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When I was the most wealthy I had a bad run with girls.
Now that I'm relatively normal I found the love of my life.
You're all losers, I almost pity your idea of money making you happy.

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you sound like a lame ass cuck, money don't buy happiness is some normie shit people say when dey broke. real niggas know havin racks and lotsa bitches is the life. you prolly some square ass family man livin a basic ass life, believe whateva cope help u sleep at night bro but don't try act like u know happiness till u make it big n live that g lifestyle

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I don't speak ADA hodler ser

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Mup da doo da didda bix nood muh fugga

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nah senpai you trippin, ion even know what a ADA be, you tweaked fr fr. i'm jus a bored ass teenager tryna waste time on here, ion know no cardano shawty

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based nigger dropping facts

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>You're all losers, I almost pity your idea of money making you happy.
only jeets and children say this
the rest of us need money to buy things which are necessary
i understand you are feeling euphoric and think that love can sustain you when you have no money to buy food or pay for shelter but that euphoria will disappear with the first hugner pang
chemically and biologically speaking
and if you truly loved this woman you would want all the money in the world to be available to her and the children you have with her
for security purposes