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Crypto is just a big bubble waiting to burst. I wonder what's making some retarded merchants and government considering even accepting it. WTF happened to common sense?

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Governments want the CBDC and we want alternatives to the CBDC prison. Both need eachother right now which makes for a very interesting game.

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Nobody is outside the matrix. We are all part of it

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Tesla accepted bitcoin at some point. Do you mean that Elon isn't outside the matrix?

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I'm outside the matrix. The mainstream media doesn't control my thought process

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>talks about matrix
>places value in 'common sense'

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A dumbfag trying to be relevant while many merchants are cutting costs by adopting crypto payments

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Theorists are never ending and you won't be the last

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The game is the game but decentralised payments gonna win at the end of it all

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You back dated boomer fucker. Do you think giants like Nicolas Brussels, Alternative Airlines are fools to accept crypto as payments?

>just another Dumbo with zk on whats happening kek....

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You brain is fresh just dyor oldfag buying things with crypto or fiat is gonna be

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El Salvador is making giant stride after adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender. So what are you trying to dumb fag?

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Yes anon, I think crypto and our traditional payment institutions can work things out as they still have some interactions.

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Nah. This is a wrong take

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Travala the largest blockchain booking platform is also accepting crypto thats

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The bad actors which I see as grifters are all the middle men that made traditional payment methods expensive, I'm happy that crypto came to the rescue

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Nothing happened, you are not just informed that the crypto revolution has started. You are still in the dark

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Didn't the dictator buy crypto at peak price with tax money

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I thought I was the only informed one. We are in for a lot of surprises

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Not funny fool. You are just a dumb old fag who had got no idea on how crypto payments is gonna revolutionize.
xMoney will be an answer for all.

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Dont care. I'm making money without having to serve jewberg.

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You still dont understand why blockchain is unironically important? LOL ngmi

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There is no point in explaining a fucking fool. Crypto payments is fast and cheap these days. I only pay 1% flat fee for every online purchase I do.

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You are the one in the Bubble thinking that crypto is not being adopted. On the other hand it's gonna work with Fiat and make things more simple. This month a big step forward is going to happen on MultiversX.

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Bro, you're just another sheep following the herd. You don't understand the potential of crypto and blockchain technology. It's not a bubble, it's a revolution that's going to change the world as we know it.

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The fact that some merchants and governments are accepting it is a sign of the times, a new era of financial freedom and decentralization.

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if dubs everyone itts waifu become real check em

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Exactly it's time to embrace web3 payments, enjoy the freedom to buy anything and everything. Our funds in our control is what we need.

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>waiting to burst.



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That's not it. Even shopping . Io, shopify, tesla and what not accept fucking crypto as payments. By the day it's increasing.
>boomers just fuck off

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Crypto payments are a game-changer for anyone who wants to make quick and cheap transactions. You don't have to deal with banks or cock suckers' middlemen anymore, and you can send and receive funds from anywhere in the world without any hassle.

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Bro, it's not just possible, it's absolutely based. You can straight-up flex on the haters by buying a Tesla with crypto through Nicolas Brussels. That's some next-level shit right now.

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When Bitcoin started it was worth it 0, literally nothing.

While Bitcoin maintain the price above $1 we're still winning, is still more valuable than the strongest fiat currency in the world

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Yoooo I feel you. Those traditional payment methods were straight up highway robbery, man. Like seriously, why should we have to pay all these fees just to transfer our own money?

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This can be used to make payments in Metaverse. Amiarite?

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Same way normies feel when holding ORE and ENS.

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Are you a retard, do you prefer to pay with Paypal which charges close to 10%, or Utrust which charges only 1%

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Crypto is too volatile

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Just pay with stablecoin if you are that scared of volatility

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LOL, bro, you're so last decade! Blockchain is where it's at now. Get with the program or GTFO

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Paying through banks is for normies. Not only do they charge ridiculous fees for cross-border payments, but they also love to hold onto your hard-earned cash for as long as possible

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Fuck Paypal, I haven't used it since last year, crypto payment methods are better options

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Agreed, Web3 payment is the future

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Fuck the matrix, I'm off to Mars

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CBDC is just another fiat and IMO it's a big scam the government has in the plan since they noticed most are adopting crypto payment now.
I booked a flight ticket last week and paid with crypto through Alternative airline, this is the crypto adoption we want

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Do you think CBDC will win

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Far from it, USD is already falling and crypto is gaining better traction
Xmoney will combine both Web3 and Web2 payment options, I'm looking forward to it

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Crypto is dead

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No, it's not. Crypto is evolving and seeing cryptos with decentralized IDs and rights is proof.

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You should probably check cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3.

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ORE has been my mainstay for a while now, also NEO

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Stfu, crypto is here to stay, at least over 15K merchants use Utrust at the moment and close to 10K uses coinbase, and several thousands use Binance pay too, crypto payment is taking over

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Middleman fees are really unnecessary and these are the things crypto payments eliminate

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Its protocol is really giving hackers sleepless nights.

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kek, it's not a myth, it's actually the only option for anonymous and private transactions online. you wouldn't know because you are only here for pumps.

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Not for anons on ZK-Snark privacy tokens.

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Privacy that shields transactions from public view like RAILGUN is worth it too.

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Bagging this with some DiD tokens, best picks.

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Self custody focused tokens are gaining tractions.

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Fuck off retard.

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DiDs are also based. crypto payments are based. defi is based.

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You sound good kek, I just booked a with alternative airlines and the juicy part is that the accept payments with crypto using one the payment platform.

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Am sure when the pump begins some retard fags will get to understand crypto is the future

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Better get with the program, crypto is taking over and the govt shitcoin CBDCs will change nothing. I'll put my bet on privacy tokens .

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More people move to crypto because of privacy which is right, I wonder how tradfi will cope with that.

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Yea jeet am sure enjoying staking with that, i get over 1.5 cashback, can't wait to make payments with fiat once twispay get on board.

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Anon should have go and check out xrp and stop being a rekt dick >>54975059

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Thats not actually using crypto retard

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Yea fags i love how easy and fast that is,
their fees are super low, and their customer support is. looking forward to the transition.

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Then that is what, I guess you think before post some shitty quotes here anon

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do your job janitors

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No when am enjoying some nice juicy gains using crypto for payment anon, it make payments, stakings, purchasing of goods & services a lot easier.

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and the advantages are way too far from the traditional way of making payments anon, like I even get cashback when i stake it fags

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Am not a fan of crypto I deal on Gold and it makes me rich and not hoping on some dead crypto.you all should go get some sense fags

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Get some sense anon

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and xMoney is bringing the power of digital currencies to the world´s business and people. removing the complexity associated with traditional payment systems.

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I once used PayPal and it was not a good a deal it almost got to rekt fags

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You sound great anon, crypto payment is beneficial, as I get cashback while making payments using one of the crypto payment platforms

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Look OP i don't care. I make money = the bubble can go fuck itself for all i care.
Take this month's memecoin PEEPO, it did a x14 do you think i care if it bursts? Im already solid

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I think he suggested something here not been called out to some shitty quotes

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It even get better when you earn while you pay, as i get to earn passively from staking features as my total cumulative yield will be from at least 25% to about 35% APY

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You sound horrible anon I guess you dyor don't be some retard feggot

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I feel this is actually the future jeet, that is leveling up our virtual economies with the ability to shop in the virtual world.

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Get you slepy ass off crypto and be sure of making some nice pussy deal as real estate it got me so rich

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Can't wait for the merge anon, it combining both web3 and web2 payment methods into a single powerful solution, will make payments much easier, faster, and better.