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2023 was supposed to be Chainlink's year

Let's compare to holding literally anything else in the market from Jan 1
>Vanguard Total Stock: $190.41
>Today: $204.31
>Bitcoin: $16605
>Today: $26679
>Tesla: $108.10
>Today: $169.80
>Ethereum: $1199.90
>Today: $1793.87
>Chainlink: $5.68
>Today: $6.59

So this begs the question, why is this board so obsessed with LINK? You're not outperforming anything

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wow nice blogpost / update
didnt read
still accumulating link tokens (ticker:LINK)

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>it's another fud fag thread

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Thanks for the update faggot.

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>Has made no money for years and is lashing out

I understand fellas! Disappointing I know. Maybe $8.50 is only a year away!

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still accumulating link tokens (ticker:LINK)
how does this make you feel?

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Chain link tokens have no use. There is no reason for anyone to want to buy them

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If you "accumulated" LINK anytime after 3 years ago, you're down vs Bitcoin, and down more vs Ethereum. You're down vs Solana. Cardano.

You can try pasta all you want, you've performed like a boomer index fund year to date, and like a shitcoin the past 3 years.

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Thanks for the narration, faggot cock boy. How come no cock cage pictures?

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wow apparently it makes you feel a lot
unfortunately for you, i will still be accumulating more link tokens (ticker:LINK)
is that ok?

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You just need to trust the plan harder...okay?

If you don't trust the plan you're a tranny fudder!

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what is this thread about?
tokenizing big macs?
or earning a couple big macs a day by staking?
cause that's what I do.
I stake 1 million HBAG and I am rewarded with 2 big macs a day, in perpetuity.
when my son comes of age, I will pass on the infinite big macs.

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>Pic related

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why are you changing your id and replying to your own op?
what wont change is my stance on link (ticker:LINK) - which is to accumulate it
what do you think of that?

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The plan has been in place for years marine!

>August 2020: $16.90
>September 2021: $29
>January 2022: $25
>November 2022: $8.15
>May 2023: $6.60

Any other response other than "I made a really bad investment" is cope. Plain and simple, so the "does it bother you" posts look ridiculous. Almost like a caricature of someone who is successful.

Put it another way, Chainlink holders act like they were buying Tesla or Apple at IPO, and are now realizing shitcoins don't behave like blue chips once the hype dies

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Making fun of Link holders is hilarious because they keep doubling down on their delusions.

Only a couple of Linkies realized they got scammed after 6 years, the rest keeps making up new boogeymans (Bulgarians, MEV mafia etc..) to justify why their shitcoin doesn't pump.

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LINK has done nothing but die for the last 4 years.
You think there's actual bagholders still here who haven't killed themselves already?

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One of the few reasons I still come here is to torment the LINKcels and hope they might buy more bags so they never recover from financial ruin.

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>samefagging this obviously
Is this a false flag to make fudders look even more retarded for laughs or is he actually this shit at his 'job?'

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still accumulating link, sorry
obviously this has you pretty upset but thats just how it is
anything you would like to add?

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Nice representation of you cult members

They truly think they bought at $0.50 and will sell at $200. They could've bought BNB for actual gains but held onto the worst performing shitcoin the past few years

Hey bagholders, have you paid up for your Barcelona tickets yet? Sergey needs money, c'mon!

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wow im glad for you / sorry that happened
unfortunately for you... im still going to be accumulating link
sorry? (not actually sorry)

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Poor bastard.
Probably spending all say spamming /biz/ with fud and getting trolled so easily by people basically just saying DRNS.

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>w-wow i'm accumulating though
>fuck wait it never goes up
>3 years later
>storms smartcon stage

kek, can't wait. keep accumulating please

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yeah sorry i dont think ill read your ramblings in greentext format either
accumulating link though? i definitely see myself doing more of that

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I think Chainlink is a pretty cool project

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you can tell he's probably one of the dumber ones because he keeps taking the bait, honestly not surprised he didnt fuck it up as per pic rel

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honestly surprised*

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We should burn everyone alive who still holds this shitcoin. These low IQ brainlets are like boomers stuck in time who say "just need a firm handshake" to get a job.

Fuck boomers and fuck link-retards.

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>Lets kill people for holding a crypto
Lmao fuddies are piiiiiiiiissed today

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mental illness

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Fucking kek

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>24 posts over 8 months. Mental illness
>copied from another without changing the name to make faggots seethe

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I've dumped already and invested in some decentralized ID projects.

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>it's not me I swear!!!
>le name is not changed!!11
got 3 different names with the same exact gif, sweaty

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>posts archives with obviously different people using the same images because one is a good / known reaction image and the other is just a fudster failing to samefag in a hilarious way that anons shared
So this is the fabled intellect of fudcoomers? Amazing. Wagmi (bought more link)

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ok samefag kek

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only top buyers and falling knife link baggies here at /biz these are the most sour people in all of crypto can't say I blame them though it's serg's fault.

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Newfag redditor detected, kys.