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I'm 24 hours away from becoming a millionaire.
From $250 to millionaire.
Yesterday I bought several memecoins from pls network.
Tomorrow the bridge will open.
Normies will buy the most famous memecoins, memecoins that I bought yesterday.
Finally I will leave the favela.
Thanks Richard and everyone here, I'm already researching a new house and a nice car.

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>From $250 to millionaire.
You will notice that the small numbers below the token-amounts say "$0" and neither "$250" nor "$1,000,000".

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You didn't sacrifice anything, did you?
And now you want to be the first to use the bridge?
it's too late, normies are desperate to buy pls and their memes.

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Congrutatlions fren, you made it!

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A bridge that only goes one way isn't a bridge. Well, it is a bridge, technically, but who, do you think, will pay ETH-ETH to get PLS-ETH?

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Delusional pulsechud

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the pls network are have the best coins.
100x soon available

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Anon shitcoin is a shitcoin it doesnt matter on what chain. It will slowly dump to zero

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Thank you.

I wanted Richard arrested until yesterday, but now I'm grateful to him.

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I bought the ones with better names.

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it already is worth zero, kek.

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nobody made a GoobyPLS?

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ticker DOLAN

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Richard's plan is to make people like me millionaires with memes, so millions of normies will come buy pls to enter the casino.

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Can someone explain to me what happened?

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Richard launching the best coins anon, yes.
Many 100x's soon available

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Add PLSWOJAK to that bag

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I already bought sir.

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Um guys... Yesterday I swapped 100,000 PLSX for 140B PLSPEPE... now it is saying I can trade it back for 9 MILLION PLSX???
This can't be right...right???

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Ur literally gonna be rich, congrats. Wish i could have been that early

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This is fucking insane anon I somehow did a 100x overnight without even knowing... thanks and grats to you too because I'm sure everyone ITT is going to make it

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must feel great to make it this early king

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based anon we're all in this together

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Can we bridge to pulsechain yet?
What is the expected value of PLS?

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Where do I buy PLSPEPE

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1m pls is like 9500 hex which is idk like 280$?
cg on big gains, if you are able to cash our

also check this cool distribution of pls https://scan.pulsechain.com/accounts

if you expect anything, I hope you have hundreds of bilions of pls at worst

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Until the Bridge opens it's all nonsense. Numbers are flying all over the place. Good luck to you though, hope it works out.

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what are the contracts for plspepe and the sonic one?

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How do I mint my own tokens, How do I get PLS So I can buy these now before bridge

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it's a 2 way bridge afaik.
ETH from eth will be its own token. Not converted to PLS. That would just be silly.

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Wait I sacrificed 500 dollars at the earliest time. Is he finally launching it?

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Sell then. Show us you've locked in those gains with your shitcoin.
You are the normalfag you dipshit redditor, get the fuck off my board.

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>You are the normalfag you dipshit redditor, get the fuck off my board

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PulseChain went live last night. Can add network to MetaMask and copy over your ERC20 tokens. The ETH to Pulse copied over automatically.


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Are these exchange per USD or USDT so far?

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He gave me 4m PLSX and 1.003 PLS

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It's like 100 PLS to do anything for gas. I can't even start selling. So what's next? Just hold?

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Someone last night said you have to give your private keys to copy your tokens? I haven't checked any of that yet it can't be true though I'd imagine? Just FUD or something

What does copying your ERC-20s entail exactly?

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That was not true. I saw it too. Your coins are there no matter what. Just add the pulsechain RPC in metamask and then import all your Eth token contracts manually. pulsechain . com has all the links

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if richard heart schuler steals the ERC20 coins of everyone who interacts with the Pulse Network i will laugh

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>don't expect to profit off gucciman's profiting off you

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alright thanks. So the tokens are there and I just need to add the address to see them just as you would for an ERC-20?

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You can legally punch anyone asking for your private key in the teeth. The second someone else knows your private key or pass phrase you're gonna lose ALL your money. It's not a hard concept to understand.

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Yeah this isn't my first rodeo baby girl which is why I said it seemed like ridiculous bullshit that people were saying it was necessary to get the token copies.

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I mean... its valueless but it isn't nonsense if he increased his bag than much.

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Use this to auto detect your erc-20s.

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You will want him arrested again when you lose your precious $250 tomrorrow. That's how fickle you are.
Although it might take more than a day for that sensation of loss to set in given the computing power you've got upstairs.