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I've come to realize the only coins that matter and will matter are BTC and eth

Or am I wrong?

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>I've come to realize the only coin that matters and will matter is BTC

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i like big asses and i think asscoin will be the next great hit

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>Or am I wrong?

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bro how is big businesses paying tax to the government stopping bank bail outs like satoshi promised?

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Bitcoin dominance is pretty low.
I think in the end the only coin that matters is monero, but its kind of a meh investment.

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BTC gains are diminishing every halving, it's gradually becoming a stablecoin. If you want to make real gains your only choices now are alts and shitcoins.

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or the dollar going the way of the dinosaur, respectively your third worl currency doing the same

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I use dinosaur blood to power my car tho faggot

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please anons. post your alts for " investing "

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>become vc exit liquidity

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that is a commodity that has a value if you want tosave calories not running by foot, dollar on the other hands are ious in bankrupt banks that get emitted like they were a shitcoin ponzi

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There’s one alt

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>he believes (((science)))
no wonder so many midwits are allin btc and eth
I hope you all make it, I really do

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There are multi BILLION dollar projects. Do you really think jewish investors would be dumb enough to just let that fall to zero? Obviously not. Anything above $1B except for Shib is here to stay

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they need exit liquidty big enough to make a roi
if that exit liquidty doesnt come they hold bags.
as there is still a demand by gamblers we see the shitcoin bonanza that is happening now, and will create suckers

ftx jews lost it all and they want their money back, your money

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Any technical, solid reason why? I see monero being mentioned a lot, is it just hype/brand fame or there's more to the tech?

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For me, it's always VINU
I'm not a whale to buy BTC kek but I'm making a lot of money with this funny blue dog

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Going the way of the dinosaur is literally becoming a valuable commodity. I have no use for a real dinosaur but I will use their blood to power my car. SEETH I will never walk a single mile. I will drive my truck everywhere.
I invested in ETH because pedos make bank you fucking retard. I avoid beaches like a boss $BTC

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if you mean smart pedos, and other people doing tx that are nono for the powers that are, btc, if you want to bank on stupid pedos, xmr

reads like a language model; nice to feed you false feedback

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XMR is what pays the frogbots newfag
ETH pedos are the real deal bro trust them

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Maybe but you're never going to make money on those unless you already have money, to actually make money from a low starting point you need risky low market cap shit coins like TOAD.

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too low iq for inbesting. i have $autism, you see.

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pedos, drug, human and weapon dealers as terrorist use btc
imagine using eth an ofac compliant pos network, lol

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Ethereum will never matter

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You are fucking retarded, DeFi and privacy are based af.

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>normiecoin and tokennotneededcoin
As a means to sell to a greater fool? Sure, if you know to time the fresh supply of fools.

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fortune favors the brave

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nah, there are other coins to do more than invest, and others to climb to something bigger like PAPA, although it's been a couple of days since it became comfortable for me

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I think we can at least all agree on that

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Y'all are talking about coins that matters, forgetting that the sec is coming. Soon there'll be no privacy in crypto. All ya fucking secrets will be exposed.

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only the 1st one buddy

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You are not wrong. Crypto has only one use case that people care about, and Bitcoin is Coke, ETH is Pepsi. There is no space or care for any of the others, it's just sheer speculation and they come and go like farts in the wind.

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Whatever you wrote after that immediately disregarded.

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if you believe ethereum matters, you must believe that the token casino matters just as much

bitcoin survives no matter what
ethereum only survives if people want to use the network to trade assets other than eth, wrapped bitcoin, and stable coins.

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I think most people go through these stages in crypto.
1) BTC only
2) BTC and ETH, maybe some other alt
3) Mostly alts
4) Get into shitcoins and get burned
5) Mostly alts
6) BTC and ETH, maybe some other alt
7) BTC only

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Definitely, missing on the next DeFi gem could be regrettable. I can't sufficiently explain how bullish this is, but knowing that sylo is the gateway into futureverse and other related metaverse is enough reason to stay glued.

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not wrong, just retarded

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if anyone was around in 2017 they'd remember that expanding brain meme with that exact sentiment.
perfectly encapsulated the transient nature of alts because all the alts displayed outside of btc/eth/xmr have been nearly entirely forgotten in 5 years.

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Why do retards always die poor? Don't they wanna get rich in life??

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Yes goyim buy btc and ETH. Your liquidity is always welcomed.

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BTC and Monero are where you keep the money that you made with altcoins and shitcoins.

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With the move from Web2 to Web3, communications would also move from centralized to decentralized, sylo gat no worries about the sec.

