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Tell me again how nuclear energy is “too expensive”

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What will be the actual true cost of a nuclear reactor when picrel happens?

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It's not, but muh Chernobyl and muh Fukushima

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What state in the US relies most heavily on nuclear? that's where I'd want to invest next.

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I want the world to go nuclear so that the nuclear Holocaust can finally happen and we are ridden of humanity once and for all.

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I say, drill baby drill
Trump 2024
Free America!

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imagine if all the money used for pointless wars wen't into progressing the human race.

we would have fucking dyson spheres instead of nuclear bombs

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when you rely on gas and the supply of gas falls to a tenth of what it originally was and you pay out the ass for it anyways then even nuclear can look cheap in comparison

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i like split atoms i cannot lie
on other fuels i can't rely
when the rods move in with a little bit of space
turning that water into nuclear waste
you get bremsstrahlung

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wind has been cheaper than nuclear since 2017
solar has been cheaper than nuclear since 2020
hydro has always been cheaper than nuclear

I could give you half a dozen more arguments against nuclear, but now that there are three different ways to make clean energy that are all cheaper than nuclear, I don't even have to

I'm sorry but only fedora-wearing retards advocate for nuclear energy in 2023

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Only white and east asian countries should be allowed to have nuclear reactors, it's just too dangerous for Africa to build reactors.

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>hydro to a lesser extent
Also wildly unpredictable, especially when compared to nuclear. Having a relatively clean source like Nuclear to supplement baseline power is actually pretty effective and a good supplement to renewables/fossil fuels.

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solar and wind have dogshit efficiencies
hydro is good but you're limited to location

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Do you really want to invest in Illinois? Pennsylvania maybe. North/South Carolina certainly.

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finns probably have a functional business/engineering culture. the jewnited states of muttmerica can't actually do anything, so large or intricate projects end in abject failure as incompetent retard executives defraud investors or sub-sub-subtractors outsource things to india and fail to deliver.

>The Nukegate scandal is a political and legal scandal that arose from the abandonment of the Virgil C. Summer nuclear expansion project in South Carolina by South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) and the South Carolina Public Service Authority (known as Santee Cooper) in 2017. It was the largest business failure in the history of South Carolina. Before its termination, the expansion was considered the harbinger of a national nuclear renaissance. Under joint ownership, the two utilities collectively invested $9 billion into the construction of two nuclear reactors in Fairfield County, South Carolina from 2008 until 2017. The utilities were able to fund the project by shifting the risk onto their customers using a state law that allowed utilities to raise consumers' electricity rates to pay for nuclear construction.

>In 2008, the utilities contracted with Westinghouse to build two AP1000 nuclear reactors for an estimated cost of $9.8 billion. The AP1000 design was unique because it relied on pre-fabricated parts which allowed for modular construction. In 2013, construction began at V. C. Summer. However, numerous delays occurred from 2014 to 2017 due to manufacturing errors and incompetence. In 2017, the estimated construction cost had grown to $25 billion. Westinghouse, hobbled by the costs of the V. C. Summer expansion and a separate project in Georgia, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March 2017. Several months later the project was abandoned by Santee Cooper and SCE&G's parent company, SCANA. Ratepayers continue to pay increased rates for the expansion despite its termination.

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easily solved by using excess power to pump water uphill into reservoirs and then during peak demand you turn that potential energy back into electricity by running it downhill again through a turbine

or you can use excess electricity to winch a train car full of bricks up a hill, and then during peak demand you let it roll back downhill while the winch doubles as a turbine

or you store the excess electricity in batteries

again there's no good argument for nuclear in 2023 and there are many good arguments against it

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oh and i support nuclear, it's just never going to happen because this nation of mentally retarded mutts can't do real engineering. best we can get is paying a few hundred $400k/year codeniggers to write a gay dating apps for HIV+ 8 year olds in react native (1.8GB download sorry for all of the dependencies, goy. btw you DO consent to us stealing all of your personal data to target market HIV prophylaxis drugs to your son, right?)

