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Gm fellow OG staking chads, 5K staker here… Another week of vetted Web3 projects offering up multiple percentage points in tokens to stakers. Another week of L1s paying for oracle gas fees to alleviate network actors having to sell LINK. Another 5 LINK in my wallet. Damn it feels cozy.

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Imagine if in 2017 you could just stake a token and get every single ICO for free. And the token was insanely valuable in its own right too.
Fuck yeah, dudes.

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im so bored when the fuck is something going to happen these niggers have like 5 different things on testnet release something already holy shit

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Nothing matters until big players get the green light to enter the market again, you can release the best service there is but it won't change much until liquidity/volume comes as well.

Some anon said it right, we're in the equivalent of the China BTC mining ban part of the market where miners had to relocate for 6 months to other places to get things going again, just like everyone is relocating out of the US as well to be able to continue business normally again. Why do you think Sergey basically just told everyone to hurry the fuck up already kek

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5 huge technical developments for the Chainlink the ecosystem to be released imminently, and you’re complaining? The first technical leap LINK too with price feeds resulted in a $500B+ boom in the ecosystem. Now we have an order of magnitude functionality step fast approaching and you can’t see the implications of this? BUILD drop plus next wave of innovations will be outrageously lucrative. CHECKEM

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Checked and correct-pilled…

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Bump. Pay up.

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WOAH! The price action must be CRAAAAZY

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serg films cuck baggies taking nigger cock

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>multiple percentage points
added to the supply in advance, the number is meaningless

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>insanely valuable in its own right too.
I'm sure your pajeet ponzi schemes will make you rich...in 2 more weeks ;)

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>2 more weeks

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>get every single ICO for free
But we aren't yet and there is no timeline on this happening?

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That was me and I am having a strange moment of synchronicity.
It seems that some of my posts with some meaning get trips or quads.

>>54962222 This is what I got on my "first meme" attempt.

I try to avoid this shithole as much as possible because of the heavy paid fud infection, but it seems that my life purpose is to be a Chainlink investor and to share some of my views with the community.

What do I do? Is this needed?

The community may be a lot smaller than expected but it seems some of my messages have an effect on the community sentiment.
If that's the case maybe I could try to do something to improve the situation, but I don't see what outside of posting more speculation thoughts.