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>suicide stack is 1k
>make it stack is 10k

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Suicide stack is >0 LINK. Make it stack is 0 LINK.

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Chainlink has always been a shitcoin like the rest. /biz/tards thought they had found le "secret hidden gem" back in 2017 and promised Ethereum style gains while they relentlessly shilled their altcoin. They unironically believed their premined scam token printed out of thin air would have been used by the World Economic Forum to enforce the 4th IR.

The shilling was so intense that even OGs ended up gobbling their own delusions and hopium. After 6 years Link is trading at single digits, the only person who got rich was Sergey and OGs still haven't made it. The cherry on top of the cake is that it got outperformed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and most altcoins. Only salty bagholders and literal schizos are left holding heavy bags incapable of accepting the situation and lashing out towards anyone pointing out reality.

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Wrong per the general because of the prolonged suppression the new suicide stack is 10k and make it stack is 100k

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>Wrong per the general because of the prolonged suppression the new suicide stack is 100k and make it stack is 1m

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What is the definition of a suicide stack? Make it stack is self explanatory.

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This lmao

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Suicide stack is when you don’t rope yourself when link goes to 1k but kek

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As an OG, I can confirm that those are the sui and make it stacks. We've discussed the numbers 6 years ago and they still hold true today

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>6 years later
>linkies with 5 figure stacks still haven’t made it

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LMAO they could’ve went in pepe, but my meme coin is better than your meme coin

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at $1k per link a 10k stack is only $10m. $10m is not making it.

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Murines, don't listen to this FUD. They want you to sell. Endure the pain and hodl stronger. Phase D of the wackoff accumulation is going to be complete any day now! Only two more weeks and we all gonna make it!

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that only works if you sell when the perma-top is in (2020)
if you keep holding past then you've just given up your claim on wealth to the smart men who did sell.

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>could've went
they literally have middle schoolers fudding chainlink now lmao. this is like the end of the war when they're drafting toddlers and old men

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This but unironically