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Wtf my state is doing something right? let's go

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Pennsylvania is the answer

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i will never understand wtf the germans are doing and why their people seem to think that its a good idea. few days ago i talked with a german and he thought that them shutting down nuclear with nu viable replacements was a good thing

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prices have been dropping on the whole market LMAO

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This particular Finnish nuclear reactor is very much an example of incompetent planning and engineering. It took literal decades to build and at one point was the most expensive building made. And while that headline would make it seem like nuclear power saved Finland from the energy price crisis, it was delayed and didn't actually generate power until a few weeks ago. So the nation had to eat record-high electricity prices over the winter like everyone else, and while prices falling coincided with the reactor powering on this was not purely a causal relationship since energy prices came down from last winter everywhere.

It also doesn't matter in Eumerica if your country produces cheap electricity because they will simply sell it at a huge markup to other countries in Europe who don't have that capacity. So that fancy nuclear reactor will end up marginally subsidising Germans with their retarded coal power and Finns will still get buttfucked by high energy prices if demand surges elsewhere.

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hydro is really the best, but you are VERY limited on where you can build them. Also greenpeaceoids will go nuts with the flooding required

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kraut here, why do we have the highest energy prices worldwide.
the true cost for renewables arent priced in

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Yes and no. There's always talk of decommissioning a few of them. They already did one years ago. As a tradesman who works nuke outages in the fall through early spring I would be delighted if even one new plant began construction. As a Bitcoiner I would be even more delighted if they wised up and set up miners to use their surplus energy.

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proving my point that people who advocate for nuclear in 2023 are fedora-wearing morons

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nothing in those posts is fedora

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They've started shilling nuclear positively in the mass media i've seen
kinda funny because it's been nothing but fud for 30 years but they've finally realized that people can't be clowned on forever.

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If they are cheaper why do they keep driving up the cost of power. People just make this shit up lmao

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>everyone who disagrees with me is a HIV positive 8-year-old jewish person of color who earns $400k per year
>instead of making an argument I'll just call things I don't like nu-thing
"I'm smarter than everyone" /pol/ack morons

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Are you 12 years old?
>just store energy in a train car bro

Tell me a better way to produce very large quantities of energy besides nuclear. This century will be dominated by whoever produces the most energy

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where do we get the cooling water from if once huge resources like the Rhine are almost layed dry during summer?

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Leftist don’t want you to be free. What would they have to complain about if nuclear power powered your car, and the waste heat desalinated your drinking water and the waste brine was used to treat your waste water from your toilette before discharge?

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because 1/3rd of electricity in the USA comes from natural gas and natural gas prices tripled after Putin invaded Ukraine and fucked the world's energy markets

you can't just replace all natural gas plants with wind and solar overnight

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This happened before Putin in every country that switched to renewables from coal/gas

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>nuclear plants required to keep radiation levels "as low as reasonably possible"
>thus all profits made by improving efficiency are eaten by the now increased Reasonably Possible threshold
>how could nuclear be so expensive???

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still not even fedora
if you won't lurk you deserve to be burgled upon

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Then why is my UNG so low :(

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Why do nuke plants even need to make a profit. If voters feel they are to dangerous run them through the military as an energy subsidy for may security and sell the power at cost to run the economy and make the “profit” on taxes thanks to cheap baseload energy.

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>hurr durr only 12-year-olds would store energy using trains
it's called Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) and they've already built some and connected them to the grid in California, Australia, and elsewhere

but I wouldn't expect you to know that because you're too busy masturbating to the same nuclear technology that hasn't improved in 50 years

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No profit, no serious R&D

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they raised the prices from 4cents/MwH to over 20cents/MwH on some contracts
a 75% decrease is easy even without nuclear....

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Maybe it has something to do with your entire supply chain falling apart a year ago

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>there's no good argument for nuclear in 2023
Nuclear energy density is 500,000x greater than coal, 12,500,000,000x greater than hydro, and 250,000,000,000x greater than wind

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funnily enough wars are probably the most innovative periods

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Almost all nuke R&D came out of Los Alamos as a by product of weapons. National security can be an incentive.

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Noted, thanks anon. Just did some research and it looks like there's a bill moving through the state house right now to lift the ban on new nuclear construction. (pic rel)

Actually that looks very promising. Glad to see we're investing in it further

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Because renewable can't provide baseload YOU FUCKING RETARD
Now go burn more coal so that this flat plane can go back to Eden, deserts eradicated, the Green Victorious.

