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this woman gave birth to chad, chad hoskinson

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>female in mirror taking pic of him and his mom
maybe his sister

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Are they the same same age?

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You see this right here? Its a fucking falcon. Just marinade on that one for a little while. Falconry, the sport of kings. Kings do this shit. Im a king, and youre nothing.
I took a selfie with Elon Musk. Have you ever taken selfies with Elon Musk? No, because youre a pissant. Im not. Im very important. Im the leader of IOHK? Oh, youve never heard of that? What a loser. Everyone knows who I am. I made Ethereum. Its shit though, but thats not my fault. Go fuck yourself if you think it is, but buy Cardano, you shitstain.
In the social hierarchy it goes Elon Musk, King Charles Hoskinson Leader of IOKH and founder of Cardano, then the rest. You will all collectively lick my feet while I watch Elon Musk fuck my wife. Im into that shit, because cuckoldry is the thinking mans fetish. Im super smart.
Buy Cardano, you stupid fuck. Fuck you.

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The face of a "man" that was raised by a single mother