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Effortlesly create a decentralized e-commerce with Dshop and earn competitive yield with origin dollar OUSD

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I'm at 6 desu

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With the move from Web2 to Web3, communications would also move from centralized to decentralized, sylo gat no worries about the sec

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ETH is shit, seeing it pains me. The worst ever. Instead of ETH, I'd empty my all on PEPE.

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You are fucken wrong fagot

Anon, Privacy is all I care most about. Holding my BTC and ETH in a smart wallet with millinery-grade encryption allows me to sleep well

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bro what the fuck are you talking about

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>ETH is shit, seeing it pains me. The worst ever. Instead of ETH, I'd empty my all on PEPE.
That's a strange way of saying
>I'm rugging it right now
But m3h

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Wtf, crypto is all bullshit. Last year NFT and Metaverse was trending and now it's got no future. I wouldn't listened to strangers.

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That reminds me of sylo, I can't wait to see it show innovations by enabling data protection in web3 through its decentralized node system.

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I've got an eye on RAIL and Zcash. Privacy is a top notch.

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you're not wrong OP. normalfag smooth brains control the market and what is worth shit and what isn't,
so yes, BTC and ETH will remain king.

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I've been on sylo since its NFT collection, seekers, was released because I've been anticipating the beginning of the NFT season for a long time now. Still not good to sleep on it.

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crypto is literally finding something early before the normies find it. then you become mega rich.
its mostly manipulated what will become popular or the newest buzzword meme to invest in this quarter.
it was NFTS. AI. Gaming crypto. Memes. Memes again.
basically if you can predict whats next to go from sub 1 million dollar mcap to billions when normies buy your bag to try make a measly 2x and handing you the 1000x, you've won.

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>I've come to realize the only coins that matter and will matter are BTC and eth
But they can't make the space truly decentralized they need LINK for data oracles, need Axie infinity for gaming, ONE for interoperability, XMR for privacy, CYMI for crypto payment, Nexo for yieldfarming. BTC and ETH aren't everything!

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bitcoin is already everything
but you're right ethereum can't survive without an ecosystem that includes other valuable assets.

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You're close but only one of those matters.

>BTC, it's BTC, dumbass

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yes, you milk altcoins and then dump them
either for usd, btc or eth

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Roastie, you are fucken missing out. Get your dumbass into the futureverse. There's a whole lot in the future punk.

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Not nft, heard something huge is coming on metaverse. Waiting to see what it unfolds before our eyes.

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There's a huge gain as futureverse are making it equally important in the metaverse. With sylo there's so much to expect.

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We all need to get protected. The worst may be coming

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bitcoin will be destroyed by regulation for proof of work emissions within the next 3 years.

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if bitcoin can be destroyed by anything, every single altcoin will fall long before

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Being provided a secure and private way to communicate and transfer digital assets could be as sweet as fuck. That's all normies want all their lives.

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I fucking don't care, getting bags filled from Re-staking is automatic and takes place after 24hrs

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btc, only btc, the rest pajeetery pump and dump by bored arab oil children and jews. non has adoption, non has use cases, worse scams than the worst 1980s junk bond pump and dumps

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Retard BTC is here to stay

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lmao, dumbass

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There will be privacy where it matters

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go back to school kid

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Sylo, RAIL and ENS. My best bet

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Keep calm OP, the futureverse is the next big thing in the industry and with sylo playing a key role in making it happen, there is bound to be rewards for holders.

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Noticed their NFT's are infused with ROOT.

>> No.54998292

Don't snooze on an L2 project that has a military grade encryption and does well as storage for assets as well as communication.

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lmao, dumbass

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youre absolutely right. thats why Fidelity only offers BTC and ETH. everything else is degenerate gambling and they literally dont even want to manage the average /biz/ poster's money because theyre so schizophrenic and unpredictable its not worth their trouble

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Staking opportunity on binance is up to 25%APY sustainably, I've got huge profits to gain.

>> No.54998336

the reason is hes holding a bag

>> No.54998358

after binance listed the arab oil children astroturf its dead, same as kraken. List an astroturf targeted at the only demographic still interested in crypto and you lose customers

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There's more to the tech bruh

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Can you still run a node from a seeker?
I see their floor is cheap now and it could be the perfect time to pick up a few

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go back to school kid

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>L2 project that has a military grade encryption
still curious how it's enabling users to communicate and transact with each other without compromising their privacy!

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Its partnership with flufworld, centrapay and the futureverse it's the best thing to ever happen in the crypto space. This will sure melt faces.

>> No.54998628

Not yet the time for that is coming.

>> No.54998639

Storing and transferring assets anonymously caught me there

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And what if he's older than you what will your dimwit brain do about that, huh?

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No bag will be bigger than BTC, ETH and MATIC. Take this to the bank.

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I would wonder how much every clear he has put up his ass?