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>electricity was becoming more expensive before the Ukraine war
that's not true at all, adjusting for inflation wholesale electricity was almost 10% cheaper in 2019~2020 compared to a decade earlier

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Shill me some pro nuclear power groups to support I want my nukie power

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>there's more energy inside a gram of refined uranium than in a gram of coal

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It doesn't matter you retard, when one of the pozzed presidents ( >inb4 "there's non-pozzed ones ?" kek ) can destroy billions of investment that would have become profitable decades down the line with just one signature.

Since nuclear weapons are complete fiction, any polity relying on the goylems believable this specific lie will NEVER see widespread commercial use of nuclear power.
You will LITERALLY see african shitholes become 100% nuclear-powered before any other country.

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That's correct.

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ur mum is correct with dozens of strangers every day

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Well I'd hate for her to be wrong with them

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it's called the Republican Party and despite their pro-nuclear rhetoric we've only built 2 new reactors in the last 30 years and during that same timeframe we've decommissioned over a dozen

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Very sad.

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>republican party
>pro nuclear
Are they really? Serious question.

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ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable - is the official acronym in fact.

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>finns probably have a functional business/engineering culture
OL3 is a gigantic meme though. Finland does have some successful projects, but this one ain't it.
>getting the permission to build the new reactor is so incredibly fucking annoying that TVO (the plant operator) decides to make the most out of the one permission they got, so they insist on an XBOX HUEG design because they aren't getting a new one any time soon
>the Fr*nch company Areva wants in so they can test a new design in production
>the actual builders are sub-sub-sub-subcontractors from Eastern Europe and quality varies wildly, aside from Poles there's the half illiterate retards from Uzbekistan or wherever the fuck and even an honest-to-god genuine mafia racket where illiterate retards are being damn near press ganged into construction jobs
>when combined with Areva initially having no idea what it's doing, the result is slow progress and the shit quality plus the massive autism of the Finnish nuclear safety board means lots of do-overs which slows things down even farther
>in fact, it takes so goddamn long to build that some parts of it have to undergo routine maintenance before the facility is actually ready

It ended up taking 18 years to build and cost 11 billion euroshekels, but at least the frog morons signed a fixed price contract so they ended up footing much of the bill.

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Well that's good news indeed. You brightened my day a little.

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>wildly unpredictable
Moot point. It's literally priced in when you present the P90/P99 budget case to your investors

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No, if we had more wars we'd be further ahead. Wars are where some of our greatest innovations comes from?
Ya know what too much peacetime has gotten us? Juicers that need wifi connections and subscription services to work.

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We need thorium reactors now

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proving my point that people who are against nuclear in 2023 are cum guzzling morons

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Dyson spheres are a great litmus test to tell if someone is a dumb redditor. So fucking retarded

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And every one is worse for the environment than nuclear. Amazing.

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Marginal differences at best, apart from hydro which yes can be absolutely devastating to the local ecosystem.
The biggest problem with nuclear is that it takes a long time to develop, if you advocate for new nuclear you are really just advocating the status quo

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>The biggest problem with nuclear is that it takes a long time to develop
No, the problem are retards that follow bought politicians to shut down existing functional nuclear plants to keep us reliant on fossil fuels and newer "sustainable" power. The same retards that listen to dumbasses like yourself. Both solar and wind leave devastating prints on the environment.

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I agree that shutting down functional stations is short sited. That doesn't mean new plants are the answer; maybe if they had begun construction 30 years ago they would have been

>Both solar and wind leave devastating prints on the environment.
Such as?

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It's not expensive. No one ever said this. It's dangerous as shit and there is no good way to dispose of the nuclear waste

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Wind turbines kill wildlife. The offshore ones are especially bad when they are being constructed. And the amount of energy spent and water contaminated to make those 25 year solar panels cancels out most of the of environmental benefits solar had.

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Problem with nuclear is there is zero room for error while operating the plant. So we have to look around at how many times people fuck up to realise nuclear is not safe.

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It's "dangerous" because midcentury construction/manufacturing strategies were used with a lot of ones that went awry. There are even good ways to reuse nuclear waste but it's contingent on modernization of facilities rather than using the same shit midcentury processes.

In short applied nuclear in many places is stuck in the 1970s when the hippies killed its adoption and use.

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You can literally store nuclear waste away in sealed containers which can always be treated/recycled later...
And you do know the waste isn't being dumped haphazardly into the environment like in the Simpsons, right? In fact there are means of nuclear power that produce hardly any waste at all but every government uses the one that does produce radioactive waste because it also produces other useful by products.

