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How do one get rich in crypto without being used as an exit liquidity by whales ?

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The People's BITCOIN

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By being a whale

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Being a whale doesn’t make you immune to getting fucked

If anything you’re at a high risk as a whale of being left with a massive worthless bag

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>shitcoin casino
>get lucky
>rotate 80% into bluechip of choice and leave the rest as moonbags
>wait til bullrun
>sell when up 5-10x

it's that easy. sure it requires luck, but if you're retarded and not a whale, it's literally your only option.

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Invest in real projects with longevity of future price. You need enough time to do the rugging yourself. Find a low cap like POOL that is dramatically undervalued. Invest and wait.

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So you get out first. Easy.

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You think whales all hold hands together and all make sure to help each other? Lmao

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Never said that. Learn to read

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Buy a project with at least one thing ticked off their roadmap, a doxxed team to avoid rugpulls, and that is under 1mil market cap, and hold. For me, it's PLN

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I'd recommend you try playing the trading card game of GOB which might qualify for you for an airdrop

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Wrong answer. Stop chasing pumps. Successful project build from the ground up. Looks at trends with actual products like AI, RWA and NFE for instance. Invest early.

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>Invest in real projects with longevity of future price
Based. Fundamentals are valid. MNI is currently winning. Makes sense since it gives value to land backed assets.

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>Buy Bitcoin
>Hold it for X years

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But so is everyone else trying to get out first. Its a competition. 10% are gonna make that race and be abe to dump their bags on the other 90% while the rest is left with worthless bags.

How are you gonna make sure you arent partof that 90%?

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Dyor and don't always ape in at ATH. CHUNKS is still sub 200mcap and that's your best bet

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Is this even a crypto project?

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I'm aware that some holders of this token got lucky and won an NFT worth about 0.08 ETH

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>How are you gonna make sure you arent partof that 90%?

You can't. You can only increase your chances by avoiding obvious rugs that moon and crash quickly and getting out with a low X

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You can do it slow and steady. You can't always make a huge profit but compounding profits over along time is the way to go. I've done many 4Xs from Chunks, Ppizza, Farb and holdr over the past few weeks

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Crypto games is the safest investment you can do and not just p2es but RiskFi model of gameplay is the real deal atm

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Kek...that's a good one. Now is the meme season. I'm enjoying the ride with CHUNKS.

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It got deflationary tokenomics to help in significantly boosting its value

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Not just meme but one that got utility to back it up

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Whales try to outsmart eachother

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And it is even free to play with all the pecks that's better than any other conventional crypto game

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Take profits in a set time frame: at least ur initial even if that means ur moonbag is only 1% of ur holdings on that coin.

Check for updates to sell on
Check for failure to sell on (dont buy the dip on shitcoins with low volume)

Now you will start making some money but most importantly keep ur bankroll to gamble on more shitcoins until one of them moons.

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If you're not the person creating the coin, you are the exit liquidity. Have you seen pepe? That was a feat pulled off by hundreds of scammers. Network, make your own scam to shill on biz

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Yes that's right. It will offer real yields too. This RiskFi meme token is unique

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Quit your job, become a neet and spend 12 hours a day shitcoining with your dole money. eventually you'll work things out

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By buying/biz/coins when they still are on their /biz/ phase, PartyKartsToken is still only 164k, join our AMA for some alpha

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Aped into CHUNKS on Arbitrum. Moon time soon 200k MC.

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You buy utility tokens like CYMI, RIO and CREDI that way you don't get dumped on by whales.

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By buying nfts

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>don't dive to memecoins. Not even DOGE
>this is the moment to buy. Buy as many used utility coin as you can periodically (im at HBAR, but you can dive to XML, SOL, XRP, or the new launched SUI)
>wait and sold when BTC is in 50K (probably september)
>don't buy anything until april next year, when BTC is in 20 - 30k again
>repeat, but this time sold when btc near 150K

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GOBs new meme token on Arbitrum is on its way to the moon. Unlike ethereum the gas fee is a no brainer.

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For now avoid investing on shts i would say and don't sell. May be you could try doing some definancing, stable option for some passive income. I suggest giving protocols like aave, rocifi a try

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Buying utility tokens is long game anon.
After the fucking long bear market memes give us our lost money. Time to take high risk and get high rewards.

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Lol, if you're afraid of getting played by the whales, you're not cut out for the degen life. You gotta be willing to take risks and play the game to win big. That's what makes crypto so exciting. Sure, you might get burned a few times, but that's just part of the game

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What's the best to Ape in? Chaners need some meme suggestions, got 500 to gamble

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I aped into CHUNKS and PIT. DYOR pretty good entry now

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Preach, bro. People who think that being a whale automatically means they're invincible are in for a rude awakening. In the world of crypto, anything can happen. You might be swimming in profits one day and the next day be stuck with a massive bag of worthless tokens

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Fucking good decision. Made 30x with CHUNKS already.
Gonna give it a shot again I hope to see 200k MC soon. Let's fucking moon.