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Crypto is a money making scam. None of it matters.

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What do you mean not yet? I thought it was already live and anyone could set up their own node if they have the NFT?

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You don't understand it right Jeet?

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It is money, at least btc. Bought groceries with LN today

>> No.54998947

Arb will be a bigger L2 than Matic

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Indeed fortune favours the bold.

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because a ew shitcoin pops up every day with o liquidity and 100m marketcap. doesnt mean its worth anything but it still increases the total market cap and therefore decreases BTC domiance

>> No.54999040

Can't tag it as the best thing but yeah it's a big deal
Is the partnership with coca-cola still valid?

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>No GuYs, DoGe iS ToTaLlY GoIn' 2 Da MoOn

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>ctrl f
>1 mention

I'm so early

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It'll never hit ath either because it's a constantly diluted, infinity supply, shitcoin

>> No.54999089

after the Musk subpoena in context with Jefreys JPM accounts, his time is over, wouldnt wonder if there are going to be some revelations on him fucking animals on the island

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Decentralized IDs are also based fucking retard.

>> No.54999194

Fuck it retard

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Anon, you can add solid low caps like SYLO and ARRR to that. Some potential 5x in the bull run.

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Did it even happen or it was just a marketing gimmick?

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Kek, this makes it enticing to users, and particularly those who cherish privacy.

>> No.54999526

I'm not settling for 5x in a bull run fag

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It happened back in 2020 bobo
It's old anyways so why bringing it up?

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What the sweet fuck. Up your game with some pepe Candyass

>> No.54999789

Another piece of shit

>> No.54999800

And e2e encryption in communication makes it even better.

>> No.54999810

Would be exciting to have something like this in Europe but with payment over lightening network
I'm sure they do in El Salvador

>> No.54999930

europe is full of small shops that accept ln, i can buy groceries coffee, beer wine and pizza with ln and do so more and more regularly

>> No.55000155

LN voids decentralization

>check em

>> No.55000161

Biz is filled with shit

>> No.55000193

How did they use it in Australia and NZ if it wasn't payment over lightening?
Imagine paying $4 fees for $1 coke kek

>> No.55000198

idiot. channels are distributed more than eth validators or any other of the casino chains

>> No.55000261

Based on what? Hahah

>> No.55000294

Bitcoin payment had so much momentum, why hasn't it become much bigger than it is now?

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>Staking opportunity on binance is up to 25%APY sustainably
Are you such a fucking retard you don't ask HOW that kind of APY is possible without scamming you?

I hope you fucking rope when your staked shitcoin rugs

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zoomers and their retardation, they got sold crypto by chatbot, advertisers and shills as casino; should they fo down with the casino and learn a valuable expensive lesson

>> No.55000354

alties always lose their minds when they first realize lightning is actually more decentralized than their favorite l1 blockchain

>> No.55000355

With centrapay partnership, one should be able to make payments with crypto then.

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I've come to realize only quantum-resistant blockchains will survive, bye bye BTC

>> No.55000436

dead wrong.
bitcoin is useless.
eth has insane fees.

>> No.55000443

alts, after the faggot musk shilled that dead meme, draw more scum then ever before; I hope he gets exposed as the pedophile he is and loses all of his empire; the curse of twitter shill needs to stay alive; McAfee got killed, Musk should have a worse fate, his children need to die too

>> No.55000446

>bitcoin fails
oops looks like your alt just went to zero

>> No.55000463

Ah, all of crypto is shit then. Thanks for the update anon.

>> No.55000501

stop astroturfing our memes glow faggot

>> No.55000856 [DELETED] 

BTC maxis scared when they know QC will shit all over them, well at least we have a good chain like QAN which is quantum resistant now, sadly even ETH is not doing much about this

>> No.55000873

>u a afaid
you jews need to come up with a better line
reatrded zoomers for hire with "social media" experience"

>> No.55000916

its a spambot

>> No.55000930

could be, should the janny decide if its an adevrtiser or a spambot - its the same

>> No.55001468

Like the Buzzie as well, they look like some yummy gummy candy haha.

>> No.55001533

Both tokens charge hilarious fees for the transaction, I prefer stablecoins, Utrust and a few other payment options allow it for payment

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The only coins that matter and will matter are BTC and AVAX

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Fasc...progressive detected

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You faggot aren't talking about how PoW makes it impossible for BTC to have a true adoption, plus ETH is centralized as fuck too, but let's take a minute to pretend ETH and BTC are the best

>> No.55003028

Tell us Progressive, how does it feel to be a NEW liberal FASCIST dick sucker

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Proof of Authority
Proof of Randomness
Proof of Capacity
Proof of Identity
Proof of Activity
Proof of concept
Pick your poison

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Not exactly true. Main alts no longer rely that much on BTC to pump. They are not essential.