Just wait until you find out how much MORE RADIATION coal power puts out into the environment on top of all the other hazardous waste it produces.

Sadly one of the downsides with modern civilization collapsing. Corps and politicians selling out our future for a buck, and not enough educated people left with the IQ to operate nuclear plants.
That being said Chernobyl was simply cheap soviet incompetence, Fukishima was a design over cite, and mile island was a nothing burger deliberately blown out of proportion.

Nuclear is completely fine if you design your plant with fail safes and build them in locations where they aren't vulnerable to environmental disasters or near unstable countries. Hundreds of nuclear plants have been in operation for decades just fine. The trick is not building them where they can fucked up. Not hard.

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The cost of wind and solar are way higher than indicated because if used in large quantities, you will have to spend absurd amounts of money on batteries to store it due to the shit efficiencies. Also, nuclear is only so expensive because faggot activists go out of their way to lobby for regulations for the express purpose of making it not feasible economically.

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99% of nuclear waste is used gloves and hazmat suits. Melting green nuclear waste like in cartoons doesn't exist, all the waste uranium is solid. It is placed in a cask and the cask is sealed in a 2 ton brick of concrete before being trucked to a storage facility.

>> No.54991995

>Wind turbines kill wildlife
Negligible amounts, especially compared to other energy sources. It's also surprisingly easy to mitigate against if you know the migration patterns of birds.
The construction of any infrastructure is of course going to have some impact, but it's far from catastrophic as you're making out. Offshore turbines also stop fishing and trawling in the area, you often find more abundant fish populations around them than in the open sea.
Energy payback for solar is typically under 4 years, where you are getting the 25+ from?

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i'm lazy and i googled this

2022-2023 Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant leak
2019 Radiation release during explosion and fire at Russian nuclear missile test site
2017 Airborne radioactivity increase in Europe in autumn 2017
2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
2001 Instituto Oncologico Nacional radiotherapy accident
1999 and 1997 Tokaimura nuclear accidents
1996 San Juan de Dios radiotherapy accident
1990 Clinic of Zaragoza radiotherapy accident
1987 Goiânia accident
1986 Chernobyl disaster and Effects of the Chernobyl disaster
1979 Church Rock uranium mill spill
1979 Three Mile Island accident and Three Mile Island accident health effects
1969 Lucens reactor
1968 Thule B-52 crash
1966 Palomares B-52 crash
1964 SNAP 9a satellite releases plutonium over the planet earth, an estimated 6300GBq or 2100 person-Sv of radiation was released.
1962 Thor missile launch failures during nuclear weapons testing at Johnston Atoll under Operation Fishbowl
1961 SL-1 nuclear meltdown
1961 K-19 nuclear accident
1959 SRE partial nuclear meltdown at Santa Susana Field Laboratory
1958 Mailuu-Suu tailings dam failure
1957 Kyshtym disaster
1957 Windscale fire
1957 Operation Plumbbob
1954 Totskoye nuclear exercise
1950 Desert Rock exercises
Bikini Atoll
Hanford Site
Rocky Flats Plant, see also radioactive contamination from the Rocky Flats Plant
Techa River
Pollution of Lake Karachay
1942 Leipzig L-IV experiment accident

>> No.54992135

Off shore turbine sites are surveyed using high frequency ground penetrating sonar which cascades across the ocean disturbing and deafening wildlife. Seriously. It's deafening and killing so many whales, especially young ones, along the east coast here in the US. Not to mention the dead whales washing up are just the affected animals that we can actually see. It sounds bullshit I know. So many headlines go out of their way to bluntly state that there is no evidence to prove it is a huge flag in itself. It doesn't take a phd to realize that high grade construction equipment that is intended to penetrate deep earth will deafen the waters around it and fuck up wildlife. The irony.

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you are brain dead lol

>> No.54992356

>nearly every incident has to do with military vehicles and weapons
Wow, we should get to decommissioning that array of nuclear subs we use to power the west coast.

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and it's still not an argument, it's a fun fact at best

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they're pro-nuclear in the same sense that they're against the income tax. That is to say, it's something that some of them talk about when elections are near and then they won't do anything about it until the following election cycle when they'll talk about it again. It's a way to milk pro-nuclear boomers for votes.

>> No.54992957

No difference, gravity is what prevents plutonium reactors going super critical.

