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>something something ahaha misterious
>cult-like behavior
>It's all a psyop to get (YOU) to buy
>im not telling you anything but be wary because REDACTED is launching soon (or not i don't know)
>Hey hey anon it's me, im an "oldfag" and i got signals, but you have to wait ehehe
Are people on this board dying from dementia?
Im totally convinced crypto is a parasite that inserts directly into your brain and consumes everything in it's direction until there's nothing but pictures of frogs and bears in there. What the fuck does any of this mean? Are some anons so destroyed by losing money that they already invented a token in their heads?

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yup and you're not invited OP

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long-term exposure to biz does that to people

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>he doesn't know

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average normie reaction when lossing one ounce of their mcap into shitcoin#4044

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>Are people on this board dying from dementia?
yes. next thread

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I don't even know what oldfag means anymore. A guy called himself a "2020 oldfag" and he didn't even experience the 2017 era.

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you should try it too OP, if you launch your coins inside your BRAIN the jews can't take it away from you

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oldfag is exclusively reserved for people from pre 2015 biz, anyone after that is a gay faggot newfag

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Thread theme

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It my own neurological deterioration towards total erasure of my most precious moments in life and i get to choose how to do it

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>Everything at the end of time
I left it at stage 2 because it made me remember of my grandpa who died with dementia, don't recommend for people who are sensitive about it

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>didn't listen to the end
pussy, the emotional rollercoaster isn't properly experienced unless you cry in stage 2 and then feel catharsis in stage 3, go back and do it again

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Okay but says who. Someone could go "Im a 2018 oldfag because i say so, i've been around here most than anybody else" and call himself an oldfag

while i do agree that pre 2017 is oldfag territory, it's not defined

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Something IS launching today op, you're just not invited

Source? Im in the most elite 100 person discord group for this thing... of all time. no one even knows who's admin. true stealth shit... You have to show your folio is in the 7 figs or you don't go in.

it's going to resurrect shitcoins fr

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as someone who watched dementia take his mom i can see why someone wouldnt willingly sit through something like that
all it did was remind me that it is one of the most horrible ways to die in an existential sense - to be dismantled to the point where you have no home or family or dignity and you're surrounded by strangers all the time, and you cant even really comfort yourself with the idea that you once had those things
i wouldnt wish it even on the people i hate most

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You've been psyoped into believing cults are bad

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what do (YOU) know then

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Sorry that happened to you bro. My family has a history with dementia so i most likely will have it as well.
I plan to kill myself as soon as i get the first symptoms, im not going to loose all that i am to time.

I understand the pain so yeah, i wouldn't sit trough that either

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as a stranger on the internet, i sincerely wish you peace and a decent amount of time and a good life before you even have to think about that
ill probably do the same

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Cheers man, i hope you live a good and long life, filled with love and prosperity.

The rest can come later.