>> No.55003425

they rely on corpos taking the bill. at 5.25%. uhhhh

>> No.55003769

Eth? Okay

>> No.55003936

You forgot about LINK.

>> No.55004518

You’re so far off.
I’ll help you.
Look for blockchains that are chain agnostic and provide utility to multiple industries

>> No.55004543

eth is a centralised scam coin, dumbass.

>> No.55004579

Bitcoin is king. Ethereum is the only alt that has kept up/gained value against BTC over the long term. Monero is the only other alt that matters for using Crypto as was originally intended, but it doesn't have a great record at keeping up with BTC. That may change because governments are becoming more authoritarian

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I find that you're objectively wrong, anon. BTC and ETH are the only relevant coins right now for boomers who are secretly still surrendering most of their trust to cash. There are much more up to date altcoins on the market, at lower prices and offering everything BTC and ETH offer but better and more.

>> No.55005121

Yes I know of an L1 that's yet to go live which supports many sectors with it quantum proof blockchain

>> No.55005145



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boomer detected

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Those two will not even do a 3x anytime soon, thanks but no. Lowcaps are where the money at, TXA,AZERO,RAIL and FET are my heaviest bags.

>> No.55006511

>If you want to make real gains your only choices now are alts.
This is it. Privacy,Defi and web3 alts are the real deal.

>> No.55007295

Yes I agree but imo it's wise to get early with post quantum cryptography based projects which ensures security against the quantum threats. Inevitable shit.

>> No.55007371

Is that similar to Chainlink?

>> No.55007466

Crypto is a casino and BTC and eth are the lowest risk lowest reward tables you can sit at. They're the best if you're rich and don't need as much variance.

>> No.55007743

Fucking jeets think crypto is casino. Never expected anything else from a nocoiner incel on this board. When you get to do your research and leverage on platforms like altcoinistdao for alpha picks

>> No.55008148

Kek...you are a moron. You missed your fucking chance with this meme season. Made 40x with CHUNKS alone.
Doubling down again now, moon isn't far fucker.

>> No.55008364

Okay Fascist

>> No.55008404

Ain't leaving DiD out of the list.

>> No.55008428 [DELETED] 
File: 28 KB, 564x566, 90433ca285b51d3fa809f6b7019ce07d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

coins that last forever? maybe
but coins that bring you best profits? nah
I'll earn more with $POGAI in a few weeks then what I've been earning by DCA-ing BTC for the last 12 months.

>> No.55008430 [DELETED] 

Adding ORE to the list will make a good deal.

>> No.55008444
File: 2 KB, 125x122, 1677766269704880s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Privacy and Self custody are my Main focus.

>> No.55008457

Utrust matters in the scheme of things pajeet

>> No.55008533

LINK, ENS, ORE and HBAR. Good list of them.

>> No.55008608

Coin with real utilities matter. MNI deals with RWA and a lot of profits can be made from it. XRP still has a lot of fight in it. BNB is hitting 1k by all means.

>> No.55008749
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Cashbacks earned from using payment getaways are the hopium I need to use them

>> No.55008959

Wtf is that?

>> No.55009060

Buy EGLD and metabond in order to get ZPAY and UTK lazy cunt

>> No.55009479

Solid bag but this is a meme season so aping into CHUNKS, VOLT and DONS.

>> No.55009669
File: 2 KB, 125x100, 1679021265556622s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where is ACH and UTK in this list? NGMI cunt

>> No.55009908

checked, I have ORE for that based narrative.

>> No.55010567

Add onchain staking of Utrust to this and you'd see what huge ROI means jewfag

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Jannies got the good brooms out today

>> No.55010822

You must be a newfag, this is false. Bitcoin remains the king and It is being accepted as a means of payment by many merchants across the globe.

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>crypto is all bullshit
No, its just a speculative market. Exact same shit happened in 1999 with Amazon, Apple, etc. Crypto will be MASSIVE (see NASDAQ and Fidelity plans), we just don't know which ones yet.

>> No.55011159

Metastaking these tokens pay more you know?

>> No.55011206

You’re wrong. PoolTogether is going to be the one Dapp normies actually use.

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No wonder El Salvador economy is becoming vibrant after making bitcoin a legal tender anon

>> No.55012114

if more Tethers get printed, sure.

>> No.55012117

Not totally wrong but they already have big mcap which is why I will prefer a low mcap like SPOOL that I know has a working product over those two

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Guys check this shit out
Its fucking mooning near 100k again


>> No.55012874

Nice choice, I've been doing research on it and with the institutional grade DeFi that its working on, it will be unstoppable