>> No.54992967

>thorium reactors
they've been talking about it ***SINCE 1968*** and still nobody has built one. It's vaporware. We'll probably figure out fusion power before anyone actually builds a working thorium reactor.

>> No.54992975

Reactors don't explode bird brain they simply get way too hot

>> No.54993006

They can build reactors just not those very fast spinning things

>> No.54993069

the same goes for oil and fucking coal and every other power source
there is a town that is on fire because of coal and has been for decades, it will continue to be on fire for decades more
there is zero room for failure in all of them, for one reason or another
bp oil should not exist today
also, there are natural nuclear reactors too
i don't see anyone talking about cleaning that shit up for our, or natures, safety

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>there is a town that is on fire because of coal and has been for decades

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this is the dumbest chart I've ever seen lmao

>> No.54993192

Total meme for cucks. Chernobyl was a psyop.

>> No.54993310

the Goiania incident is one of my favorite incidents in terms of fuck ups that kept getting worse and shouldn't have happened

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Strange push for nuclear all of a sudden

>> No.54993348

More than 1/3 of my power is nuclear apparently
Feels good, man

>> No.54993387

Well yeah. People tend to point out that shutting down existing nuclear plants that can take decades of infrastructure to set up is idiotic. Meanwhile people meme about fusion power but modern nuclear power is already a marvel that has provided us with so much energy. Anti-nuclear sentiment is just dumb

>> No.54993485

If it had not been for those colossal faggots back in the 70's and 80's stopping advanced nuclear research from moving forward we would have ultra clean power production right fucking now all over the country.

>> No.54993554

Imagine the brilliant German scientists who pioneered nuclear energy witnessing their own country infested by double digit IQ hippies who convinced politicians to shut down most of their nuclear plants. Grim.

>> No.54993648

They must share that electricity with Britain and Germoney it is only fair that they help with the green shift and pay market prices dictated in London.

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Forget about energy for a second, what happens when our cheap/abundant plastic feedstocks go away?

>> No.54993731

If Pennsylvania can recover from 3MI, maybe there's hope.

>> No.54993899

the German green party is literally a front for Russian subversion and has been since its inception
Germans are gullible and fall for any propaganda they get enough of

>> No.54993906

We use bioplastics.

>> No.54993954

I mean yes that’s the obvious answer, but can that really be price competitive at the scale we currently use plastics? Seems unlikely to me but I don’t have actual data to back that up

>> No.54994079

>Germans are gullible and fall for any propaganda they get enough of
Name one other time that happened

>> No.54994601

How many of these are from first/second gen reactors? you know, the ones with abhorrent safety procedures that don't compare to modern tech

>> No.54994646

We need Gen IV nuclear powerplants, dawg

>> No.54994682

Even if we had nuclear plants everywhere the feds would find a way to make sure it’s expensive

>> No.54994689

>real nuclear power hasn’t been tried yet!

>> No.54994745

>wind has been cheaper than nuclear since 2017
>solar has been cheaper than nuclear since 2020
You're having a dunning kruger moment. Wind and Solar are """cheaper""" in the sense that they are heavily subsidized by the tax payer whereas nuclear is heavy regulated by the government ensuring it has low profitability.

>> No.54994796

Wind and solar are unreliable considering there is very little sun for 5~ months of the year in my country
Hydro works but it fucks up natural habitats for salmonids

>> No.54995410

Literally every part of the energy industry is subsided

>> No.54995580

is that if we start using nuclear power we literally can't keep fucking up the planet with gas, so it's no fun, I need my daily hour of breaking the ozone layer, either that or watching videos of analyzing evil or the PLEB chart

>> No.54995619

Are you confusing seismic surveys with HRG? Because yes there is evidence that seismic surveys disrupt marine life, but you wouldn't be using that for an offshore development

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choofin fuck, only just cranked bastard up!

>> No.54995820

cool source, you totally changed my mind

>> No.54996417

The German Greens are ultra-hawks though who want Russia turned back into Kievan Rus.

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Electricity is overrated

>> No.54996714

doesnt factor in intermittency thus is bullshit
sure at noon in june solarpanels produce cheap electricity, now how much spare capacity do you need to install to generate electricity throughout the entire month of december
and dont forget the cost of storage which to date doesnt even have a workable theoretical solution

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i love how people become experts on planning multi billion dollar projects and particulars about waste disposal etc when nuclear comes up. you don't know shit you read maybe 2 articles about nuclear power from retardscientist.com. fuck you

>> No.54996777

the scamdemic already showed us that experts are mostly full of shit. you're a naive little boy.

