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You will pay up whether you like it or not.
>Use a bridge?
>Pay up.
>Use a DEX?
>Pay up.
>Use a Perp DEX?
>Pay up.
>Send money from your bank to anywhere in the world?
>Pay up.
>Pay for anything on your debit or credit card?
>Pay up.
>Get any type of insurance?
>Pay up.
>Put gas in your car?
>Pay up.
>Use public transport?
>Pay up.
>Do anything at all?
>Pay up.
None of you idiots have any idea what's coming. The world is changed. Chainlink is the new locus for EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION OF ANY SORT AND IN ANY SYSTEM.
You are going to deeply, deeply regret choosing this token to become deranged and bitter towards. Imagine rejecting the God protocol. To put it into perspective take your mind back to 1998 and picture yourself in a meeting with your investment advisor. He writes down 4 words: Google, Amazon, Apple, Paypal. He hands the piece of paper to you and knowingly taps his temple. You take the paper and stare at it briefly before tearing it pieces and calling him a 'cuck'.
This is you. This is the path you're on.
Soon you will be left alone here, and /biz/ will be turned into a ghost board, haunted by the distraught spirits that knew more about the greatest investment of all time than 99.99% of the planet and still turned it down. The only other people will be the normie tourists who shuffle in and out simply to see the fabled /biz/, the board that 'made it'. They will be greeted by the shrieks of the damned. 'Cuck, chainshit, bagholder!'. The tourists will take no more note of them than the Link Marines ever did.

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Listen up kiddo. Chainlink has always been a shitcoin like the rest. /biz/tards thought they had found le "secret hidden gem" back in 2017 and promised Ethereum style gains while they relentlessly shilled their altcoin. They unironically believed their premined scam token printed out of thin air would have been used by the World Economic Forum to enforce the 4th IR.

The shilling was so intense that even OGs ended up gobbling their own delusions and hopium. After 6 years Link is trading at single digits, the only person who got rich was Sergey and OGs still haven't made it. The cherry on top of the cake is that it got outperformed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and most altcoins. Only salty bagholders and literal schizos are left holding heavy bags incapable of accepting the situation and lashing out towards anyone pointing out reality.

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it's not 1:1 staking
i'll "pay up" sure
it'll be $0.000001
you will split that amongst ALL stakers btw

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Kill yourself bubba fox

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fees for sergay, not for thee

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Based. I just went all in on QSR

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Based. Keep posting this it makes them seethe.

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pey ap

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cuckolds can't meme


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Thats exactly how I feel when retards like these post
Im gonna buy more link

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>Im gonna buy more link
Have so much fun bro! Your decisions are amazing. Be sure to keep telling us about them for the next 6 years and switching ids to upvote yourself!

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>Be sure to keep telling us about them for the next 6 years and switching ids to upvote yourself!
Project more you nigger. You will seethe yourself into an early grave, which by all standards will be better than the sad husk of a life you live kek

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you can't breed

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Why do fudders always project? Cuck, samefagging, etc etc... yet here you are, slobbering all over our balls because we hold this one allegedly useless token
Im just gonna buy more linkies, nigger
Thats all there is to it

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>Im just gonna buy more linkies
Buy them all! Have a good time. :)

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imagine saying other people can't meme while posting this 5 minute MSPaint shit lmao
step your game up, faggot, take some pride in your work