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Is the airdrop season over or are you still farming for more airdrops? I've always been missing out on these easy money ventures and I wouldn't want to always take the short end of the stick

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>airdrop: 2018
>farming: 2020
we’ve all moved on to biz themed memes like pepe and wojak
right now whales are getting together to pump that russian kid memecoin

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Zksync airdrop farming is ongoing jeet

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Stop creating thread get working. Participating in the ongoing Zealy community activity of Qan might qualify you for an airdrop

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Polygon is also planning on an airdrop jeet. You don't want to miss out

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I think I saw where dropping wallet address was subtly emphasised on. This might be the case anon

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It is not over lazy pajeet

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A post quantum cryptography project right?

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That's not possible. It already launched unless this is just a marketing gimmick

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Chasing airdrops is a huge waste of time, unreliable.

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Nonsense. The ARB I got on airdrop was fantastic. I am anticipating for an Airdrop with QAN as well soon.

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I made it with SUI you dumb old fag.

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The zealy quest is really informative and engaging. I wish to win some QANX but let's see.

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It is also an EVM compatible blockchain that runs on Proof of Randomness consensus algorithm

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It has made many millionaires that you couldn't even dream of becoming

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The mainnet will be ever resounding in the crypto space because of its unique features

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Already partnered with Alpine Esports a leading F1 team in the web3 space. I'm sure once the mainnet is live this L1 will have phenomenal adoption.

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Combining the best of PoS and PoW gave rise this consensus algorithm which is a game changer

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You are gonna cope very soon. QAN airdrop will melt faces

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Airdrop season is never over. You just gotta stay on top of the game and keep farming those tokens. It's like picking low-hanging fruit, except the fruit keeps coming back every season. Don't be a FOMO loser

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We are in the meme season anon. Join the degen club and ride the trend while also hunting for good airdrops.

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I'll sybill this one

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Also a hyperpolyglot chain.kek

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Fuck the memes when we have good reliable alts like QANX, QRDO, HAPI and many other L1s in the space with great utilities and offers security.

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That's an incredible opportunity for the devs to bring innovative smart contracts and dapps to the space. Coding in any language is literal freedom.

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Breezing through the zealy quest with QAN which might give an airdrop soon. I wish to bag some free tokens.

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Zksync and quai dyor.

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I am expecting an airdrop from an quantum resistant L1 which has a zealy contest about its usecases, this is a good opportunity to grab some tokens.
Basically free money.

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That partnership was a nice move. It has exposed the potential of blockchain in the world of sports.

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I have a nice list but you guys and the jannies all suck and I'm sure OP has left this thread to join some BSC shitcoin telegram so I'm not going to bother getting myself banned again

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Yes that's right they even partnered with Hacken which ensures more security. Significant development.

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Aside from utility, L1 gems are always good to play ahead of the bull run. While others fumble, they always provide sustainable gains.

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>Coding in any language is literal freedom.
Blockchain technology is blowing up with more devs joining the space and new programming features. It's gonna be dope and lead to serious gains.

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>I'm sure OP has left this thread to join some BSC shitcoin telegram
Have fun getting rekt

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There is no news like that. kek

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Pay zero attention to that retard. I wonder which part of the world is he in because he is not updated.

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The zealy contest helped me to know more about the project's potential. From what I have seen so far, this is a sleeping giant.

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Looks like QAN will have an Airdrop soon

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They mentioned that community members should add their addresses to the QAN community board profile on Zealy, my best guess is that they are cooking up something huge

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I missed that of ARB, I hope I'm lucky with this one

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Isn't that the next trend now

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Don't get it twisted anon, zealy contest is getting so loud and newfags will never ever gonna die poor again.

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S.yscoin has complete EVM compliance, which greatly enhances interoperability and permits Complete Turing Smart contracts

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Devs are getting so lucky as more Lang's are gonna be available after C++, Golang and JavaScript has been live on a quantum resistant blockchain.

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Zks privacy and DiD are really staying on top of the game. Good picks.