>> No.54996890

>dude wind and solar are cheaper!!
>it just requires excessive overhead unaccounted for in the on-paper cost of wind and solar

sorry not paying a markup to keep the AC on in summer. coal plants are reopening en masse, greenies have already been abandoned. the free market always wins.

>> No.54996982

War is where almost every technological advancement has come from

>> No.54997210


German here. Because your woke retardness has spread over to europe and people want to run the economy on their strong emotions and not electricity. Faggots here want to rather buy the energy from the really old und rusty nuclear plants from france instead of building our own safe nuclear plants. So electricity will even get more expensive.

I hate the current government. Full with woke and liberal fascist midwits. They just made new bullshit laws to ruin everyone and this country financially with their halfassed climate protection policies. Ofcourse they are enforced in the most retarded way possible.

>> No.54998402

People still don't understand they have to include a source when they share a fucking chart

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>nuclear energy is not subsidized by the government

>> No.54998585

>coal plants are re-opening en masse
global coal consumption peaked in 2013, but feel free to keep making up bullshit

>> No.54998657

>shutting down existing nuclear plants that can take decades of infrastructure to set up is idiotic
sunk cost fallacy
>modern nuclear power is already a marvel that has provided us with so much energy. Anti-nuclear sentiment is just dumb
404 actual argument not found

>> No.54998661

Space crabs don't exist dumbass

>> No.54998718

>the cost of storage which to date doesn't even have a workable theoretical solution
amazing how you've convinced yourself that pumping water uphill is not even theoretically possible, truly nukies are deluded

>> No.54998801

fossil fuel shills out in full force
your shitty power source is not needed
i will be an independent provider

>> No.54998853

Trillions alone went to Africa since the 1950s and it has done nothing except exponentially grow the nigger population and it is now on track to be 4 billion by year 2100. We live in this hell because of Jews, if Jews didn’t win ww2 white race would be on track to becoming the majority population instead of blacks.

>> No.54998880
File: 16 KB, 480x360, 1574735743193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Both solar and wind leave devastating prints on the environment.
okay, and building one nuclear reactor requires 80,000,000 pounds of steel and 400,000,000 pounds of concrete, the production of which has a huge environmental cost

not to mention the environmental damage caused by uranium mines and uranium mills; runoff contaminates nearby soil and groundwater

my friend you're throwing stones in a house made of paper-thin glass

>> No.54998882

All the advancements came from Germans during ww2 when they free’d themselves of Jewry, allies copied everything from them. Advancement comes from freedom from Jews, the renaissance period is one particular example of serious advancement that happened as a result of banishment of Jews

>> No.54998925

>listing radiological source accidents (most of which are from third world savages fucking around with technology they should have never had) alongside nuclear reactor incidents
Teeny, tiny brain hours right here

>> No.54998948
File: 784 KB, 823x701, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cope lil nigga. until the greenoid lobby can move more capital than the entire german economy, you will always be adjunct.

>> No.54998961
File: 1.38 MB, 838x1061, have_to_go_back.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go back to your room, the adults are talking >>>/pol/

>> No.54999005
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>Germany used coal power as a temporary solution to survive the winter of 2022 after they stopped buying natural gas from Russia
>therefore nuclear power is good and wind/solar are bad
*yawn* wake me up when you have an argument that actually proves something

>> No.54999047

whites are unironically the weakest race. they hate themselves and would rather let the world get destroyed than man up. if you want to survive this fight you need to be more dominant like all the other races are and not just sit at home dreaming of getting cock in every hole

>> No.54999564

Blah blah blah I’m the end it’s still literally steam power lol ppl still coping with the fact the real science is intentionally withheld and if you try to release it you WILL have an “””accident”””.

>> No.55000075
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Be silent child, adults are talking.
Here's a REAL book to read

>> No.55000081

and now calculate the round trip efficiency of that
pump hydro is not a solution to anyone with basic math abilities

>> No.55000947

Energy is already cheap in the US.

>> No.55001003

That's a retarded argument, making deathtraps like that simply raise the IQ of critters which just means they'll dominate in 10 or so generations after the selective process kills off the braindead retards.
And MUH ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION is a filthy lie, leave the """contaminated""" place alone for a decade of two, and it's back to a pristine state.