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This is what most whales do all the time. First, they buy a huge chunk of the token and then shill it heavily and sell the worthless bags to noobs. I'm glad some projects are now finding ways to checkmate this kind of moves from whales especially on fair launch.

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Is this Toad Killer fking meme coin legit or not. I cant tell if im being trolled about the Shib devs being in the telegram chat

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The best part is that it's on Arbitrum, the gas fee is damn cheap. I wish all the meme tokens launch in L2s kek.... ethereum is a fucking pain in the ass.

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Getting dumped on whales is another thing but I'm after memes that tend to bring huge returns at the moment.

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This coin is going to the moon bro. I kid you not.

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I just threw in 10k into this. Is this enough to make it?

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Go back in time about 10 years.

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PIT is dead. Go all in into CHUNKS and MONG. They are hitting more exchanges soon. This is a financial advise.

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Provided it is going to pump my bag. I'm fucking riding this shit.

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Be smart, buy meme coins, and don't be too greedy

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You mean PEPE

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>RiskFi model
I gotta say, crypto games do have their own charm. The idea of owning virtual assets and participating in player-driven economies can be quite intriguing but wagering against one another is going to be fantastic.

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I just bought this beast with it.

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If this a meme coin will ever melt faces, I'm gonna stack some CHUNKS so I can throw down on Goons riskfi model.

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build a time machine

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I made 10X on CHUNKS, thats the highest I have made so far this year

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If it ain't ENS and ORE, we not gonna talk about getting bags filled.

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Memecoin season is back

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Another good news to spike this development cat up. This gonna be the next biggest game changer.

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I have seen powerpoolcvp true potentials. A re-staking and auto-staking vault is a big one. ppTORN will cause more CVP recognition

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S.ys blockchain rollups is backed by Bitcoin security with a massive comeback for mainnet launch Q1. I'm currently on this gem.

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Channers are sitting on a gun powder with quest based airdrop campaign still rewarding rewarding. CHUNKS gonna get bags filled.

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what's the news? it's been choking for the last week

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I think it might be the next PEPE or even better

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if you are broke, your only option is the long game. High risk is only for those who already made it but want to make more. Don't be stupid

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I dumped my PEPE for CHUNKS, Wise decision or a dump one

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it has potential, but it's been weak lately. i already took profits so i won't complain either way.

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CHUNKS really got me all fist bumping... I'm a really good gamer, guess I'll get lots of rewards holding this meme coin.

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Same way I dumped my LINK for HBAR and ORE.

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Heard this meme is getting bigger since the launch. 300k isn't far, the token burn will come in handy too.
Holding strong on to it

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Wise decision, PEPE has hit its peak

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Only if consistency can be added to powerpoolcvp road map.... Them it's goong silence lots of doubters.

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Why is everyone is getting horny for PEPE, when 70% of smart dude's net worth is in CHUNKS

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If I buy now, Will I still make it considering it is still around 30X up

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I spend most of my leisure time gaming. Unlike the regular traditional games, I engage more on blockchain games, where I can PLAY2EARN that's all what I want to do all my life.

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answer him>>54973575

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Make informed decisions, DYOR cryptos built for decentralized IDs and rights.

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Hey anon, don't sleep on it. CHUNKS guarantees a tremendous pump that might turn into millions, they have a successful squad that naturally delivers

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Cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 are good as well

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No DiD narrative on the list? Ngmi

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Yea, got RIO and ORE, I'm legit confident.

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1000X is the goal

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This really feels like a rollercoaster experience, strippers must be been excited since the launch of this super memecoin

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Crypto with cross chain interoperability is the always the game of the day

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Buying memecoin is still the fastest way to make a huge profit, this year is my time, so I'm going all in

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Don't listen to dumbfags, Gonna buy a house in the countryside and a sweet Mercedes SL 300 Gull Wing. And you know what? I'm gonna buy some CHUNKS and splash it all at the bar.

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Effortlesly create a decentralized e-commerce with Dshop and earn competitive yield with origin dollar OUSD

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Listen, hear me out.


Don’t miss out

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>>avoid memes
>>if you can't obey 1, never fomo into memes
>>always exit shitcoins with the first pump you see,
>>for longterm hodl, mid-caps of good narratives like privacy or oracles

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I'll most surely be going all out for CHUNKS, this RiskFi gem will earn fags a lifetime benefit. We are in for a juicy season.

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I'm adding MATIC and PEPE to the bag, getting thrilled holding these already.

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Privacy tokens with ZK-Snark are a bet.

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Add RAIL and DASH to the list and you are good

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Privacy tokens are the net phase, especially those with ZK tech.

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I'd add some DiD tokens to get bags filled.

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I was a whale in one project and promise you I lost tens of thousands of dollars by not taking action earlier.

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Getting in early and not being greedy with exit amount is very important. The privacy field has a number of solid lowcaps you can ape into.

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The meme sensation has faded out. Dyor on RAIL and thank me later.

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Need some info on that sonic coin being shilled here. I'm up, but way I heard it, it was an old scam here that mooned for a time, then dumped. Should I exit, or should I play the risk and stay?

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Thank you Obama