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I've got no doubt anon, the quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain is Ethereum Compatible, really making massive migration of projects from Ethereum easy.

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I don't about shits, putting more energy on the ppTORN vault.... it comes with a real world utility value, A Re-staking and auto-staking vault. Now let's watch how this affects CVP's price

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Quantum computer threat is inevitable, the scary part is that even BTC isn't resistant to it

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PEPE is dead

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having fun in Nigeria?

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Feel pity for retards, when the QDay comes they'll all gonna regret it. Meanwhile, AspinEsport is already getting secured on the Blockchain.

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Unarguably, CVP is the future. CVP is one of those I truly believe will come out stronger after this bear, or even during the bear.

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Waiting to use the POR concensus algorithm which is a eco-friendly initiative to mine. Guess this is what era retards have been waiting for.

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Interesting seeing the automotive industry diving into blockchain, for me, security is the first thing to look out for and I believe they made the perfect choice

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Ain't gonna make you rich except S.ys, it's is very promising and its got great returns on investment. smart investors are always bullish on this project

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QAN airdrop isn't just for fun, lots of poorfags are gonna buy a yatch before the end of the Q2

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Polygon ID seems to be my best. Getting my assets secured is my worries.

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Good luck chasing another 1000x that won't happen/you'll miss/baghold back to nothing while missing a guaranteed 30x from farming zksync. I bet you missed arbitrum too

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Same, I believe this could be life changing even with a 5k budget. Gas fees are already getting to acceptable levels

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This reminds me of OREID.

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This layer 1 blockchain has been trending for a while now, the airdrop might be huge

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QANplatform is quantum resistant so no issues

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Really having list of Asian bitches to club with tonight.

Lots of cool stuff going on. Huge fan o QVM multi-language for devs, and of course quantum-resistance.

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Then dive in on OGN, its got well surrounded and fast growing ecosystem

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ZKP projects are incredibly based. I also have RAIL.

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Don't miss Smart contracts that provide the highest level of security, transparency and execute coded conditions on the blockchain like United crown

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The very thought that mining with a mobile phone or a raspberry pie is possible and can be done easily is a huge win, thanks to POR.

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>>54971643 #
Bags will soon get heavy, I'm really having list of Asian bitches to club with tonight.

>>54971316 #
Lots of cool stuff going on. Huge fan o QVM multi-language for devs, and of course quantum-resistance.

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see this how gem continues to develop everything from all sectors, it comes as a complement, balancer and of course a cross and bridge provider across all networks

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No worries, that's an evolving blockchain that does not break basic premises. The use cases is a top notch, Public Sector supplychain, insurance and healthcare can now benefit from the Quantum resistant blockchain.

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Rollups are evolving fast to make scalability issues a problem of the past, paving the way for mass adoption.

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Where do you guys get your info for the upcoming / ongoing airdrops?

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Most airdrops this year turns out to be huge. I'm not hitting the snooze button on anything related to airdrop.

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I'm a fan of the project but I think QAN has all it takes to do better. I'm jumping ship anon.

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Adding OGN to my DiD token could be juicy, my thoughts.

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Based, better to just buy the token if it's promising like ORE.

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Unpopular L1s I'm bullish on: Egld and Avax
too bad a lot of people aren't seeing the potential with these two and it'll be too later when they finally decide to get in.

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Been airdrop farming since I missed ARB
Not missing any other

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Haven't seen any good project building on it

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Egld is now multiversX fyi, too bad it hasn't done really well since the whole rebranding thing

I'm only keeping up because I hold Ride, one of the top projects building on the chain

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Airdrop farmers pumping it up with volume

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Gas fees are still fucking high
Fuck Vitalik and his shitty blockchain

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I still have some egld from last year, ath is $500 and it's currently below $40
My target is $100 at least

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Octavia has nft airdrops coming

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This guy?

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You can metastake alongside RIDE on xExchange, seems like the only make sense thing to do right now since price is down and crabbing

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>this fucking shillfest thread