The problem with wind and solar is THEY'RE NOT BASELOAD
There will NEVER be energy storage efficient enough to enable switching to renewable without having BASELOAD

honestly, Germany giving up nuclear because of muh environment, and going back to burning coal at higher rates than fucking India is so fucking hilarious.
Then against, the greens don't give a fuck about the environment, or they want to genocide kikes and niggers, the true sources of desertification.

>> No.55001066

not as cheap as ur mum

>> No.55001365

>There will NEVER be energy storage efficient enough to enable switching to renewable without having BASELOAD
what is geothermal
what is tidal
what is hydro
what are batteries
and see >>54989788

>> No.55002018
File: 25 KB, 492x449, 415354342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOCATION DEPENDANT, RETARD ( also an actual environmental catastrophe, not only do you destroy a shitton of real estate ( for humans or not ) but it's not even creating a new actual biome since without maintenance the dam would just crumble and get destroyed in what, 3 centuries tops )
>gravitational storage

I should be surprised how much SHIT you're spewing, but it's to be expected when one's talk OUT OF HIS ASS

>> No.55002236
File: 19 KB, 460x366, 1555456776496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no it isn't, geothermal can work literally anywhere; it's just a scaled-up heat pump and you don't need to live on top of a volcano to use a heat pump

tell that to the six countries that have already built them. Truly you have no idea what you're talking about

still not an argument, and also gravitational storage facilities are already built and in use

the fact that you type in all caps, have no argument except MUH BASELOAD, and are ignorant of technology developments over the last 20 years, suggests that you are, in fact, the retard

>> No.55002304

Is this purely wind/solar or counting with battery installations? Because wind and solar are basically unusable by themselves.

>> No.55002688
File: 177 KB, 1224x1445, 1612654292634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>80,000,000 pounds of steel and 400,000,000 pounds of concrete
That's nothing you mong. In 2018 the US produced 86.6 MILLION METRIC TONS of steel. You morons always pull out these big sounding numbers without even so much as acknowledging a bigger picture exists

>> No.55002711
File: 80 KB, 720x594, 1678483833323105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The adults are talking
You're either not an adult yourself or you're a failure. Either way nothing you say actually matters

>> No.55003206
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>checked and shillpilled
now do the list for fossil fuels and see how far you can get before your keyboard breaks. Dumbass

>> No.55003302
File: 40 KB, 750x512, pikasips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nuclear energy
If you don't support everything listed above it's because you are a stupid person. A real dumb dumb stupid head.

>> No.55003372

>it's you're cautious about nuclear that also means you're pro fossil fuels

>> No.55003500

what innovations did the iraq/afghanistan war bring?

>> No.55003608

tsunami (God)

>> No.55003618
File: 797 KB, 200x150, TYgG4fN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're missing the point; you can't say that building wind and solar imposes a heavy environmental cost and then ignore the even heavier environmental cost of building new nuclear reactors

>> No.55003774

>Much heavier environmental costs
How much of what raw materials are needed to rival the energy production of a plant when building solar or wind

>> No.55004058
File: 36 KB, 400x400, 1616454989061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how many EPA superfund sites exist because of wind/solar, and how many EPA superfund sites exist because of uranium mining?

>> No.55004097
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>Wind turbines average 200 tons
>On the low end are 66% steel
>Takes 430 turbines to equal one reactor (probably if in an ideal location)
>Assuming only 66% steel it takes 113.5 million pounds of steel to equal a nuclear reactor


I'm ready for your apology at any moment, anon

>> No.55004176

Don't know + don't care. The shit you're shilling can't support 8 billion humans and as much as I hate people in general I don't want a human caused genocide

>> No.55004389

Lmao the fucking delusion. I hate Jews but to think the our ancestors who believed in the white mans burden are Jews? Fucking idiot whites have always believed themselves above other races and we try to raise these nonwhites up all over the world. It's failed some but it sure as fuck has given blacks a higher IQ even though they are still stupid. Stop fucking hating yourself you retarded faggot.

