>> No.55021585

As long as users stake TORN through the PowerPool TORN vault, they will automatically maximize the yield generated by TORN protocol fees.

>> No.55023028

bread, youll be able to sell it for a pallet of usd compared to the 5 usd you got it for

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Yea anon as xMoney ensures that each transaction is verifiable and tamper-proof, safeguarding both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activities.

>> No.55024825

Impressive and informative, bought ORE and XMR with my last crypto gains, guess this will be next

>> No.55024847

4chan faggots, theyre going to pump it on you to demoralize you further, you all have no foresight, twitter jeets will get rich off of your namesake while pushing dogshit memes in a 4chan-esque flavour, you're all so fucking stupid

>> No.55024942

cryptos with decentralized IDs and rights are also alpha.

>> No.55024958

Tokens with web2 ID bridge to web3 are pretty alpha

>> No.55025229

ZK-Snark privacy tokens are pretty rad too

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Check up RAIL as well, you might find it worthwhile

>> No.55025263

Don't know about 1000x but privacy tokens like ZEC and RAIL are looking solid

>> No.55025324

Got CHUNKS and some bags on RAIL as well this week

>> No.55025357

Cryptos that help shield transactions and assets from public intrusion with ZK-Snark tech are quality, as well as decentralized IDs cryptos too

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Faggot, you aren't getting 1000x. Hoding utility assets like RIDE and GODS keeps me optimistic for the future.

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>> No.55026028

kart 0xa5e60d30daa7225f5140f7601e08f57325465255 you're welcome

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AVAX and LINK are the alts that will lead the real bull run when it comes. No doubt about it.

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MSHIB, first launchpad on Shiberium network and highly meme-able

>> No.55026262

50k marketcap currently
thank me later

>> No.55026287


>> No.55026295

magicshibastarter com

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If Kaspa goes back to 0.01$, I think it's a potential ×100 (might take a good 5 years tho)
x1000 doesn't exist yet, unless you are very early (i.e you miner KAS with a CPU and you held 1M of them)

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everything shilled here is already late

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If you want to make it with solid projects, your answer is avax and link

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not 1000x but it will make you feel like 1000x

>> No.55026764

where do you buy these coins?

>> No.55026770

All in for pepeminer
Telegram @pepe_miner

>> No.55026787

Pooltogether. 2 mill cap, 10 mil supply, 16 million tvl.

About to launch tokenization that market buys it to distribute as prizes. Volume is 500$, therefore price will inevitably move up with the increased market pressure.

>> No.55026803

Anything on pulsechain, literally can’t miss

>> No.55026811

I want to fill her with my seed

>> No.55026827

80k marketcap t/partykartsi0

>> No.55026836

And it’s got an obvious bull flag today.

>> No.55026871


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lilAI (on arbitrum)
Crypto-dedicated AI that stealth launched a couple of months ago
~£270k mcap

>> No.55027658

What are some of the better crypto platforms to trade on? I have c*inb*se but wanna get off.

>> No.55027702

Decentralized EXchanges, Sir. (DEX)
Uniswap, for example.

>> No.55027719

wojak unironically

>> No.55028456

>where do you buy these coins?
it depends on what you're buying, i use binance and Huobi mostly, i also use both Trustwallet and sylo wallet for buying btc and eth
No doubt but you still need some diversification dick head

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It's already been said but I'm pretty confident that TOAD will x1000

>> No.55028653

A good mixture. A meme and a good play. I'll rather have NXRA than GRAIL, I do not see Camelot pulling off any super stunt anytime soon.

>> No.55028816

No it won’t. You need something under $1 million for a 1000x. Start buying that Russian kids coin or something else low cap with schizo shills

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Let me tell you what i've told the others before.
You will have no$thing
you will own no$thing
and you will be happy

>> No.55029212
File: 1.19 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20230520_002524_Telegram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ticker LFG on binance india chain.

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That's not true, Toad can x1000 and it'll still have less market cap then Shib and if you do the actual dd you'll know why it's actually possible.

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the real answer is TICKER BITCOIN but no one wants to admit it.

>> No.55029510

Useless coin ($Use)

>> No.55029908

My microcap play is BIGCAP, it's supposed to be gamified trading. It's at $140k mcap and the dev has launched previous projects like Signata. The first trading ladder is set to start the 21st.
Besides that check out Alephium. I think their bridge to ETH just opened so you'll probably hear a lot more CTfags talking about it soon.

>> No.55030037

>Avax and Ride for now, cos they got the tech that melt faces, might DCA into Kava and Reef later, but I don't wanna risk to much with alts now.
for the staking rewards, Kava looks more like a safe haven to me.

>> No.55030052

your next 1.5x is bnb and next 2x is eth and next 5x is avax. you tell me fucking 1000000x?

>> No.55030067

ARBINU 10,000x

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I don't have to for 5 years when I can easily flip on CHUNKS. Arbitrum gems are cooking real hard

>> No.55030372
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And UTK and TRIAS are easy 10x gems on Kucoin. Crypto payment and blockchain-based tokens are going to pump hard AF in the next bull run.

>> No.55030380

Because it is shit

>> No.55030419

>You need something under $1 million for a 1000x
You shouldn't miss CHUNKS for any reason. It looks ripe for a PEPE 2.0. Get in early as this meme token will moon. Mcap is less 1m

>> No.55030443

Sounds good anon, I guess you're already having the best exciting automobile metaverse experience from holoride using blockchain tech.

>> No.55030451


>> No.55030496

>foreshadowing botched $psyop launch
tell me where ben is right fucking now

>> No.55030569

I'm slurping this with some self custody focused token. Wagmi

>> No.55030578

Chunks was on fire the first week. I took out 20x and invested it in CYMI hahaha. I fucked the meme and went to a safe haven.

>> No.55030964
File: 46 KB, 924x851, photo_364@10-11-2022_09-57-36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

plebbit is a 3000x, just launched on ethereum.
>plebbit dot com

>> No.55031156

Another pump is coming. I did same by moving my profit into ASTRA and I made a quick 2x from the pump yesterday. With memes gaining momentum again, I'm throwing in some buck on CHUNKS again for round two.
I prefer to fuck with Arbitrum right now. Gas fees on eth are fucking crazy.

>> No.55031178

Highly based. I'm slurping up QANX and HBAR. This space clusterfucked right now with lots of shit.

>> No.55031269

Plus a mix of mid to low cap gems like kava, Dia, Sylo, Apt and Dot

>> No.55031370

XMR, but you will have to wait until ~2030

>> No.55031447

Lazy jeet. Dyor on RAIL.
No spoonfeeding.

>> No.55031481
File: 310 KB, 440x440, fa5921_a58f1eb5518d4a3cb0f434901abacb58~mv2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a good meme vibe about Elmo

>> No.55031514
File: 385 KB, 1125x593, 1683359681402736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Low cap

>> No.55031659

You should be investing in Privacy and Defi.

>> No.55031899

Price dropped a lot this year but read their most recent blog post