>> No.55004430

>I don't want a human caused genocide
which is why we shouldn't build more nuclear reactors when we're gonna run out of U-238 in less than 200 years

>> No.55004443
File: 360 KB, 848x748, 1620350286834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sorry how many superfund sites resulted from wind/solar? and how many superfund sites resulted from uranium mines and mills?

no need to apologize, I don't need it

>> No.55004582

my company uses plastic films and tape made from cellulose as a byproduct of corn production; one could never tell the difference and it biodegrades within months

>> No.55004773
File: 326 KB, 492x376, 546546t4564w.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you being scared by the only realistic solution to one of the worlds biggest issues definitely means I'm from reddit you retarded fucking mongoloid

>> No.55004809

>200 years from now

>> No.55004959

>Blame contractors and "mismanagement" for the things the regulators are doing

>> No.55005020

they're going to start buying gas from russia again any time soon, lil nigga? coal, the #1 most efficient energy source, is here to stay. cope and cope and cope some more. your malthusian degrowth agenda has been retroactively refuted by the invisible hand.

>> No.55005168

Didn't read the thread. The main financial problem with nuclear is that all of them are under-insured. That's because both the plant operators and the insurers know that if anything actually goes wrong, the government will step in to clean it up. This means that most of the risks aren't properly accounted for in the costs or profitability of the plant. I don't like any business which relies on corporate welfare, and nuclear power is one of the worst offenders.

>> No.55005659
File: 1.74 MB, 177x150, 1569623250945.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hurr durr coal good
still waiting to hear one valid argument why nuclear > wind/solar

this thread has been up for 30 hours and nukies still haven't provided one

>> No.55005778

>Wars are where some of our greatest innovations comes from?
that's only because they save that tech to use during a war, not from war itself

>> No.55006161

>Moving the goalposts after being proven a retard
Poor form anon

>> No.55006251


>Its total cost has been estimated at close to 11 billion euros
>Olkiluoto 3 was originally scheduled to start up more than 12 years ago, in 2009

>> No.55006273

You need a mixture of different technologies. For example, if a grid wants to get rid of coal but doesn't include something like nuclear in the mix, you can end up with a dangerously low fault level. Likewise you can also end up putting too much load on smaller lines rather than routing it through bigger lines that were designed for it. So you end up having to spend way more on upgrading your lines, or in the case of my area you just end up with tons of syncons installed by each separate solar generator so that they just pass the bar to be allowed to generate.
I think solar and wind are great, but I really wish they didn't try to get rid of coal like this.

>> No.55006287

Surprisingly based take.

>> No.55006417

Why? When they push out coal it forces these companies to come up with a better solution. With nuclear energy I think they may have had something in the 70s but not anymore nuclear energy,wind, and solar should be our most invested tech and maybe other renewalable shit.

I'm tired of seeing faggot.retards cling to outdated bullshit just for political reasons. Electric cars are fucking amazing and based af. Yeah they do have there problems but when comparing electric vs gas the electric is far fucking better minus a few things. Yet all these shitheads don't embrace it openly instead they MUH GAS VROOM VROOM GAY CONSERVATIVE GAS STOVE! When they could be building a electric car company with open source software/hardware or some shit that these retards have an issue with. No they'd rather just continue sucking off Arabic oil and Jews.

>> No.55006469

What kind of solution do you expect, and by whom?
As I mentioned, the solution in many cases is that they correct the power factor by just installing a massive syncing at each new solar plant. That's hardly a permanent solution, and right now a massive portion of the lines in my state are operating at thermal capacity.
Electric cars are a whole different topic, by the way, and they just don't make economic sense for the average driver.

>> No.55006481

Sorry, phoneposter. I meant syncon.

>> No.55007099

It could.make economic sense but we have to move.the tech into position for it to do so. We work as we go while find solutions on the way while forcing industry to follow suit. Like you seem to think that governments aren't supposed to intervene to anything and mUH freee market bullshit but it has never worked that way government moves things into certain directions when the people want it too. Banning smoking for example and so the list goes on. Conservatives and faggots do not want to move forward with anything or at least put forward solutions to problems instead remain and keep the same garbage just as an excuse for NOW. Rebuild spend money on infrastructure but people are to concerned with shit like MUH TRANNY MUH GAS STOVE.

>> No.55007219

The fission material is expensive, the tech and educated labor to build one and maintain it are expensive, the maintaince requires a certain level of civilization, the timely dumping of depleted fission material into some abandoned mine shaft is costly and in the end hydropower plants are better in every way.

>> No.55007421

That nuclear plant in the background of OP's picture is the 9th most expensive building project in the history of mankind

>Olkiluoto 3